The Price For Spiritual Power – Summary

The Price For Spiritual Power by Robert Liardon is a short documentation of the authors' passion and desire, fueled by God to enlighten believers to the cost and cross of becoming a representative of God with Supernatural proves. He expounds this passion in four subjects, that are enough to stir anyone interested in spiritual power.


Power and Authority To Destroy The Works Of The Devil – Summary

Power and Authority To Destroy The Works Of The Devil by Guillermo Maldonado is an explosive exposure into the reality of exercising dominion over all the works of the devil. Using the forces of God's delegated Authority and Power. He explained the concept of authority and power, their proper and improper usage, and the Mystery of headship in establishing order on earth as it is in heaven.


Anointing For Breakthrough – Summary

Anointing for Breakthrough by Dr. David Oyedepo exposes the Ministry of the Holy Spirit in a believer's life. With emphasis is stresses the difference between the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Walking in the Anointing. It defines what the Anointing of the Holy Spirit is; how to receive it and how it works. Stressing the need of every believer to stir it up and how you can receive or be a transponder to others in need.


Conquering Controlling Powers – Summary

Conquering Controlling Powers by Bishop David Oyedepo identifies the spirits of darkness that hold men captive thereby controlling them, doing things contrary to the will of the Father. He also presents how one can break their controls, as well as the keys to continually living a triumphant life devoid of the holds of these controlling powers.


When God Walked The Earth – Summary

Main Summary: When God Walked the Earth by Rick Joyner is the record of his encounter with God. Where God revealed to Him what happened in time past—Bible times. The central theme is the life of Jesus on earth picking specifically the instances of the call of the disciples, the baptism, and the temptation.