Welcome To April

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Welcome to April, I believe you marched excellently through the entire landscape of last month.

Welcome to April

This month on Kingdom Books Review we shall read on the subjects of “Power & Leadership”.

God conquers by Power and rules by Authority. Without power, we won’t be able to subdue the giants presently seeking to retain our land of inheritance.

It is through the Greatness of his power, that his enemies submit themselves. However, Jesus bequeathed this power to us through the Holy Spirit, but the extent of your knowledge of this power will either hinder or increase its flow in you. So we seek to exercise ourselves in knowledge some more.

On the other hand, Power without the wisdom to exercise it may bring harm to its bearer. Hence we shall be reading on the science of becoming the leaders we were made to be.

The word says he has made us Kings, kings are leaders. And by wisdom Kings rules and decree justice. There are leaders and there are LEADERS. The difference is wisdom. Reading on what makes an exceptional leader provides the leader in you the raw material to succeed.

The subjects this month are very important for true success.

On POWER we have for your reading pleasure:

i. Anointing of The Holy Spirit by Peter Tan
ii. The Price of God’s Miracle Power by A. A. Allen

And on LEADERSHIP we have for your reading pleasure:

i. The Art of Leadership by Dag Heward-Mills
ii. The Uncommon Leader by Mike Murdock

Inheriting your heritage of Power and possessing the wisdom to manage it will bring God’s will in heaven down to earth.

Reading Tip for April

Reading Tip Of The Month

Find someone, who you must learn to share the new lessons you’ve learned with.

  • Sharing lessons solidifies your understanding of any subject
  • When you give off from what you have, you give more room to yourself to receive more from the Lord.
  • You learn more as you share with those who may probably have had similar encounters. As the Holy Spirit may reveal more.

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God bless you


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