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Books for the month of August

Reading Subject of the month – ANGELS & KINGDOM

Reading Subject of the month – PRAYER & FASTING

Books on ‘PRAYER’

Winning Prayer by Dr. David Oyedepo
Keys for Prayer by Dr. Myles Munroe
Too Busy to Pray by Dag Heward-Mills

Books on ‘FASTING’

Fasting by Derek Prince
Knowing God Through Fasting by Elmer Towns

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Blog Posts

The Art of Intercession – Summary

Main Summary: The Art of intercession by Kenneth Hagin exposes the different kinds of Prayer available to the believer. With its main focus on teaching how any believer can choose to stand in the gap for those who are challenged. ...

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Welcome To The Month Of October

Welcome to October. This month we are reading on Angels and God's Kingdom. Download any of the books available and set out your plan to read this month.

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Keep Your Hope Alive In God

There are 3 things the Bible says will last forever. Faith--Hope--Love. No Hope equals No Faith in God. Find out what Hope is in my latest post.

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