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Welcome to May, being the fifth month of the year and the beginning of a new quarter, we think it is wise to appraise your reading habit for the year.

This month on Kingdom Books Review we shall read on the subjects of “Love & Attitude”.

Love is not just God’s nature but according to scripture who he is. And his ultimate demand from man has always and will forever be to respond to his love for us by loving him in return.

This Love isn’t just in words or songs but is proven by our outright obedience to God’s words and instructions.

Among the greatest things that outlive our time here, Love is the greatest of them. Also as powerful as faith is, it draws from a God-generated hope, and will only work by love.

So if there’s one thing to practically crave understanding for beyond others—it is love.

Our second subject this month is Attitude. Which is a direct proceed of how much of God’s love is at work in you, this equally very important.

Attitude is not just a way of life or how people live and act, it is also an accumulation of belief systems. Which result in acts and transcends into a way of living.

Many great destinies have been wasted for lack of a Christ-like attitude. It is not about how gentle, beautiful, skillful, or intelligent you are. Without a good attitude to back these things up, destiny isn’t guaranteed. It is a means of identity, we know those who of God or not by their fruits.

The subjects this month are tied to every believer’s destiny. Am afraid if we miss out on them we may lose out on eternity.

On LOVE we have for your reading pleasure:

i. Love, Live and Enjoy Life by Dr. Creflo Dollar
ii. Love Never Fails by Kenneth Copeland

And on ATTITUDE we have for your reading pleasure:

i. Attitude 101 by John Maxwell
ii. The Winning Attitude by Kenneth Copeland

Loving God and mankind will affect your disposition on the earth. Likewise developing a strong character. They are both characteristics of those who end up great and remain so.

Welcome to May

Reading Tip Of The Month

• It takes the combination of the Logos (written word) and the breath of the Holy Spirit on any spiritual book to produce a Rhema.

  • Every book from the author’s point of view is mostly written in Rhema—out of their experience with God.
  • However, apart from the spiritual wisdom impacted (Logos), you should seek the Rhema (reality or revelation) of its content.
  • So with this understanding, read every spiritual text with a consciousness of receiving the Rhema dimension of insight.

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God bless you


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