The Believers Authority by Kenneth Hagin [Summary]

The Believers Authority by Kenneth Hagin explores the power and significance of spiritual authority for believers. Drawing from Paul’s prayers for spiritual understanding and the concept of authority in Scripture, the author reveals that believers possess the authority to overcome the enemy. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing one’s position in Christ and being seated with Him in heavenly places. The book also delves into warring against spiritual forces, exercising authority, adorning oneself with spiritual armor, and understanding the jurisdiction of that authority. To the end, you may embrace your spiritual authority and live he victorious life in Christ.

Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

1. Paul’s Prayers For Spiritual Understanding
2. The Concept of Authority
3. You Are Seated With Christ
4. Warring With Your Spiritual Authority
5. Exercising Your Spiritual Authority
6. Adoring Yourself With Your Spiritual Armor
7. The Jurisdiction of Your Authority

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