Staying Full of God by Andrew Wommack [Summary]

Main Summary: Staying Full of God by Andrew Wommack is a book that emphasizes the importance of valuing and prioritizing God in your life. The author believes that everyone already has a knowledge of God deep within them and that by following four progressive keys, people can stay full of God and enjoy the abundant life that Christ has already provided.

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Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

1. You Already Know God Deep Within You
2. Esteeming God Greatly To Stay Full of Him
3. Focusing on God to Stay full of Him
4. Magnifying Godly Thoughts to Stay full of Him
5. Magnifying God Through Thanksgiving
6. How Magnifying God Affects Your Imagination
7. Living From Your Heart Instead of Your Head To Stay Full of God
8. Staying Full of God Through Meditation

You Already Know God Deep Within You

Everyone already knows God deep within, whether they claim to believe it or not. The author began by explaining that God’s goodness, not the fear of hell, should lead people to repentance.

He emphasizes that through Christ’s atonement, everything needed for an abundant life has already been provided, and all one must do is believe and receive.

The author believes that everyone already has an intuitive revelation of God, but people can diminish or stop this knowledge from drawing them closer to Him. “If atheists tell me, ‘I don’t believe in God,’ I just go ahead and talk to them as if they do. Somewhere in the conversation, I end up pricking this little part of them that already had this knowledge of God.”

The author believes that there are four progressive steps that people take to either draw near to God or walk away from Him, and depending on how you walk out these steps in your everyday life, you decide whether or not you stay full of God. These steps are expressed negatively in Romans 1:21 and positively in the following way:

Expressed negatively, as in this verse, the four keys are: They glorified him not as God, Neither were thankful, Became vain in their imaginations, and Their foolish heart was darkened. These same four keys expressed positively are: Glorify God, Be thankful, Recognize the power of your imagination, and Have a good heart.”

The author believes that if you follow these four keys, you can stay full of God and enjoy the abundant life that Christ has already provided.

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Esteeming God Greatly To Stay Full of Him

The enemy tries to get you to stop glorifying God as God. And if you stop doing so, you will lose the manifestation of the blessings God has given you says the author.

He emphasizes that you need to place value on God above everything else in your life. According to the author, “You place a value on everything in your life. You are the one who esteems what’s important to you.” He suggests that you need to disesteem everything and everyone else compared to how you esteem God.

He shares his experience of quitting school after realizing that it wasn’t what God had called him to do. Emphasizing that everyone has a unique calling and that education may or may not be a part of it.

The author also emphasizes the importance of prioritizing God above all else, even loved ones. He says, “Your love for God ought to make your love for your parents, spouse, children, and friends look like hate in comparison.”

The author encourages you always place value and worth in God and remember that He loves you.

Focusing on God to Stay full of Him

You can magnify and glorify God by making Him bigger in your perception and experience. How? According to the author, by focusing on Him instead of your problems, you can make Him bigger and diminish your problems.

The author suggests that you should value and prioritize your relationship with God, and when you do so consistently, you will stay full of healing, joy, peace, and power.

He also emphasizes the importance of giving God glory, putting worth and value on Him, and talking about what He has said and done. By magnifying God, your faith will grow, and you can recover anything that you’ve lost.

As the author says, “Magnify God. Give Him glory. Put worth and value on Him. Say, ‘Lord, You’re bigger than this financial problem, marriage issue, relationship challenge, health crisis, or job. God, You’re bigger than anything. You are awesome!'”

Magnifying Godly Thoughts to Stay full of Him

According to the author, you may not be valuing the things of God properly. You need to place a positive value on what God has said and done in your life and devalue anything else that comes against you.

As the author states, “Your thoughts either magnify or shrink everything.” If you magnify negative things, they become insurmountable, but you can also take huge things and disesteem—shrink—them. He believes that if you would exalt, magnify, and value the Lord properly, He would become so big to you that all other things wouldn’t even matter.

As the author says, “Jesus set this joy before Himself, and that allowed Him to endure the cross. If you aren’t enduring, it’s probably because you don’t have any joy set before you that you’re focusing on instead.”

The author also explains that when we delight ourselves in the Lord and value and esteem Him more than anything else, our desires will change, and we will want what God wants for us. He quotes Psalm 37:4: “Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”

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Magnifying God Through Thanksgiving

Being thankful is essential in glorifying God. By thanking God, the author notes that you are reminding yourself of what He has done, which magnifies Him.

