The Price For Spiritual Power by Robert Liardon

The Price of Spiritual Power by Robert Liardon [Summary]

Main Summary: The Price of Spiritual Power by Robert Liardon is a short documentation of the authors’ passion and desire, fueled by God to enlighten believers to the cost and cross of becoming a representative of God with Supernatural proves. He expounds this passion in four subjects, that are enough to stir anyone interested in spiritual power.

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Lessons You’ll Learn from this Post

1. Laying Aside Weighs
2. Yielding To The Holy Spirit
3. Dying to Self
4. Living In Realm of The Spirit

For an introduction in the authors’ words; your cross experience will show or be proportional to God’s demands and assignments for you. This cross in question here is where the flesh is traded to please God in death. For which many have rejected, evidently showing their lack of desire or passion for God.

Laying Aside Weighs

According to the author (ATA); God is not seeking finished products, or the best or the most qualified. His heart seeks rather after the most yielded, plain, and ordinary men, who have lost their identity in themselves and will only do what the Lord commands.

Be this as it may, therefore, it is not God’s responsibility to get rid of any weight weighing you down. Which for some is; sports, sin, friends, food, financial gain, sickness, or debt. Rather, it is your burning desire to obey God or carry his essence that must stir you to decide to lay down any form of weight down.

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Yielding To The Holy Spirit

To achieve individual or collective success, according to the author; you must understand that obtaining a great education, financial success, or a catalog of connections with men will never amount to true success in God.

As wonderful as the above benefits are, they don’t attract the Anointing. Rather it takes yieldedness to the Holy Spirit to attract the Anointing. The Anointing has a weakness for the man who is totally submitted and surrendered to the Holy Spirit.

This virtue of yieldedness to the Spirit is a fruit of your maturity in Christ. It demands spending ample time with God in prayers. Not just the popular hit-and-run display of religious prayer; hanging on weightless confessions of answered to prayers void power from the prayer alter.

If your life must matter to the existence of men, it is imperative to live void of feelings or approval of men, and rather on the confidence that comes from an encounter with God, producing a supernatural knowledge of God’s will and purpose for your life. Which is not possible without yieldedness to the Holy Spirit.

That said, every encounter is received at a cost. Knowing that God is not partial as to love one and deny the other, the only question is, how willing you are to pay the price.

Quote from the price from spiritual power by Robert Liardon

Dying to Self

Dying to self depicts obeying God at any cost. For man, it is very painful to be alive, while burying yourself. That’s is, giving up yourself, will, and emotions for those of God.

The author in his words believes that it is complete death to your desires, thoughts, and behavior that is the first step that leads to the resurrection of the Holy Spirit in you—a spirit-controlled life.

The Price to be initiated into the fulness of God’s presence is a personal ordeal no one, no matter how close or how much they love you can pay for you.

If spiritual power is what you desire, you must die on your own cross. Until then, the resurrection power of God cannot flow through you.

Living In Realm of The Spirit

Living in the realm of the spirit will take you to pick up your own cross and nail yourself to it. It will take you to go to the graveyard and bury your flesh, close the coffin, even as your flesh screams for survival. With you also helping the angels put soil on top of your coffin.

It will require you to write your epitaph, walk out on the grave and shake the dust off your feet as you walk away with your shoulders held high, ready to face dying humanity.

In this place of death, the only sustaining power for life is the presence of God within you. That’s the only way to appear anywhere empty of self and fully representing Christ.

These are the kinds of men who make history. In this place, criticism can’t get to you, neither do you seek the attention of men, because you are already dead.

In the authors’ words; these last days, God is no longer asking for men to die to self, he is commanding it. He is also not asking men to be holy, rather he is commanding it.

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In conclusion, this book through its author has passionately stirred our hearts to the cost of spiritual power, how and what it requires to join the army of God in these last days who will bring order to the earth and its inhabitants by power.

Finally, here’s my question for you.

What weights have you laid down in your desire to carry the fullness of the power of God?

I will love to hear from you, please leave your answer and comments in the comment box below.

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