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About Me

My life is a testimony -- a story still been written by my Heavenly Father. Five-years before today, I was an unsaved churchgoer. A religious youth. Until the hand of God came upon my life. I gave Jesus Lordship over my life and all my affairs. He practically began to lead me. I was never used to reading anything, except for short comic novels. But one day while I was listening to a message by Dr. David Oyedepo -- the grace for reading entered into me. He said in that message, quoting another author,

"What you'll become five years from now, is dependent on two things. The books you read and the company you walk with."
Friends, that word changed my life and It's 3 years now. Later, I began to see the need for showing others what's inside these books I read. And that perhaps it can make others read too. And so the Lord sent His word and we have KBR today.

Why Kingdom Books Review

Whether you like it or yes, Knowledge is the only potent force that empowers mankind for exploits. One way we know to acquire knowledge is through reading; as is generally said, “readers are leaders.” Just as it takes adequate knowledge to excel in any field of endeavor so also it requires a deliberate passion for knowledge to become a Star in God’s Kingdom.

The absence of adequate knowledge about God: Who He is; What He wants; Why He loves; has lead to the destruction of many of God’s people by our common adversary the devil.

Only a deliberate passion for the pursuit of knowledge can lead to the rise of Stars in God’s Kingdom.

This platform allows you to access quality reviews of gospel books, by various active readers for the sole purpose of:

1. Following Jesus through the experiences of various accredited authors.

2. Gain insight into hidden truths as found in God’s word about His kingdom, and as exposed in various books.

3. Provide a means of summarizing books, for reminders and future references.

4. Act as a guide to those who may need such analysis; to encourage our reading habits.

The vision of Kingdom Books Review

Our vision is to get billions of young people filled with the knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. Through the books of those who through faith have obtained the diverse promises of God as obtained in His kingdom, found in His written word.

The mission of Kingdom Books Review

We desire to meet the above goals using an inspired schedule calendar. In 2 Peter 1: 5 -10, the Apostle gives us a list of Kingdom keys to add to faith. And concludes that if we do our due diligence we’ll never fall.

1. Select gospel books to read, review, and share with the world monthly through our blog site.

2. Engage social media platforms, through pictures, quotes, from each post. To create awareness for each post.

3. Share the books reviewed on the blog site for access by all readers.

Growing takes time. I mean a good time. Your level of engagement as well either shortens or elongates your growth rate. If you follow this blog and read our post and books — you’ll grow. And until you do the enemy is bent on keeping you away from all that Christ paid for.

It’s your choice; Take responsibility; Your life is in Your hands.

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