Welcome To September

I welcome you specially to the month of September, the first of the Last four months of the year.

How wonderful was the month of August for you? I hope you could make the most of it.

We are at it again @ KBR and this month, we shall be reading on “THE HOLY SPIRIT & THE GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Welcome to September

The Holy Spirit is the most important and influential person in the world today. He is the governor of the earth, assigned by God to bring the possibilities of heaven to earth through His partnership with men.

His gifts are the manifestation of His power through men to aid men. And every member of the church including you has a right to at least one gift of the Spirit.

Therefore, it is important to take advantage of this opportunity to invest your time in learning about the Holy Spirit and His gifts

On THE HOLY SPIRIT we have for your reading pleasure, books from:

i. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
ii. Derek Prince and
iii. Andrew Wommack

And on THE GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT we have for your reading pleasure books from:

i. Lester Sumrall
ii. Derek Prince

I’ll encourage you not to stop now. You are growing in grace through the knowledge of God. And you must keep at it.

You can tell me which book you’ve chosen to read in the comment box below this post.

Reading Tip for September

Reading Tip Of The Month

Always take notes when you read any spiritual text.

  • The human brain was designed by God to forget things. So you can rely on the Holy Spirit, who reminds you all things.
  • However, God recommends writing. Reading a book without preparation to take note, simply show how u serious you are to God. He’d better not shown you anything, because if He does you will forget.
  • You can always refer to your notes, whether electronic or manual.

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We read We learn, & We share.

You can access the book here.

God bless you


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