Welcome To January

Welcome to January, glory to God. Compliments of this season to you in Jesus name. You have been gifted a new beginning. An opportunity to improve on previous results.


Consequently, as you well know for us reading is living; and this presents another opportunity to lay a solid foundation for the New Year.

This month, we shall read on the subjects of ‘Marriage’ and ‘Raising Children’.

If not all, almost all marriages are gifted with children. It takes an accurate accumulation of wisdom to make the most of any marriage and family.

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Today, marriages are suffering from a lack of knowledge and wisdom. And God desires to liberate homes from the shackle of the devil by showing us what His intentions are for every marriage.

Many, have taken up what the society or their traditions permit or allow them to run and ruin their marriages. They once began with the love syndrome; which seems to have been lost on the go.

God is the author of marriage, and seeking his blueprint for this institution is your only chance to avert or repair what our way of life had destroyed.

On the other hand, families are losing control over the gifts of children given to them by God. This is due to a lack of good upbringing and child care. All of which you can avoid from day one.

God has supplied so much help through his word to show us the way out of raising godly children. Which isn’t just about meeting their physical needs but firstly their spiritual needs

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It is my desire and prayer, that you will not fail in these core areas of life, and this month of January will be fruitful for you.. However, we ask that you join us this month in our gaining wisdom quest—to put the devil at bay in our lives.


On MARRIAGE we have for your reading pleasure, books from:

i. Who Should I Marry by Kingsley Okonkwo
ii. A – Z of Marriage by Kingsley Okonkwo

And on RAISING CHILDREN we have for your reading pleasure books from:

i. Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Trip
ii. Raising Godly Children by Faith A. Oyedepo

There is nothing more new in this new year, than new information to help you lead a great life. The truth is you can’t escape reading, the earlier you embrace it the better.

Reading Tip Of The Month

Pray before you begin to read, as you read, and as you round up the book.

  • A casual approach to reading will also produce a casual result.
  • Prayer is preparing your heart to receive and telling God what you have found and that you need to become.
  • It is a sign of humility and your need for help to accomplish or become who God what’s you to be.

The following books are available on Amazon, and you can get copies for yourself using my affiliate links by clicking on the book’s title above.

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God bless you


Josiah Okheape

Josiah Okheape is a Content writer, Public Speaker, and Web designer. With a passion to spread the truth of God's word about His Kingdom to young people all over the world.

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