Join Us As We Celebrate Our New Site!

Hurray! Kingdom Books Review is celebrating the launch of her new site. The Lord has really been gracious to us.

Today, we officially launch our independent site. “” in place of “”

Everyone had to start somewhere, and for us, we started with “”. Not very popular for us back then, until we found “”. I loved this one more.

Just in case you have intentions to start a blog, it’s a great place to begin.

With my “” site we grew and the hand of the Lord was mighty upon us–in touching lives and sharing books.

However, as the scriptures say, “the part of the just keeps shining” the time has come to expand, and reach out to more souls.

On our new platform –you’ll love it– we have a new feature that’ll help you grow in your knowledge of God and His kingdom.

Every month we shall provide a minimum of 6 books to read on 2 important subjects. Like Faith, Love, Prayer, etc. Which you can choose from and download.

This is repeated every month, all through the year. So you can read as we do and grow as we do too.

It is important to grow consciously on different topics per time. Instead of just reading anything that comes your way.

This month we are reading on “FAITH & PURPOSE”. You’ll find the books we have selected on the site. Check the Home page or side bar on this post.

This is for me a new beginning,and we have lost of posts and book reviews coming your way.

Have you SUBSCRIBED to this blog yet?

If you haven’t, please kindly enter your email on the subscription box. You don’t want to miss out on recent posts.

Tell us what you love about our new site on the comment box below this post.

You can also indicate the book you’ll be reading this month.

Don’t forget to also Share with your friends and family as well.

We love you.

Thanks for Celebrating with us.


Josiah Okheape

Josiah Okheape is a Content writer, Public Speaker, and Web designer. With a passion to spread the truth of God's word about His Kingdom to young people all over the world.

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  1. Michelle

    Wow,this is awesome.
    Powerful books.

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