Love: The Secret to Your Success by Gloria Copeland [Summary]

Main Summary: Love: The Secret to Your Success by Gloria Copeland is a book that’ll show you the benefits of understanding your heritage in Love. How to express and exercise it, instead of being selfish. You’ll also learn how love keeps the believer on the ever winning side of life.

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Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

  1. The Comparison of Love and Faith
  2. Everything works by Love
  3. Defeating self by the power of love
  4. Love is failure proof.

I love to be a successful. The feeling alone brings light and brightness to my countenance. However, love is not vague or absent of true meaning. God defines it by telling us what to do not to do i this simple word.

“If you love me, you’ll keep my commands.”

Therefore its not enough to want success, I must also come into the reality of the God life, which is inherent in Love.

The Comparison of Love and Faith

Love is first a nature, before it became a way of living. Turning this upside down will mean that you’ll forever struggle with loving God and men alike.

Like faith, it came into us at salvation, as the nature of God in man’s spirit.

According to the author, it works in much the same way as the force of faith does. Faith is actively engaged as we begin to act upon what God’s word says. So also it does for love. The love in you, not expressed lies dormant.

Just like faith requires action to complete its cycle of delivery, so also does the love of God in us require our actions to produce results.

The Word of God is Faith’s source, so also is Love. The more knowledge of God’s word you have the more love you can express. Without the revealed knowledge of the word, followed by a positive response from you, love lies undeveloped and selfishness continues to reign in you.

A simple example is, love commands us to forgive others. Responding to the understanding of this word by forgiving someone who has offended you is what engaging the love in you is all about. If you choose to do otherwise, even though you have love within, you failed to express it to others. And so it remains dormant.

Everything Works By Love

The author in this book established, from 1 Corinthians 13 that everything in scripture works by love. Whether it’s giving, prophesying, working Miracles and so on.

These things will not bring profiting without engaging them with love. How accurate you perfect your love walk, will determine how much you can walk in the perfect will of God. Remembering that God commands that we love him first with all our heart, soul and mind. And them love men as we love ourselves.

“Every time you practice Love by faith, you put the Father into action on your behalf.”

Love means that you are keeping the commands of God

Love means that you love others as you live yourself.

Love means that you aren’t seeking self but rather, you are seeking God’s interest in all you do.

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Defeating Self by the Power of Love

When we were born again, our spirits were created in the image of love. And when we received the Holy Spirit we also received the spirit of Love into our spirits. This makes living the life of love possible the believer

However, according to the author, our senses were trained to put self first. Meanwhile love is opposite to self. Using your tongue—I mean the power of confession—with 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 to proclaim that you are God’s love, will help you to become conscious of your new status in Christ.

More so, as you make use of the opportunities that abound to you to express this love which you are and now confess. You would begin to observe a change. Like the parable of the yeast and the dough, this love will begin to permeate how you think, live, talk, and all that you do.

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Love is Failure Proof

Love never fails 1Cor 13:8. It doesn’t matter who says otherwise. This is because, love is who God is.

Every time you practice Love by faith— that is according to God’s word—you put God into action on your behalf.

Living by love takes you off the life of responding to feelings. In this place, no one can hurt your feelings anymore, because you now live above feelings and only live by God word.

“How accurate you perfect the love walk, will determine how much of the perfect will of God you’ll accomplish”

He that dwells in love, automatically dwell in God. So it doesn’t matter what weapons are formed against you, they don’t find expression in you. Weapons formed against the believer are only permitted to find expression when such one is outside the life of love.

In all we have seen that like faith, love needs action to work. We also saw that everything in God Kingdom revolves round our walk of in love. We saw the greatest enemy of love which is self and how to take steps in defeating it and lastly why making love our way of living because it never fails.

Hears my question for you.

What areas of your life do you want to see yourself live better in love?

I will love to hear from you, please leave your answer and comments on the comment box below.

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