Welcome To March

Welcome to March. I believe you enjoyed your reading and various exercises.

This month on Kingdom Books Review we shall read on the subjects of “Meditation & Health”.

Welcome to March

In the words of God to Joshua at the beginning of his ministry, between talking and doing is the word Meditation.

It is so important that God gave it to Joshua as a command before he could become a success. This subject is so important, that we would require adequate knowledge about it to master it.

On the other hand, succeeding in other areas and being challenged in your health is not acceptable by God’s standard.

So, it is God’s delight to conceal a matter and our glory and beauty to search it out. Meaning—the path to health, not just healing is our responsibility to search out and build faith on.

So our subjects this month are equally necessary for complete success.

Reading Tip for March

On MEDITATION we have for your reading pleasure:

i. Meditation on God’s Word by Peter Tan
ii. Meditation-How to Study the Bible by Mark Virkler

And on HEALTH we have for your reading pleasure:

i. Healing, Health and Wholeness by Faith Oyedepo
ii. Keys to Divine Health by David Oyedepo

Learning the Bible standard for meditation will eventually earn you success, but living in health will help you sustain that life.

Reading Tip Of The Month

Turn your action points from each book you read to confessions of faith.

  • Every faith action begins from the words of your mouth.
  • If you can’t say it, it means you don’t believe it. And if you don’t believe, then you can’t become it.
  • Whatever you must change begins from the words you speak.

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God bless you


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