Welcome To November

Welcome to November, this month is a special one for me and I am full of joy. All thanks to God for last month, I hope you enjoyed the books we shared on Angels and God’s Kingdom.

We are at it again this month, to open ourselves to more insight through reading, learning and sharing.

welcome to November

This month, we shall read on the subjects of ‘Prayer’ and ‘Fasting’.

Even though these subject are often joined together, we shall read on them separately.

Prayer in itself is every believers responsibility, and how much you know about it will determine the results you get from it. There is no need to play the hypocrite in this, because prayer is our life. The earlier you increase your knowledge on this subject, the better your results from it.

Fasting many say is not an instruction in the epistles, but don’t be decieved: you won’t matter much in God’s kingdom if you don’t fast. Fasting is how you humble the flesh, so your spirit can be fed. If you can show me a Christian that matter without Fasting, I’ll still not be your convert. Even Jesus so needed it.

On PRAYER we have for your reading pleasure, books from:
i. Keys for Prayer by Dr. Myles Munroe
ii. Winning Prayer by Dr. David Oyedepo
iii. Too Busy to Pray by Dag Heward-Mills

And on FASTING we have for your reading pleasure books from:
i. Knowing God Through Fasting by Elmer Towns
ii. Fasting by Derek Prince

Every insight you’ll gain from reading will leave you better than you were before you found it. So be intentional about your growth and help God help you by adding knowledge to you.

Remember, there no point downloading a book you won’t read. So, take action, plan your month to read at least one book per subject. You can comment on your choice in the comment box below.

reading tip of the month of november

Reading Tip Of The Month

• Don’t read on any subject you desire to master only once.

  • Even scriptures recommended 2 or 3 witnesses to establish any truth.
  • Faith comes by continuous hearing, there are many thing you wouldn’t get at first reading or hearing.
  • As you grow in knowledge, other truth produce higher meanings and insights.

The following books are available on Amazon, and you can get copies for yourself using my affiliate links by clicking on the book’s title above.

Lastly, remember to tell me on the comment box below what book you are reading this month and SUBSCRIBE to my Blog for more book summaries.

Also, don’t forget to SHARE this post with your loved ones, and once more i welcome you to November.

God bless you


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