Understanding The End Time

We are in the last of the last days called end time. As expected, many are not aware and those that are, aren’t prepared for what’s coming.

How true is this? Can we find it in scriptures? Are there mysteries you may not understand about these times? Are there answers to end time questions you desire?

If these questions resonate in your heart, then you can find all the answers you desire in this book..

end time events by Charles Capps

My review on this last day of the year is on a book titled “End Time Events” by Charles Capps.

You’ll be surprised how much you don’t know about the end time, even as i was. This book was published in 1997 and 22 years after I am surprised at what have found. The author unveiled 3 scriptural keys. Which you can use to understand prophetic mysteries.

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They are as follows;

  1. God declares the end from the beginning. Isaiah 46 v 10.
  2. One day is to the Lord a thousand years, and a thousand years are like one day to the Lord. 2 Peter 3 v 8.
  3. There is nothing new under the sun. What we see today are events that have taken place before. Ecclesiastic 1 v 9.

With the above 3 keys, the author unveiled divers mysteries about the end time. Which am sure would help you understand the seasons we are in. I may not be able to share them with you in this post. Due to its length. But you will have a wonderful time reading this text.

end time

Also, you may have left off doing the will of God. Only to focus on little or no activities that glorify God. But it is better to do God’s will than to work for God. The content of this book will reawaken your passion and zeal towards God. To see His will and purposes fulfilled on the earth, as we earnestly watch and expect the appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Finally, you have a path to play in His return. Jesus said; “The gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness to all nations; and then shall the end come.” In case you haven’t found your roll, please seek God to know it. And after that, you must engage it fruitfully.

It is my prayer that this New Year for you shall be meaningful, effectual and most impact full.

You can download a free copy of this book here.

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