Understanding Divine Direction by David Oyedepo [Summary]

Main Summary: Understanding Divine Direction by David Oyedepo offers profound insights into God’s plan, vision, divine direction, and the prerequisites for accessing it. The author emphasizes the significance of discovering your place in God’s plan to avoid a life of toiling. Through biblical examples and personal experiences, he highlights the benefits of divine direction and provides essential requirements for hearing God’s voice. This book serves as a guide to aligning with God’s divine plan and receiving His guidance for a victorious life.

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Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

1. You Are In God’s Plan
2. Discovering God’s Plan
3. Divine Direction
4. Ways To Receive Divine Direction
5. Prerequisites For Divine Direction
6. Benefits of Divine Direction
7. Requirement For Accessing God’s Voice
8. When’s The Best Time to Hear God?

You Are In God’s Plan

God has his divine plan and purpose for each individual. According to the author, Jeremiah 1:5, he states that God knows you even before you were born and has ordained a specific role for you. The author likens this divine plan to a race that you must discover and faithfully run. He highlights the importance of knowing your place in God’s plan to avoid a life of toiling and frustration.

The author draws from the example of the apostle Paul, who had certainty about his purpose and race in life. He stressed that God had a plan for our lives even before our birth, and salvation brings us into the mystery of predestination, where we are justified and meant to be glorified.

The author explained that predestination is a mystery, and those who are born again are vessels of mercy. He points out that your salvation is an expression of God’s love for you and that being born again places you on the positive side of destiny.

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Discovering God’s Plan

Discovering God’s plan for your life is important. The author calls this discovery a “vision.” He states that everyone has a unique plan from God, and fulfilling it is the key to reaching your glorious destiny.

The author shares the example of a successful business owner who saw his business as a ministry, highlighting that whatever God assigns you to do has a future. He stressed the significance of working with excitement in your God-assigned role.

The author warns against following personal choices instead of God’s will, as it can lead to unfulfillment. He points out that enlistment in God’s end-time army, as described in Joel 2, is through vision, and each person’s place is well marked out. However, finding your area of calling is crucial for triumph in life.

The author contrasts ambition with vision, stating that many are frustrated because they’re driven by ambition rather than vision. He encourages you not to compare yourself to others, as God has a glorious plan for everyone in His kingdom.

Divine Direction

Divine direction is very significant in fulfilling God’s plan. The author emphasizes that while vision sets the pace, direction provides the steps to accomplish that vision.

The author highlights that divine direction is a continuous need, especially in the Christian journey. Without it, he notes that you can experience continuous frustration and never reach your destination.

The author underscores the importance of divine guidance by stating that life without direction is futile and that even kings can become servants without it. He uses the example of ministry to emphasize that having a powerful vision is not enough; you must also possess the direction to fulfill it.

The author shares personal experiences of seeking and following God’s direction, illustrating how obedience to divine guidance leads to success and fulfillment. He stressed the importance of submitting to God’s leading and relying on His faithfulness.

Ways To Receive Divine Direction

In the words of the author, “There are two major ways by which we receive divine direction or instructions: the Word of God and the voice of the Spirit.”

1. The Word of God: The author emphasizes the importance of the Word of God as a source of direction. He state’s., “The Word of God directs you on how to go about your job or any assignment committed into your hands.” He also highlights the significance of finding guidance in the Scriptures, saying, “If you are a Word-lover, you will never lack direction.”

2. The Voice of the Spirit: The author discusses how the voice of the Holy Spirit provides specific instructions for life and ministry. He explained, “God also gives direction through the voice of the Spirit,” and he encourages you to listen for the voice of the Spirit, saying, “I pray that your spiritual ears will pop open, to hear Him.”

3. Embracing Instructions: The author stresses the importance of following divine instructions and cites examples from his own experiences. He mentioned, “Instructions are the highways to distinction,” and he urged that you heed God’s instructions for success in life and ministry.

