Welcome To August

A happy new month to you and welcome to August.

How was your July like? I hope you could make the most of it.

This month at Kingdom Books Review, we shall be reading on EVANGELISM & GRACE.

Evangelism is God’s assignment to every believer. Your knowledge about it from those who gave it their all, will help you grow in it.

Also, so much is abused and miss used about the grace of God. Which may not be said here. But following us this month, you can read extensively on these subjects to improve your understanding.

You can download these books free
Download any of the books and begin your month with reading

We have available for you 3 powerful books on these subjects each. All available for free download.

On EVANGELISM we have for your reading pleasure, books from:

i. Reinhard Bonnke
ii. Randy Clark and
iii. Ash Kotecha

You sure can’t talk about evangelism and not mention some of these great Authors and Evangelist.

On GRACE we have for your reading pleasure books from:

i. Andrew Wommack
ii. Gloria Copeland
iii. Creflo Dollar Jr

With these books selected for August, you will understand what the Grace Christ brought means and how to maximize its essence.

You can tell me which book you’ve chosen to read in the comment box below this post.

Reading Tip Of The Month

Reading Tip for August
Reading Tip for the month of August

Always prepare for an impartation of grace when you read any spiritual text.

  • There is more to reading Christian literature than other books
  • Apart from the knowledge you have access to, there is also available the grace to become what you read.
  • Prayerfully prepare to read, pray along as you read, and pray what you read.

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God bless you


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