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This Is What We Do

We Read

The gap between ignorance, knowledge, understanding, and practice is bridged by the singular act of developing a reading habit.

We Learn

Experience in my opinion isn’t the “best” teacher like we were thought. We learn from the knowledge, experience, and lives of our authors who have gone before us.

We Share

We are blessed to bless others. Love is what the kingdom is all about. So we give to you from what we have read, learned, and experienced.

Books for the month of August

Reading Subject of the month – ANGELS & KINGDOM

Books on ‘ANGELS’

Put your Angels to Work by Dr. David Oyedepo
Angels by Charles Capps

Books on ‘KINGDOM’

Applying the Kingdom by Dr. Myles Munroe
Keys to the Kingdom by Kathy Wypij

Please Download & Enjoy Your Read

Blog Posts

Welcome To The Month Of October

Welcome to October. This month we are reading on Angels and God's Kingdom. Download any of the books available and set out your plan to read this month.

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Keep Your Hope Alive In God

There are 3 things the Bible says will last forever. Faith--Hope--Love. No Hope equals No Faith in God. Find out what Hope is in my latest post.

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Cycles Of A Spiritual Season

For every Spiritual Season you're in, there'll be times when you'd need to Wait on God, Walk with God, and Follow God's leading for your life.

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How To Live A Purpose Driven Life

Living a purpose driven life is different from just being successful. In my latest book review, learn all it means and takes to succeed in your purpose.

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