4 Questions About Reading, Answered!

The benefits of reading should propel everyone who desires to succeed, and below I answer 4 questions about reading.

Every one reads. Whether it’s a book, an Advert on bills, billboards, cover pages, or TV, etc. The real question is, what are you reading?

Every book you read either adds value to you or corrupts the values you already have. The subject of reading is very broad. But for the sake of this post. I’ll answer 4 basic questions as it pertains building your Spirit and Soul.

1: Why Must You Read

4 Questions About Reading, Answered

i) Your Future is at the mercy of what you know NOW.

Every decision made today has an adverse effect on your nearest future. And every man’s choice is as a result of the information he has. If you had better information before you made some choices in life.

If education is so expensive, then try ignorance.

You may never have to be in that situation you are facing now. Ignorance isn’t cheap, it’ll cost you more than you can pay.

ii) If you aren’t growing, you probably aren’t reading.

Your spiritual growth is your responsibility. If you wouldn’t do something about it; God wouldn’t either. Reading continuously on a particular subject increases your understanding.

The higher your understanding, the greater things you can handle. Your spiritual or mental growth is dependent on the information you have access to.

iii) Your challenges today, were testimonies for some persons yesterday.

The beauty of life is; we have the experiences of earlier generations to learn from. Problems are Universal.

There is no new thing under the sun. Someone out there has documented solutions to your challenges. All you have to do is find it and read all about it. Do what they did. And Win as they Won.

iv) God commands us to do so.

There are many things reading does to a man’s ability to see, reason, create, adjust, focus and live. Which I may not have mentioned here.

But among the three stages of transformation. Knowledge is where it all begins. “There is no mountain anywhere, your ignorance is your mountain” Dr. David Oyedepo.

God can’t relate with a man beyond his understanding. So he gives us a book, containing His thoughts. And then instructs us to read.

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2: How Do You Cultivate A Reading Habit.

Plan to read

i) Set a reading goal.

No one scores a goal without a goal post. These goals can be set daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Yes, sometimes you may not hit your set targets.

Yet that’s the essence of growing the habit. It creates room for improvement. You must have a purpose and reason for wanting to read. E.g To create an endearing family, or grow spiritually, etc. This will motivate you to achieve your set goal.

ii) Create a list.

You should create a list of books to read. Usually a list will guide you, so you don’t jump at every book you find. Your list should be periodic, weekly or monthly.

This will keep you organized. On your list, you should attach a log that contains items such as notes (insights from the book), start and end date.

iii) Use the best tools.

Because we all are different. You may prefer hard copy books. Or you may love soft copies. Whichever is your preference, e.g for those who prefer a hard copy.

Create an environment suitable for reading. While for those who prefer reading soft copy. Using a tablet with a large screen is more convenient for reading. which makes it most comfortable.

iv) Consider having a partner or joining a reading club.

Even the Bible tells us that two are better than one. A friend who loves to read can encourage you to do more. And a reading club can stir you up more with roles to play and responsibilities. Such as will keep you committed to reading, to enhance your potentials.

v) Start with books or authors you enjoy.

For a starter, reading complicated books will discourage you. So if your desire is to create a reading habit. Start with books with less content and a few pages. E.g books from the Copland’s and much more. Easy to read and gradually grow into the habit.

vi) Engage in reading daily.

And act if repeated, grows into a habit. And soon enough a habit becomes a lifestyle (character). Set out a specific time daily to read and also the amount of time. Starting from 20 to 30 mins daily. With this, you can cover up to 10 to 20 pages daily.

3) What To Read

Man is a tripartite being. Spirit, Soul, and Body. A combination of this 3 must be considered in order of preference. To produce a man whose profiting spans into all areas of life.

i) Spiritual text:

The Bible (God’s Word) is the first book I’ll recommend, for your spiritual growth. It contains 75% instructions and 25% doctrine. By instructions, words that don’t need your input. But rather, your obedience.

Faith in God is a must for you to succeed. And it’s the primary source is the Word. Many people have obtained various promises in the Word through faith. Which you can learn from through reading their materials. Instead of passing through these experiences yourself.

ii) Intellectual/Inspirational text:

You can be smarter than you currently are now. If you can observe your areas of weaknesses. There are books that can open your mind to thinking and living better.

4: How to Increase Your Reading Speed

There are quite some recommended ways to increase your pace in reading. But I’ll share a simple few.

i) Using a pen or your finger to pace.

This entails using either your finger or a pen to pace through each line on a book. This prevents your eye from jumping lines. Also with this method, you can speed up your reading.

You can do this without comprehension for a short moment. After a page or two, come back to read with a normal pace. You would experience a change of pace as you read.

ii) Practice stopping sub-vocalization.

It’s possible to read and comprehend a book’s content. Without reading it out loud or sub-vocalizing it in your head. Sub-vocalization reduces your reading speed. This will take some time to grasp. Listening to music or chewing gum while reading helps. But I prefer the former than the latter.

iii) Task yourself to improve your Vocab.

For easy comprehension, you must learn new words. Every word you have to check the dictionary for reduces your speed. Similarly, a good comprehensive ability enables a continuous flow when you reading.

Listening to books instead of reading books

iv) Listening to books.

If you desire a speed reading leap. Then you must consider listening to books. Almost all recently written books have audio versions. Some websites sell or give free audio books.

A few apps using (Google text to speech on smartphones) can be used to listen to books in various file formats. Listening to books creates a platform to read while engaging in other activities.

This can go on without loss of comprehension. However, this method works best for those who prefer a soft copy over hard copy books.

Finally, Knowledge is Power. But between this two is Understanding and Practice. The Power in every information you get is hidden in how much of it you put it to work.

You are destined for the top. But you must accept the responsibility, the top demands. Readers are Leaders.

Like I’ll always say, write out your action point after reading this post, you can ask any questions of concern on the comment box below

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