Welcome To December

Welcome to December, we are eternally grateful to God for the grace we have received to be alive and still craving to grow in our knowledge about God.

As usual, we aren’t leaving this month out, as we crown the end of the year with more insight through reading, learning, and sharing.

Welcom to December

This month, we shall read on the subjects of ‘Worship’ and ‘Spiritual Warfare’.

I may not be able to affirm how these subjects correlate, but they both get things done in our kingdom.

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Worship is not just what you do with songs and lifted hands. Beyond the singing, worship is how we live. Our thoughts and actions worship God. when we please God with our lives, wherever we may be, it brings worship to God.

Its origin is in the heart. All these and more you have a chance to learn as you read with us this month of December.

How about Spiritual Warfare? It’s still a thing of a shock to know that some of us still don’t know that we have been called to fight.

A kind of fight which is not common to mankind. Men are used to fighting with physical weapons. However, our battles are more spiritual than they are physical, even down to the simplest of issues.

That said, your level of understanding is a strong determinant in the outcome of this warfare. By now you should know why you have been experiencing some failures around your life and all it throws at you.

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As you read with us this month you will find more insight to always keep you on the winning side.

On WORSHIP we have for your reading pleasure, books from:
i. Extravagant Worship by Darlene Zschech
ii. The Lost Art of Worship by James W. Goll and Chris Dupre

And on SPIRITUAL WARFARE we have for your reading pleasure books from:
i. A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare by Michael Norton
ii. Guide to Spiritual Warfare by EM Bounds

Nothing will replace the attitude of reading. So the sooner you cultivate this habit the better for you. You’ll never know how much you don’t know until you pick a book to read.

Reading Tip Of The month

Reading Tip Of The Month

• Diligence: continuity is not about what you were before, but rather what you are now.

  • Only through continuity can we water the seed we’ve sown in the past: else we let them rot when we stop cultivating them.
  • Growth is a product of continuity, no one grows at once. It takes continuous feeding and exercising to grow adequately.
  • You must be willing to both stay and remain.

The following books are available on Amazon, and you can get copies for yourself using my affiliate links by clicking on the book’s title above.

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God bless you


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