Rescued From Destruction by Faith Oyedepo [Summary]

Main Summary: Rescued From Destruction by Faith Oyedepo is a triumphant narrative of overcoming adversity through faith. From battling unexpected health challenges to navigating spiritual warfare, the author shares profound lessons on her first-hand victory over a mysterious health crisis. Through personal anecdotes and biblical wisdom from the author, this book will inspire you to trust in God’s faithfulness and embrace a life of health and victory.

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Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

  1. It is God’s Desire For You To Live In Health
  2. How The Health Challenge Began
  3. Taking It By Force
  4. Standing To Fight With Others
  5. The Turning Point
  6. Valuable Life Lessons From The Author

It is God’s Desire For You To Live In Health

This book like you have read above is a story of victory over wickedness. The author began the book with her state of consciousness, which has always been a life lived in health. She reminds you of the profound truth from 3 John 2 that God desires prosperity and health for His children.

The author emphasizes the importance of understanding that healing is a birthright, intertwined with forgiveness. Reflecting on personal experiences, she encourages you to value good health and prioritize preventative measures like regular medical check-ups, healthy eating habits, and consistent exercise routines.

Through personal anecdotes, she underscores the significance of rest and faithfulness in overcoming unexpected health challenges, affirming, “God is too faithful to fail, He is dependable and He is more than enough!”

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How The Health Challenge Began

The author recounts how it began in the year 2004, when she and her husband had promising plans, including the blessing of a ministry jet, mission outreaches, and a grand celebration for her husband’s 50th birthday. Amid these aspirations, an unexpected battle emerged during a mission trip.

She vividly describes the electrifying church services and miraculous happenings, abruptly disrupted by excruciating pain in her left shoulder. Despite initial attempts to address the pain by faith declarations, it intensified, leading to a spiritual battle.

After the mission trip, she was able to relate the challenge to her husband, who fervently prayed for her, and made arrangements for medical intervention, which revealed an unexplained and deadly attack.

The author emphasized the importance of positive declarations and examining one’s heart, as measures she took, reassuring that victory is guaranteed for those born of God.

However, the pain didn’t go away. The author describes the relentless physical pain she endured, narrating, “The pain was throbbing and piercing through every part of the body. It was persistent, sparing no part of the body at all.”

Despite the overwhelming symptoms, she emphasizes the importance of relying on the Word of God, stating, “I began to take the word of God as medicine.” Facing mental battles and negative thoughts, the author shares, “The mind of man is the battlefield of his life,” highlighting the power of positive words in overcoming adversity.

Amidst the challenges, the author’s faith, coupled with prayers and fellowship, played a crucial role in navigating the difficult journey. She makes a call to stand strong in the face of difficulties, as she affirms, “Refuse to give up! Stand strong in the Word, and you will surely win every battle of life, including the battle of the mind!”

The story doesn’t change immediately, as the author recounts that despite engaging the word, prayers, fellowship with brethren, and other kingdom mysteries, her health still deteriorated.

Her body experienced a sudden and inexplicable weakness, and on one such occasion, even while leading worship in church. Miraculously, as she stood speechless on the altar, divine intervention kept her on your feet from falling. This marked the beginning of a challenging period, during which her physical condition rapidly deteriorated.

Despite exhaustive medical tests yielding normal results, mysterious symptoms persisted, leading to swelling, difficulty in movement, and a terrifying encounter with a “death angel.” A change of environment, a long international journey, and continued medical examinations further highlighted the supernatural nature of the affliction.

Physicians acknowledged the limitations of medical science, emphasizing the need to look up to God for a final solution. Amid malicious publications at that same time spreading false information, she stood firm in faith, ultimately triumphing over the satanic conspiracy. God’s faithfulness prevailed, proving that no case is closed with Him.

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Taking It By Force

The author shares powerful insights on how to overcome challenges through spiritual warfare. She emphasizes the importance of accepting personal responsibility for one’s deliverance and taking practical, radical steps to enforce it. Quoting Matthew 11:12, she highlights the necessity of being “violent in the spirit” to claim what rightfully belongs to you.

She recounts her journey of facing debilitating symptoms but choosing to declare life over death, reminding God of her purpose and the importance of her existence. She advocates for a relentless pursuit of God’s Word, emphasizing its life-giving power and the need to constantly feed on it.

