Creating My Perfect Career Path

Life, most often will present you with many options, but among such options for a career, you must be careful to find your best career path.

Usually, I wouldn’t share this post because it’s not a spiritual text. I’ll would rather have read it for myself and gotten better with it.

But there’s been a trend of many young people like me, and even adults, who are giving up their dreams, and destiny for what they term “The Available”. Which isn’t right.

The truth is, you can live your dream. You can do what God wants you to do. You can escape the frustration of living the life of another. All the answers you need are in this book.

My short review this week is on a book titled “Creating My Perfect Career Path” by Godwin Uwana.

Remember, the quality of choices you make are a direct result of the information you have. In other words, your choice of what to do is a product of what you know.

Creating My Perfect Career Path

The information provided in this book will help guide you to that path. If you haven’t found it yet. And maybe you are off the path. You can practically take steps, and have a great come back.

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In this book are 7 simple questions. Which if you answer practically, step by step, I guarantee that you’ll be set on Your Perfect Career Path.

It’s a free e-book, with less than 45 pages.

Here’s the link to download the book.


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