The Pursuit of God by A.W Tozer [Summary]

The pursuit of God by A.W Tozer reveals that God must first seek a person before they can seek Him. The book delves into the relationship between God and human beings, emphasizing the importance of personal experience and the continuous interchange of love and thought between God and the human spirit. The author also critiques modern interpretations of faith and the danger of losing God amid religious practices.

Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

1. The Doctrine of Prevenient Grace
2. The Tyranny of Possessions & the Pain of Renunciation
3. Giving God His Place, ‘First Place’
4. The Reality of The Unseen Realm
5. How To Be Receptive To God’s Presence
6. The Pursuit to Hear His Voice
7. Embracing Faith in Pursuit of God
8. The Place of Meekness in the Pursuit of God
9. Living for The Glory of God

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