Finish Strong By Steve Farar [Summary]

Main Summary: Finish Strong by Steve Farar is a book that will fuel your passion for finishing your Christian race strong, with hope for an eternity with Christ. The book analysis and proffers solutions to the errors that led to the falling away of prominent giants in the faith. it also depicts plainly, intending to warn God’s people, that if leaders can fall away, we must be very careful.

Lessons I learned From This Book

1. God’s principles for great leadership
2. Major ambush strategies from the devil and questions to check for them around you.
3. Isolation and How to conquer it.
4. Dangers of Sin, Pride, and Spiritual Laxity
5. Recommend Mission statement

Book cover_Finishing Strong by Steve Farrar

Finishing strong is everyone’s dream. However, with our oppositions—the devil–many ambush strategies, not many make it to the finish line. I desire that among the few who get to finish well, I am not left out. This desire calls for an intentional quest to find out all it takes to make it happen.

God’s Principles For Great Leadership

• Great leadership is giving your best, without having to be the first.
• God qualifies your character before he qualifies you for ministry
• Finishing strong demands a vision to finish strong from the onset.
• Great leaders serve as servants
• Great leaders are teachable
• Great leaders are men of integrity
• Great leaders are very hospitable.

3 Major Ambush Strategies From the Devil

They are:

1. Ambush of women
2. Ambush of money
3. Ambush of neglected family

4 Questions to Check For These Ambushes Around You

1. Do you spend personal time with the Lord in prayer and
reading Scripture at least three times a week?

2. Are there at least one or two men in your life with whom
you have built a friendship based on trust, confidentiality, and accountability? In other words, do
you have a friend who is close enough and loves you enough to get in your
face if he needs to?

3. Are you currently spending significant time with an
attractive woman other than your wife. (whether at work or church)

4. Are you absolutely sure that you will finish strong?

Isolation And How To Conquer It

The devil uses isolation to keep many from finishing strong. How does he achieve this?

• He keeps you away from everyone.
• Suddenly you begin to hide the truth
• You begin to act like a follower when in fact you aren’t following anymore.
• You take the path of a lone ranger, to face the devil on your own.

How To Conquer It

1. Stay in the word of God
2. Stay with close friends you cannot deceive
3. Stay away from other women
4. Always be alert to the tactics of the enemy.

Quote from_Finish Strong by Steve Farar

Dangers of Sin, Pride, and Spiritual Laxity

There are 3 eventualities of sin. It reoccurs all the time. They are:


1. Sin will take you farther than you wanted to go
2. Sin will keep you longer than you wanted to stay.
3. Sin will cost you more than you are willing to pay.

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Pride on the other hand has two symptoms to always look out for. They are:

1. It will make you arrogant.

It hides under the garment of anger. You’ll feel everything should revolve around you, and when it doesn’t you become proud.

2. It will make you avoid accountability.

Being accountable is a willingness to explain your actions. Every one of us needs the discipline of explaining our actions at various times in our lives. When you all of a sudden don’t think this is necessary, you are beginning to lose sight of finishing strong.

Spiritual Laxity

Another word for this is spiritual cooling off. This happens before anyone falls out of faith.

It usually begins with spiritual indifference. When your love for God begins to fade. You aren’t passionate anymore about the things you used to have passion for. It happens gradually and before you know it you are off the path.

A lady crossing the finish line in a long race_from the post_Finishing Strong by Steve Farar
Cross the finish line standing

Recommended Mission Statement

The author recommended a mission statement from a friend, which he considered important to give attention to.

1. Succeed at home first.
2. Never compromise with honesty.
3. Hear both sides before judging.
4. Obtain the counsel of others.
5. Defend those who are absent.
6. Develop one new proficiency a year.
7. Plan tomorrow’s work today.
8. Maintain a positive attitude.
9. Keep a sense of humor.
10. Be orderly in person and at work
11. Listen twice as much as you speak.

As I close on this, we have seen from the author of this book what it means to finish strong, and how intentional you must be about the various ambushes, all put together. We saw what God’s principles are for you to be an effective leader who must get to the end.

Finally, here’s my question for you.

In ratios 1:10, how certain or prepared are you with the demands for finishing strong?

I will love to hear from you, please leave your answer and comments in the comment box below.

This book is available on various online book stores, and bookshop outlets near you. Please get it and READ it for your growth in the knowledge of God.

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