Cycles Of A Spiritual Season

Written by Seun Jaiyesinmi

A spiritual season refer to an earthly time zone apportioned to Spiritual activities and operations.

It involves the allocation of divine agendas into the biological time frame of men, institutions, or territories.

Every Spiritual season has three consistent cycles on which the full accomplishment of its aim is determined:

  • Waiting
  • Walking
  • Following

For every Season you’re in, there’ll be times when you’d need to Wait on the Lord. There’ll be times when you need to simply walk and partner with him and there’ll be times when you’d need to simply Follow his leadings. Whether or not you understand.

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Waiting - Spiritual Seasons


It is that phase of the season where you seek details about God’s intent and purposes for you for that season. It is when you access the blueprint of God’s intent and assignments for you and also what new graces, Possibilities, and Entourage he has released to you or increased in measure.

It is important to know that within every season of your life, there’s always something God wants to achieve in you, not only through you and discovering the former and submitting to the required Protocols via the _tools of Waiting_ is what guarantees your access and entry into the provisions of Grace, increases, and dividends that new season is ordained to bring to you.

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Walking - Cycles of a Spiritual Season


The Walking with the Lord phase of a season is that period where you’re on motion with his agenda for you within that season. Here you partner with his Spirit to achieve his kingdom purposes through you. It is in this phase that the works and manifestations that accompany the season follow you.

The provisions of Grace, increases in Spiritual measures, and dividends of Divinity downloaded into you. Because of this new season are manifested forth through you even as you partner with the Holy Spirit.

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The Following-through phase of every season refers to those times you won’t understand what’s going on. While many things may be happening around, with and through you, there’ll be questions that will be unanswered not because the Lord doesn’t hear your supplications and inquiries. But because at certain junctions in this journey of destiny with the Lord, your only means of direction and basis for your actions will be your trust in his Proceeding word to you even when you don’t understand.

Likewise, Your restful faith will be the bridge by which you’ll cross over to the Other Side at different crossroads. In this phase, Seeking to understand won’t profit much, rather one is to simply obey. In His predetermined time, he’ll supply the required understanding.

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The Interplay

Being able to distinguish your seasons is paramount to know which of the Cycle you should subscribe to at every point. I must add that the entry point of one believer into a spiritual season differs from that of another believer. Thus it can’t be said that every season you enter into will begin with you Waiting for details.

While the waiting cycle should be the first cycle engaged in for every new season, it’ll only be possible when one sustains enough sensitivity to discern and know when one has stepped into a new season. But sadly, only a handful of believers are that watchful.

For some, it is the Walking Cycle that signals the arrival of a new season to them. Because of the new or heightened MANIFESTATIONS OF THE SPIRIT they begin to notice around their lives. Often, some already misappropriate and the new manifestations and spiritual resources; even before the details of why there were given are received.

Ideally, every new season should begin for a believer by waiting, not via manifestations. But it is only when you know that you’ve entered a new season–even without seeing things happening around you physically will that be possible. Also, not every season one enters into is accompanied by manifestations or is meant to produce such.

When you’re sensitive enough to discern the increases and changes in the  OPERATIONS OF THE SPIRIT in your secret place; manifestations outside the secret won’t be necessary or serve as the pointer you need to know you’ve been promoted into a new season. For an aligned believer, entry into a new Spiritual season should first be discerned in the Secret Place.

Then can you best maximize the new season by first waiting to know and understand before setting out to manifest, conquer, and proclaim the purposes of the Lord. With this template, errors and abuse of Grace are minimized simply because you’re not only aware of the new possibilities given to you because of the new season. But you also understand the purpose it is meant to achieve and what protocols of alignment you should sustain to maintain them.

It is not knowing when to Wait on, Walk with or Follow through within a season that sometimes prolongs God’s schedule for us.

I leave you with this question,

Which cycle of your current season should you be engaging now?

I pray that in the name of Jesus, every veil of distraction and demonic activities around your life that has constantly taken your gaze off the timings of God for you will be torn today and your heart enlightened to understand what is expected of you NOW. Amen.

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Question 1

If our growth is tied to seasons, what happens when we miss them?

Answer to question 1

It is true that our growths spiritually are seasonal just as our growths biologically are segmented. There’s a period or season of your Life when you’re a child, then a teen or an adolescent, then a youth… And it goes on.

In the biological time clock, growth is automatic whether or not you’re conscious of it. So long as you’re alive and feeding, you’ll grow.

Spiritually, it is not automatic. Maximizing seasons is the key to growth. Now let me first state that our growth in the Kingdom isn’t limited to the fruit of the Spirit or to the point where you can manifest things. The endpoint of Spiritual growth is THE FULLNESS OF GOD. That means we are to continue growing till when we grow in God’s fullness or put in another way the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.

The possibility of missing seasons does exist and I do believe we’ve all at some point missed seasons. What happens when we miss a season is primarily dependent on what the season held for us and the degree of importance attached to that season.

In God’s calendar, Every Spiritual season isn’t the same and some seasons only come ONCE in every generation.

There are seasons apportioned to dealings, seasons apportioned to encounters, also seasons apportioned for manifestations, and seasons apportioned for everything. Moreover, personal seasons aren’t the same as Seasons over the body of Christ or Seasons apportioned for a GENERATION.

All of these are different categories of Spiritual seasons with varying degrees of importance and what happens next when we miss them isn’t the same for each of them.

For example, When you miss or skip a personal season where God’s goal is dealings to Prune and build you character-wise, you’ll always be made to repeat those classes. The part of it that’s not captured by doctrine is When or How he’ll make you repeat it but be sure you’ll go through that dealing again. Because until a believer conforms to the image of Christ, the Holy Spirit won’t stop except for believers that just want to remain babes.

When we miss Seasons which God has set over a generation or seasons for release of specific graces and mantles or moves of the Spirit. To help you, God in his mercy will send you to a man who didn’t miss it for an impartation or to bring you into it else you’ll never enter those things.

It is true that certain windows only open at set times and certain Angels only visit the earth Once in every generation. This is when certain moves of the Spirit are to heralded and pioneered.

Sometimes God directly selects people for this assignment as it was in the old testament e.g Samson and Moses. In the Kingdom dispensation of the new testament that we are now, God still appoints people for these things but because every man presseth into the Kingdom. As many as are wise enough to press in just like the 5 wise virgins will partake of it and some of the appointed will also lose out e.g Judas Iscariot.

However, it still doesn’t stop at entering in, because many will still be dropped along the line because they’ll be disqualified by other things. Some of these other things can be as minor as certain character traits that are very important for whoever will pioneer these moves or carry these graces to have.

Meanwhile, when the Holy Spirit was trying to forge this trait into us in our “Personal seasons” we were dodging the process.

In essence, maximizing or escaping our personal-seasons will always have an impact on every other category of spiritual season there may be.

Questions 2

How would I know the cycle of my current spiritual season?

Answer to Question 2

To know the Cycle of your current spiritual season, Check the emphasis of the Holy Spirit for you presently by checking the DIRECTION OF YOU HUNGER.

The Holyspirit uses our Spiritual hunger to direct us. At certain times, all that you’re hungry for is simply to stay with him even if everyone around you is doing something. That’s a good indication of a call to wait on him.

At certain times, the hunger and dissatisfaction in your heart will pull you towards specific tasks or assignments. It means he needs you to act.

Whatever the direction is that the Lord is pointing your hunger towards, respond accordingly.

Most importantly, when it’s not clear, Ask the Lord. He’ll tell you.


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