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Power and Authority To Destroy The Works Of The Devil by Guillermo Maldonado

Main Summary: Power and Authority To Destroy The Works Of The Devil by Guillermo Maldonado is an explosive exposure into the reality of exercising dominion over all the works of the devil. Using the forces of God’s delegated Authority and Power. He explained the concept of authority and power, their proper and improper usage, and the Mystery of headship in establishing order on earth as it is in heaven.

Lessons You’ll Learn from this Post

1. The Supremacy of Christianity over other Religion
2. The Concept of Authority and How it Works
3. The Contrast Between Authority and Power
4. The Nature of Supreme Authority & Delegated Authority
5. Steps to Exercising Spiritual Authority
6. Exercising Spiritual Power
7. Implications of Exercising Spiritual Authority and Power Without Authorization

The truth is, you and I are here on earth as God’s extensions; to bring his will on earth as it is in heaven. This is the essence of the dominion given to man by God. However, the knowledge of the jurisdiction of your assignment will determine the accurate use of the authority and power given to you by God.

The Supremacy of Christianity over other Religion

The Cross of Christ

The cross is where Christ gave his life for man’s redemption. No other religion has a leader, who gave himself in place of humanity. He solved the sin problem at the cross, that had man held in bondage to death.

• The Holy Spirit

He is the Spirit of God and administrator of the finished work of Christ. He empowers us to demonstrate all that Christ paid for on the cross. He gives them authority to exercise power on the earth. Other religions don’t have God in them as we do the Holy Spirit in us.

• The Supernatural

The gospel (good news) of Christ is backed up with the manifestation of the supernatural. Unlike other religions that make do of so many words without proof.

• Our God is Alive

Our God is a God of the now, rather than the past. Yes, he did great things in the past, but he’s still doing great things today and that wouldn’t stop forever.

Our Saviour is alive, not dead, in a tomb. He not only died to redeem us, but he rose in victory in a glorified body. Defeating death and the grave and becoming the first begotten from the dead to live forever. Creating the pathway as well for all those who would choose to believe in his name.

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The Concept of Authority and How it works

Authority from the author; is the legal right or authorization to exercise power. It can also be said to be the legal right to enforce obedience.

It takes an authority to authorize another. God is the ultimate and absolute authority because he is the source, origin, and generator of all authority.

He created all things and this makes him the supreme legal authority over all created things.

Spiritual authority, therefore, is an authorization to act like God here on earth. According to the author men in God’s Kingdom are the enforcers of the laws on the earth. However, obedience takes away the enemy’s authority while our disobedience authorizes it.

Jesus’s authority before his resurrection was limited, but after his resurrection, all authority was given unto him. It is this same authority he has given to the church.

However, according to the author our authority is jurisdictional according to the calling, purpose, and place of assignment. This, therefore, means that we can only have total authority, where we have been placed by God.

The truth is Satan has no rights, he is subject to your authority, with an obligation to obey you. The only right he has is that which will Grant him through our disobedience.

The Contrast Between Authority and Power

• Authority is the legal authorization to exercise the power given
– Power is the ability to carry out the task delegated by the authority.
• Spiritual authority is given when you are born again.
– Power is given when you are baptized with the Holy Spirit.
• With authority comes the license to engage power.
– It is possible to have power without the authorization to use it.
• Authority is a product of a relationship with God
– Power is a gift from God.

Note: From the author; in using the authority that Christ has delegated to you, for the exercise of power, you need to have revealed knowledge of that authority, otherwise, you can use it incorrectly.

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The Mystery of Headship

God is a God of order. So in his structure of governance, he begins with a head.

The head is the original authority, placed by God. He makes the final decisions, initiates, makes the laws, and coordinates the activities of the body he directs.

From the author; in God’s kingdom, no one is in authority until they are under authority. This was how Jesus lived and lives. If you are too big to be under authority, then you are too small to have authority.

God the Father is the head in the Godhead. This does not in any way demean the power or authority of the other members of the Godhead. So also it is for the husband and wife. Even though they are both coheirs, with the same rights and privileges in God. God placed authority on man.

Now, the only exception to obedience to an authority placed over you is legalized when such instruction(s) negates the principles of God’s word. It is rebellion to walk or work outside the chain of authority. According to the author; it will contaminate your faith and pervert your power. Thereby, making whatsoever exercise of power illegal before God.

Quote from_Power & Authority to Destroy the work of the devil by Guillermo Maldonado

Exercising Spiritual Authority

According to the author; Christ is the principal authority of the church. He is the head, and delegates his authority to the body—but first to his Apostles.

The delegated authority cannot establish, or assign itself, or create the law. He can only enforce it. He must always be in submission to the original authority.

Therefore your ability to recognize the authority of a man, allows you to receive from him or to be blessed with what he or her spiritual position can impart. From the authors’ words; ‘I remain accountable to my spiritual cover or father on earth and also to God. For higher officials watch over high officials’.

Rebellion is when a man with delegated authority moves outside the sphere of jurisdiction of his authority. When this happens, he not only rebels against his leader, but also against God—the supreme authority.

Meanwhile, authority in itself provides protection. Acting outside it makes your exercise of power illegal—witchcraft. Doing this gives the enemy foothold in your life. Whereas, the primary purpose of authority in the first place is to legally exercise supernatural power.