Remembering the good things that have been done for you is important and is one way of being thankful. The author stresses that forgetting these things can negatively impact your life, relationships, and ability to function.

He also emphasizes the power of going back, rehearsing your victories, and being thankful. Saying, “There’s something powerful about going back, rehearsing your victories, and being thankful.”

You can do this by stirring yourself up to remember the goodness of God in the past. Remembering how God saved you and the promises He has made to you will help you overcome feelings of depression and discouragement.

The author notes that the devil wants you to feel like no one else has had your situation, but remembering God’s goodness will put your situation in perspective.

He warns against vain comparison, saying, “Don’t compare yourself to others or the unrealistic picture of reality painted on television. Instead, remember the temporary nature of your afflictions and maintain your faith and enthusiasm.”

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How Magnifying God Affects Your Imagination

Glorifying God, praising Him, and being thankful, produces a spiritual aroma that blesses Him. “If you quit glorifying, magnifying, praising, and thanking God, your imagination will automatically gravitate toward negative things.”

The author explains that our imagination is the creative part of us and that we think in pictures. If we quit glorifying God and being thankful, our imagination will work against us instead of for us, leading to negativity and fear. “You’ll start conceiving and seeing negative things. You’ll start being fearful and operating in unbelief instead of faith. This is the negative use of imagination.”

He also discusses the importance of being sober and avoiding speculative imagination. Speculating about what others are thinking or what is going on can lead to offense and negativity.

Also on imagination, according to the author, you may be someone who gives generously but still sees yourself as poor. Your imagination plays a crucial role in shaping your thoughts and actions.

Therefore, he recommends letting the Holy Spirit guide your imagination and avoid putting negative thoughts into it. “If you can’t see it on the inside, you won’t see it on the outside,” says the author. By meditating on positive thoughts and images, you can conceive them and make them a reality.

The author warns that negative thoughts and images can also have a powerful impact on your life. The media often promotes anger and bitterness, but the Word of God teaches forgiveness and turning the other cheek. If you focus on negative thoughts, you may be tempted to act on them when faced with a crisis or temptation.

However, you can reach a place where you don’t conceive negative thoughts or sin. By keeping your imagination focused on God and His Word, you can experience joy, peace, and power. “Don’t allow your thoughts to go there. Don’t see yourself failing. Don’t see your prayers not being answered,” advises the author. It’s possible to live in a positive and fulfilling way by controlling your imagination and focusing on God’s promises

Living From Your Heart Instead of Your Head To Stay Full of God

Living from your heart and allowing it to dictate your actions is important to your quest to stay full of God. The author explains that God wants to change your heart, and your actions will change as a result.

He encourages you to listen to the Lord speaking to you in your heart, rather than relying on external circumstances. He also explains that you have a natural mind and a spirit mind, and encourage you to let your spiritual mind make decisions.

The author noted that your heart becomes sensitive to what you focus on and hardened to what you neglect. By glorifying and valuing God above all else, you can keep your heart sensitive to Him. The author also advises against empowering negative thoughts and choosing to walk in love and peace instead.

He believes that God speaks to everyone through their heart, but if your heart is hardened, you may miss His voice. Your heart has a greater capacity for understanding and wisdom than your mind, so it’s crucial to trust it over your head.

Ultimately, the author encourages you to prioritize your heart and spend time in God’s presence, listening for His voice. As he says, “life comes from your heart—not your mind or external things.

Staying Full of God Through Meditation

Meditation involves reading the Word, then closing your physical eyes and thinking about what you’ve read until you can see it with the spiritual eyes of your heart.

The author emphasizes that until you see it on the inside, you can’t see it on the outside. He also emphasizes that God’s Word is written to your heart and that if you read it with your heart, you’ll have understanding.

He encourages you to meditate on the Word day and night, as God wouldn’t have commanded you to do it if you couldn’t do it.

In conclusion, this book emphasizes that every person has an intuitive knowledge of God, and it is up to them to draw near or walk away from Him. By glorifying, valuing, and magnifying God in their lives, individuals can stay full of God and enjoy the abundant life that Christ has already provided.

He explains that focusing on God instead of problems, being thankful, magnifying godly thoughts, and prioritizing God above all else are essential steps to staying full of God. And that by doing so, individuals can enjoy the blessings of God and experience the power of His love in their lives

Finally, here are some questions we’ll love you to answer.

When facing challenges or problems, do you tend to focus on them or God? How can you shift your focus to magnify God and diminish your problems?

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