The War Room

You need a war room. That’s because we are all in a warfare. That you aren’t aware of this fact doesn’t in any way exempt you from its many consequences.

You need War room

Unlike our usual reviews, this week we review a movie that also has a book for those who love reading as well.

Everyone loves a good movie. It doesn’t matter how old it is, you can watch it over and over again. For me I get butterflies when it depicts the true essence of God’s word.

Meaning I can sit alone with a cold drink and a roll of creamed crackers and have a great time. Not just for the sake of whiling away time, but also learning about God altogether. 

I am sure you are wondering what movie I am talking about already. Well I’ll tell you about it in a bit. Produced by the Kendrick Brothers and released on the 28th of August 2015.

The movie title is ‘WAR ROOM’. It has since won the most inspiring movie at the Dove awards and was a Sleeper Hit at the Box Office as well.

I have seen many movies before now, but haven’t had the opportunity to write about any. So this is new for me and telling you all l learnt from the movie, is indirectly watching it for you. So permit me to leave you with the most intriguing moments. 

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First of all, if you are very emotional and haven’t seen this movie. I’ll recommend you get some tissue before watching. The entire movie, depicts the prayer life of a young beautiful couple, and their cute daughter.

They both had great careers and a religious Christian life. With that I mean having a form of godliness and denying the power embedded. 

Soon enough their marriage began to encounter challenges. Such as bitterness, envy, and pain instead of peace and bliss. And like a savior always emerges in every movie.

War room

An elderly woman, who was now a widow through similar marital issues came to the rescue of the wife. This she did by teaching her how to fight through the word and prayers. Hence the name ‘War Room’. 

Among many lessons to learn from the movie. Everyone can learn what being selfish does; it creates more harm than good.

Also the attitude of being lukewarm in prayers and it effects in any relationship. The power of reaching out through God to help others was sublimely portrayed. 

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Ladies can learn submission and perseverance among others. As it affects single-hood and raising godly families. Speaking for men; loving the Lord, and exchanging pride for humility.

Those are the stand out lessons from the movie.Which will also go a long way in raising godly and happy homes. 

Finally, everyone needs a personal room for war. This is because, we all are engaged in a warfare; whether you realize it or not, Christian or otherwise.

Unknown to many, this warfare is mostly against the unseen, rather than the seen. So the earlier you realize this the quicker you can subscribe to Prayer. 

Christ is our only sure hope for consistent victory. This victory which is sure can only be achieved in Faith through the Word and Prayers.

So for a last remark on the movie, it’s one everyone including you and your friends should watch. 

Down at the comment box. You can tell me your high points from the movie, and how you intend putting up your war room.

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