Steps to Exercising Spiritual Authority

According to the author; the authority Christ handed over to us after his death and resurrection cover the plague of sickness, sin, poverty, the devil, oppression, and any form of bondage.

However, it is your responsibility to implement order in the area of your dominion; whether in your home, job, business, family, or ministry. This order of authority, begins from God, then man, before angels.

In the light of the above, authority is to be taken. If you refuse to take dominion, then the enemy is licensed to take dominion over you; even though you have been given all authority.

When it comes to exercising authority, you don’t have to be perfect first, instead, you have to be under submission. Why? Because in God’s kingdom, everything functions under the chain of authority, obedience, responsibility, and eternal sense.

Below are the steps to exercising authority:

1. Submission James 4:7

Those who don’t submit to authority cannot exercise authority. Submission is necessary because when we face the enemy we can’t go in our name. It, therefore, makes it a choice to submit, and that choice is manifested in your humility. Submission is obedience to authority by choice, which is a tool to measure your spiritual maturity.

2. Understanding the principle of being God’s child

You don’t operate authority because you are educated or wise. You have access to Authority because you are a child of God. A child has access to the inheritance of his father. Understanding this puts you in charge any day or time.

3. By Association

When you submit to those who have been placed in the position of higher authority or headship. Then by association, you have access to the authority you are submitted under. Everything the father has becomes yours. The authority those you submit under wield, you can wield too. This is only possible through submission.

4. The principle of honor

Honour is to revere, respect, acknowledge. When you honor God he gives you authority. And when you resist the authority of God and those who are placed as head over you it brings curses. With Honour in your heart, you can walk in God’s authority and the authority of those he has placed over you. That is why the principle of honor in God’s kingdom is the seed that activates the law of exchange.

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Exercising Spiritual Power

From the author; firstly, God’s power is supreme, a validation of who he is. His power is eternal, unlimited, and inexhaustible. It can endure the test of matter, time, and space.

God’s power has a resting place. According to the author; the authority Christs’ death and resurrection offer us cover sickness, sin, poverty, oppression, the devil, and any form of bondage.

It rests in truth. God doesn’t do anything therefore outside the truth. He confirms his word with power,(miracles, signs, and wonder) when we preach the truth.

His power is found in his love. God is love, it is the love of God that is his power, which makes love supernatural.

Below are steps to exercising power:

1. Relationship with God

Your relationship with God will affect your ability to operate God’s power. Yes the power of God is your inheritance, but it is given to you legally based on your relationship with him. Today so many are engrossed in power-seeking and have skipped a relationship with God. God gives relationship before power; meaning that the power at work in your life is proportional to your relationship with God. Even in creation, the order of authority begins with God-Man-Angels.

2. Fasting and prayer

Fasting and prayer are not optional exercises in the kingdom. It is a mandate, given to you by Christ. No generation rises beyond its level of prayer and fasting. It is important in putting the flesh under and allowing God through your vessel. In prayer, you surrender your will, to be able to appropriate the power of God. It increases your ability to believe, and all things become possible when you believe.

3. Obedience to God

Obedience means voluntary submission to God. This to be convinced of the will of God. In the spirit realm, you surrender your will to be legalized to use power. If you will not obey, you will operate God’s power illegitimately, because everything God gives must be operated with the confinement of His will.

4. Dying to self

Everything in God requires a continuous dying to self. if you stop exercising yourself in the things that empower your spirit to keep the flesh under, you automatically activate the flesh to grow back again. By flesh, I mean the outward man, self, your senses. The level of power you experience will be a direct result of your dying daily to self.

You must also note the while you go about your business or work, you may not always feel the tangible Anointing all the time. So ministering to people should not be based on your feeling the Anointing. The conviction of who you are in Christ, and your submission to authorities placed over you, is enough to act as an ambassador of heaven. Bringing order everywhere you go.

Implications of Exercising Spiritual Authority and Power Without Authorization.

Like as it has been established earlier in this review, that no one is licensed to exercise power or authority, without submission under authority. Likewise so, there are implications for exercising power or authority without authorization.

When you resist the authority placed by God over you, such as Pastor, Husband, Parent, Apostle, or Prophet, you consciously or unconsciously activate a CURSE (An empowerment to fail).

It does not just end there, you also block the flow of God’s favor and blessings towards your life.

Many find it difficult to submit to authority most often because they either have lost sight of what that person carries in God. Some become too familiar with the Anointed because they know their flaws. Others don’t understand that the head is chosen by God not men, and some still find it hard to submit because they may have been hurt or wronged by someone in authority.

However be the case for you, seeing an anointed vessel, authorized by God as an equal or focusing on their flaws or weaknesses, it becomes difficult to honor them. So you cannot but block the flow of the Anointing they carry to your life.

In conclusion, this book has opened up the reality of having dominion over every work of the devil in your sphere of influence. Firstly by recognizing the authority and power bequeathed to you by God as you submit to the chain of headship in your place of jurisdiction. And secondly by taking responsibility to take charge, rule, and bring order to your place of influence as you watch out for any signs in your heart to resist or play down the chain of authority set over you by God.

Finally, here’s my question for you.

In what area of your life have you lost to the devils before, and now you have taken the ground you lost?

I will love to hear from you, please leave your answer and comments in the comment box below.

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