12 Keys to Reading Christian Book


12 Keys to Reading Christiaan Books is an inspirational, incisive, and educational text that portrays 12 principles which have been tested, tried and mastered that can help you become the greatness you read from Christian books.

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Ko12 Keys to Reading Christiaan Books

In this book the author explains practically how to practice 12 different principles that begin from “how to select the right book” to “how to become what you read” from each book. To the end that you become the best from the knowledge you acquire from each books.

The principles unveiled in this book are universal (they’ll work anywhere), they are powerful enough to change your life as you practice them sincerely. The truth is if you practice 1/3 of the truths in this book, you’ll begin to notice the changes that’ll start happening to you as you read Christian books including the Bible.

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