How To Use A Book Resource

Written by Sophia Eledu

Reading a book means a lot to some and little to some others, but whatever it means to yu, you need to know how to use a book resource.

Do you think it’s important to learn this? I think of it and I just find that more times, we read all books the same way which may limit the purpose of a book in its entirety. I do believe that books are not just for the knowledge of them but the life of them.

With a book, I see beyond the pen and paper to the real being standing behind its pages and just trying to get something across to me. I wonder what it is they are trying to say. Although, I want to hear it and experience it so i may be bettered by it and through the years of attempting this with books, I found these quite useful:

1. Do it purposefully

When you pick up a book to read, understand what you want to achieve. Why would you read the book instead of doing something else? What are you seeking to know? Sometimes, there are unanswered questions deep down in our minds that propel the act of reading and if we just settle down to bring it to the surface, then we can be more interactive and deliberate with the reading process.

2. Read the introduction and forward

These parts of books provide sneak peeks into the entire book. To help align your focus with the objectives of the book, it is important to go through the introduction and forward. When you do this, you can decide objectively if you want to commit to the book or search for another that matches your objectives.

3. Read the first chapter/skim-read the first five pages of each chapter

I use this to get the voice of the writer and more insight into the message of the book. This is necessary to prevent mental block as different writers have different voices (style of communication of the message).

Writers express themselves (their personality/experience) in their writings which make the piece uniquely theirs. As such, the similarity of personality, as well as the maturity of the reader, determines how well he/she can receive and assimilate the message. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a book whose writer’s voice and style resonate with yours.

I added “maturity” in the context of this write up because reading and comprehension have something to do with how “broadened” a person’s mind is.

So you find that as one grows in knowledge and experience, he will be able to accommodate different writing styles and voices. By and large, pick and read a book that is simple and easy to comprehend by you, otherwise, look for a simpler version, one with the same message.

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Getting the Life of a Book

When you have finally settled on a book to read, to get the life of it, you can do the following:-

How to use a book resource

1. Pray before reading

This is why it is necessary; “Change is produced in a person when information has passed from the mind to the spirit”. When it is only at the mind level (Information) it is not only a waste, it is also destructive. However, when it is received in one’s spirit (revelation), he begins to see differently (understanding) and real change is produced. This is the power of prayer – it livens your spirit to receive the necessary information to produce a change in you.

Need I add that, not every information in a book is necessary to you as a reader per time. Some information is for the moment, some others for a later time or someone else. You need that which is for you at the moment and you can successfully read a book over and over and still not see it. So it’s easier to simply pray and ask for help and guidance to see what is needful for you per time.

Taking notes while reading

2. Take notes while reading

The act of taking notes while reading serves two purposes. First, it facilitates active participation and comprehension. We talked about the borderline where information moves from the mind to the spirit. At that peak, where the mind is hovering around a concept, to understand it, taking notes helps the understanding dawn, as it seeks to make sense of what is being read. It is an interactive part of studying where you are dissecting what has been read until it becomes plain for your mind to receive it.

Also, it aides the retention of information. We find that what we pen down in a study, we tend to understand better, and this information hardly leaves our mind. So it’s safe to say taking notes fortifies received information.

While this can be done with a pen and paper, you can find some note apps on play store that suffices for the same purpose. By whichever means, take notes when you read.

3. Read it again and again (most likely, at different times)

Sharing from personal experience, I remember reading the book – The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. The very first time I read it, it didn’t make sense to me as the ideas in this book were at variance with my beliefs at the time.

The second time I read it, it juggled my mind a bit – like there was this struggle between old ideas and new information. The third time I read it, (in a different setting, with some new experience) it sank and I was completely broken. Then I would read it again and this time, prayerfully, and the message just flowed freely, producing a real change in me and setting me up for a new reality.

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So you see that you can experience real change (and not just accumulate knowledge) from using a book resource but there is a way to it and I’ve shared a bit of what I learned.

Now if you find it slow and difficult to read books/you are pressed for time with work and all, but you desire the experience of books, then you can get a book reader app, one that reads out written text such that you listen as the book is read by the app. There are a couple of them on the play store.

I hope this impacts you first and the next person you’d share it with.

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