4. The Acid Test: The author provides a test for determining if one is following God’s plan, which involves experiencing peace and progress. He states, “Peace and progress are indicators of pursuing God’s perfect plan for your life.” He notes that if after 4 years, what you claim to be God’s plan isn’t progressing. Then it’s time to quit and turn back to God.

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Prerequisites For Divine Direction

To be divinely directed, as the author emphasizes, you must meet certain prerequisites:

1. You must be born again, a covenant child of God. Divine direction is the heritage of only the sons of God.

2. You must cultivate meekness and fear of the Lord, for the meek will God guide.

3. Faith is crucial; you walk by faith, not by sight. Seek God for divine direction with unwavering belief.

4. Maintain continuous fellowship with the Holy Spirit; know Him, talk to Him, and be aware of His indwelling presence.

5. Create inner quietness to hear God’s still, small voice. A calm spirit enhances your ability to receive His guidance.

6. Embrace liberty of the spirit, walking in love and maintaining a free conscience.

7. Be open and willing to adjust to God’s instructions, keeping a sensitive heart.

8. Make worship and praise a lifestyle, as God inhabits the praises of His people.

Meeting these conditions, according to the author will position you for divine direction, as stated in the previous sub-heading.

Benefits of Divine Direction

The author emphasizes the benefits of following divine direction, stating, “Hearing and hearkening to God’s voice of direction will set you on high, above all nations of the earth.” By following God’s guidance, you can enjoy various advantages:

1. Protection: When you heed God’s direction, He dispatches angels to safeguard you, ensuring that no adversary can obstruct your path.

2. Divine Backing: God stands firmly behind you as you follow His divine plan, guaranteeing your success and prominence in life.

3. Ease: Divine direction eases your life, making tasks and endeavors appear effortless because you have the extraordinary backing of God.

4. Rendering the Devil Helpless: Following God’s plan renders the devil powerless over you, making you unbeatable and respected, as God protects and guides you.

In essence, embracing divine guidance leads to a life of protection, divine support, ease, and victory over adversities.

Requirement For Accessing God’s Voice

The importance of gaining access to the voice of God for divine direction cannot be overemphasized. However, the author notes that to do this, you must consciously program yourself to hear His voice, just like tuning to a specific frequency. He outlines key requirements for accessing God’s voice:

1. Separation and Climbing Up: Just as Moses went up the mountain to receive God’s instructions, you need to create a conducive environment for your spirit to communicate with God. Separation doesn’t necessarily mean physical isolation but creating a quiet, disturbance-free space for communion with God.

2. Joy: Joy is essential for accessing God’s voice. It’s with joy that you draw revelations and instructions from God. To hear His voice, maintain joy in your heart, and approach Him with a song and gladness.

3. Freedom from Cares and Worries: Anxiety and concerns block your access to God’s voice. Instead of worrying about earthly matters, focus on seeking God’s kingdom and righteousness. Don’t be anxious; take your concerns to God in prayer with thanksgiving.

The author stresses that casting away sorrow, anxiety, and worries is crucial for hearing God’s voice and receiving divine direction.

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When’s The Best Time to Hear God?

The best time to hear from God is in the early morning hours, which the author refers to as “Heaven’s Radio Hour.” Just as tuning in to a radio station at the right time is crucial to catch the news, tuning in to God in the early morning is essential to receive His instructions.

The author emphasizes that many significant instructions and commissions in the Bible were given during these early hours. Jesus Himself rose early to hear from the Father and receive divine direction.

Sleep can be an enemy of destiny and success, stealing and destroying potential. The author encourages you to prioritize rising early for communion with God, worshiping Him, and listening for His instructions. Early morning appointments with God can lead to distinctions and breakthroughs in life.

In conclusion, this book delivers invaluable lessons on God’s plan, vision, divine guidance, and prerequisites for hearing His voice. This summary highlights the importance of discovering your divine purpose, embracing divine direction, and following the guidance of the Word and the Spirit. It emphasizes the benefits of divine direction and the essential conditions for accessing God’s voice. And also provides a comprehensive guide to living a victorious and fulfilled life aligned with God’s divine plan.

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