Guidepost To Revival by Gbile Akanni [Summary]

Main Summary: Guidepost to Revival by Gbile Akanni talks about the pursuit of a spiritual revival and the importance of prompt obedience. The book addresses the potential pitfalls that can arise in the form of spoils and the attitudes of individuals toward them. The author also emphasizes the importance of not caging or turning the outpouring of the Holy Spirit into a denomination and the need to rebuild broken walls and produce people of unbroken communion with God.

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Lessons You’ll Learn from This Post

1. The Urgency for Revival
2. The Ingredients of Revival
3. The Pursuit of Revival
4. The Labour of Revival
5. The Demand for Revival
6. The Spoils of Revival
7. The Peculiar Features of This Move of God

The Urgency For Revival

According to the author, there are many churches and ministries, but little impact is being made on this generation. He quotes the Scriptures “For the time to favor her, yes, the set time, has come” and speaks about the clouds of revival gathering in several nations.

This is not just another organization, but a move of God being borne on the wings of agonizing prayers. It is non-denominational but flows through denominations that were considered dead and orthodox.

It is not just about empty emotionalism but about Christ himself being lifted. It is fundamental in restoring the Church to Biblical Christianity and turning the hearts of men back to the old paths and the ancient landmarks.

The author also emphasizes the fact that revival is one of God’s costly pearls, it is a holy treasure that holy men and women sought with tears. And it is important to be rightly instructed on how to behave yourself in this revival so that nothing is lost.

He also points out that it’s a costly pearl, and God will not give it to dogs. He also emphasizes that as soon as genuine hunger and thirst for righteousness ceases in the hearts of men, the oil of the anointing of the Holy Ghost must also cease. Emphasizing that God holds you and me responsible for every open heaven He grants unto us.

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The Ingredients of Revival

The author of the book emphasizes that to see revival, you need to have another heart, a heart of compassion and love for the Church and God’s flock.

The author quotes the Bible “Knowing, therefore, the terror of the LORD, we persuade men.” (2Cor. 5:11) and states that you cannot run with the burden of world revival if you are complacent and comfortable with the present pet doctrines of ‘the health and wealth gospel’.

A gospel that paints God as One who has no standards of His to maintain. You need a clear revelation of the terror of God and a compelling anointing to face the challenges of the 21st-century generation.

The author also states that the devil has released more giant demons into the world, working through several means, including technology, to hold the world captive.

A large heart, a global vision, and a passion for the worldwide restoration of God’s Church are needed if you would be able to place a request for such a divine enablement. Crying to God from your heart, saying, “Lord, I will do more than my fathers! I will not succumb!” is what the apostles and disciple makers of old practiced throughout the New Testament.

The Pursuit of Revival

The author of the book emphasizes that to see revival, you need to have a clear revelation of the havoc the enemy has brought upon the Church, particularly in your personal life.

The author states that only those who sense their personal need can actually share the burden of crying for a restoration. Bearing a burden for revival will be vague if you have nothing at stake.

The author also quotes the example of David, who lost his two wives, and how they all had a reason to cry and their cry was not arbitrary, it was a cry for recovery.

He also states that it is the personal revival of individuals that culminates into a corporate revival in several nations.

So he asks this question, are you desperate for personal revival that you would do anything to get it? And are you so tired of any other makeshift gospel, that you can even stone any preacher who tries to palliate you without speaking of the genuine restoration of all that the devil has stolen from your life?

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The Labour of Revival

The author emphasizes the importance of seeking guidance from God in the pursuit of revival. He stressed that revival labor is not something you should do arbitrarily, but rather it requires a definite divine commission.

The author encourages you to inquire of the Lord and that you receive a divine mobilization to labor for revival. He also stressed the importance of pursuing the original foundations of faith and that you do not settle for replacements or adaptations.

Additionally, the author encourages you to have a definiteness in your personal pursuit of recovery and to know what you are hoping to recover from your past relationship with God.

The Demand for Revival

The author places a strong emphasis on the importance of prompt obedience and immediate action in the pursuit of revival. He encourages you to throw your life into God’s hands for this labor and not be distracted or discouraged by others dropping out.

He also stresses the importance of not neglecting any little thing that God places on your path and not treating anyone as insignificant, as they may play a role in the coming revival.

The author also points out that the loss of God’s people is the gain of the devil and that the downfall of the saints is the rejoicing of the wicked. He encourages you to be prepared for intense labor and sacrifice in the pursuit of revival and to be willing to serve without reserve.

The Spoils of Revival

On this subject comes the author’s warning, against being tempted by the spoils that come with revival. Citing examples from scripture and contemporary history of individuals whose pursuit of spoils led to the downfall of their spiritual journey. Such as Saul, Balaam, and Judas, just to mention a few.

The author encourages you to be mindful of your attitude towards wealth and material gain and to handle the spoils of revival with care, as they can have the power to spoil the anointing, the team, and the leader.

The author also advises leaders in this regard to be firm in how they handle the spoils, and not to give in to personal greed. The author also emphasizes that the support for men’s lives should not be based on whether they went with us or not, but rather on their willingness to labor alongside us in the pursuit of revival.

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The Peculiar Features of This Move of God

The author concludes the book with a list of certain features that the revival of this end time brings. And warns that this outpouring of the Holy Spirit must not be confined or turned into a denomination or on the other hand dissipated by any means.

The author states that God has spoken of what He intends to do with this visitation of the Holy Spirit and lists several specific features of this move of God, such as:

1. Disciples everywhere… Disciples shall be multiplied in every stratum of human lives. This will raise men and women in whom Christ shall be formed progressively.

2. People Of Unbroken Communion… It shall produce a people who walk with God in unbroken communion, bearing His presence everywhere they go and moving in and with that presence to accomplish His purpose on the earth, establishing the kingdom of God among men.

3. Rebuild Broken Walls… It will also rebuild the broken walls of the nations. Its streams shall flow into the oceans of the earth… to all nations.

4. A Flow Undammed… It must remain a flow and must not be dammed to become a pool.

5. Fishermen of Excellence… This move of God will raise “fishermen” of excellence who will spread wide their nets to drag great fishes into the kingdom of God. There will be abundant fruitfulness in fishing people for Christ.

6. The Rod of His Strength… This move of the Spirit will raise men and women who will take the battle to the gates of the enemy and there, subdue him. They will be the rod of His strength by which He will rule among His enemies.

7. Effectual Doors… This move of God is going to have effectual doors opened into His Church, and I mean of all the various denominations.

Heaven has introduced this move to people everywhere. Traditional rulers, political leaders, leaders in business and industry, leaders in the judiciary, and leaders of Academia are not excluded from what God is about to do.

In conclusion, the book focuses on the need for revival in the Church and the importance of prompt obedience, immediate action, and a willingness to respond to divine prompting to see it happen.

It also emphasizes the importance of watching out for the enemy’s tactics, as well as being cautious of the “spoils” that can come with revival and how they can spoil the anointing and cause division among the team.

The author also highlights the unique features of this move of God, including the multiplication of disciples, the rebuilding of broken walls, the raising of “fishermen of excellence” and the opening of effectual doors for the Church.

Overall, the book emphasizes the need for humility, selflessness, and a deep desire to see God’s kingdom established on earth.

Finally, We have some questions for you.

What does it mean to seek God’s face intently for guidance and how can you apply this to your life? Secondly, How can you ensure that your labor for revival is guided by a definite divine commission and what are the steps you can take to receive it?

We will love to hear from you, please leave your answer and comments in the comment box below.

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