The author also underscores the efficacy of invoking the name of Jesus, partaking in communion, anointing oneself with oil, and applying the blood of Jesus for protection and deliverance. Additionally, she discusses the significance of mantles, feet washing, the prayer of faith, sacrificial giving, maintaining a joyful disposition, and cultivating a gratitude attitude as essential components of spiritual warfare.

The author encourages unwavering faith and confidence in God, urging you to apply these principles proactively to experience divine intervention and breakthroughs in your life to take your deliverance from any form of satanic oppression.

Standing To Fight With Others

Facing life’s challenges with others standing with you in faith is important to our victory as believers. The author stresses that everyone needs support at some point, whether it’s through prayer, encouragement, or guidance.

She shares her experience of receiving help during this critical time, highlighting the power of prayer from people near and far. She also emphasizes the significance of having spiritual mentors who can provide guidance and support during spiritual battles.

The author recounts how their spiritual parents played a pivotal role in her journey to victory, offering prayers, encouragement, and even physical support. She also mentions the profound impact of a prophetic visit from Dr. T. L. Osborn, who prayed fervently for her and shared a powerful message of protection and victory.

The author expressed gratitude for the countless individuals who stood by her, prayed for her, and supported her in various ways. She acknowledged these helpers of her joy and prayed for abundant rewards for them.

Among the diverse helpers of her joy in the period of this battle, the author also emphasizes the crucial role of family support during challenging times. Quoting the author, “No matter how much support one receives from friends and well-wishers during a time of crisis, one of the greatest supports is family support.”

She expresses deep gratitude for the unwavering support received from her husband and children. They stood by her, providing not only physical assistance but also speaking faith-filled words and prayers.

She includes the letters that reflect their love, encouragement, and confidence in God’s healing power in the book. And notes that the family’s unity and faith contributed significantly to her recovery, turning a seemingly hopeless situation into a victorious testimony.

The Turning Point

No crisis is permitted to last forever for a believer. The author describes a powerful turning point in her life, marked by the fulfillment of the prophetic word for the year 2005. Despite physical challenges and the need to relearn basic movements, the author diligently followed God’s guidance and confessions.

The turning point included remarkable incidents, such as the smashing of a snake both in the apartment where she stayed, also at her husband’s office at home, and the mysterious death of a bird inside their home while no one was around. These events happened in close succession, symbolizing the defeat of adversities.

Progressive improvements followed, with physical healing, renewed strength, and the ability to climb stairs. The culmination was the author’s attendance at their son’s graduation, showcasing a complete transformation from pain to victory.

She then returned home triumphantly, surrounded by loved ones, and the joyous praises echoed in her ears. According to the author, on arrival back home, her husband’s song summarized the victory: “I have seen the downfall of Satan.”

The warmth of home, church, and fellowship enveloped her. The jubilation at Light House (her family’s home) and the exuberant praises at Canaan Land (the church headquarters) were overwhelming. Back at Faith Tabernacle, tears flowed, she recounted, remembering the pain contrasted with the current strength and joy she now had.

The University Chapel, Faith Academy, and Kingdom Heritage (institutions inside Canaan land} all resonated with gratitude. Visits poured in from individuals and groups, a testament to the widespread rejoicing. The malicious publications ceased, and enemies were confounded as God turned mourning into dancing. Her journey through the valley became a miraculous restoration, a testament that “there is no closed case with God.”

Valuable Life Lessons From The Author

Behind the author’s victory are valuable life lessons learned through adversity. All emphasizing the power of God to turn setbacks into stepping stones. As the author states, “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” Despite tough times, the author affirms that God can turn adversity into victory.

She emphasizes the importance of intimacy with God during tough times, stating, “When tough times knock on your door, don’t run away from God; run towards Him.” Another lesson is about focusing on God rather than the problem: “No matter how intense the pressure of the problem, I must choose to focus on God and not the problem.”

Additionally, the author encourages you to consciously think thoughts of victory and expect to come out victorious: “Your expectation sets a pace for your experience.” She also stresses the significance of building and valuing profitable relationships, stating, “You need relationships with people to triumph over life’s situations.”

The importance of cultivating a gratitude attitude was also emphasized by the author, and embracing the healing power of the right foods, urging you to eat sensibly for sound health.

In conclusion, this book offers profound insights into overcoming adversity through unwavering faith, intimate connection with God, the power of positive thinking, and faith filled confession. It serves as a testament to God’s faithfulness and the transformative power of resilience in the face of adversity.

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