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What We Do

And the earth shall be flooded with the knowledge of God’s Glory as the waters cover the sea…

We Read

We Read different Christian Books covering important aspects of the Christian faith. Such as The Kingdom, Faith, Prayer, and more; from proven authors

We Learn

We learn from the knowledge, experience, and lives of these authors who have gone before us. To help us see what they found, and how they made it, also Lear from their mistakes, so we don't make the same.

We Share

We have a mandate to share the things we Learn with you in fewer words than as are written in their text. So you too can learn and share from the wealth of wisdom as found in these books.

Blog Post

A little here and a little there; one line here and another line there

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About Us

Kingdom Books Review is a Christian Blog that thrives to bring life applicable lessons from the books of proven Christian Authors for the education, admonishment, and growth of God’s People.

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