Help! My Flesh Needs Discipline

Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.

George Washington

Are you struggling through an addiction? Is your flesh been crowned King in your life, instead of your spirit? Does your appetites control you? Have you mastered how to possess your vessel (body) in sanctification? What is the level of your passion for the things of God?

SOS! Help My Flesh Needs Discipline by Dr. Creflo A. Dollar Jr

My review this week is from this powerful book titled “SOS! Help My Flesh Needs Discipline” by Dr. Creflo A. Dollar Jr.

Unlike, most of my reviews. I’ll make do of some nuggets from this book so you also can get the book and read for yourself. 

Slothfulness, is discipline’s worst enemy. Like a dream of the night, you can just wake up and cast off restrains. Where went all the commitment, you once had for the things of God go?

The hard cold truth is, for most believers. They’ve become victims of idleness, laziness, and slothfulness. How does such a thing happen? Well, it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s gradual and primarily the result of a lack of discipline.

No believer can receive God’s best in life through giving up, caving in and quitting. And when you start quitting in natural things, you’ll eventually start quitting in spiritual things as well. If you’ll quit on your marriage relationship, you’ll quit on your God relationship. If you’ll be unfaithful to your spouse you’ll be unfaithful to Jesus. It all just goes together.

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When you’re slothful, the field of your life is a mess. It becomes “grown over with thorns”— as we discover in Jesus’ parable of the sower. Then God’s word gets choked up by worldly cares. 

Help! My Flesh Needs Discipline

Lasciviousness is “a tendency to be unrestrained.” It’s talking about a way of living in which there is little or no control over the appetites of the flesh.

If you eat whatever you feel like eating and eat as much of it as you want, you’re lascivious in that area. That you don’t climb out of bed until you’re good and ready, you’re lascivious where sleep is concerned.

Gratifying your sexual cravings any way you please, that too is lasciviousness. In fact, it’s possible to be lascivious in almost any area in which your flesh has an appetite or a need.

A disciple is literally “a disciplined one.”

5 Discipline Requirements for Being a Disciple

  • Cross Bearing (Self-denial or crucify the flesh.)
  • Renunciation (Disowning all things that hinder you including loved ones.)
  • Leaving All (Willingness to give anything, anytime.)
  • Steadfastness (Consistency and perseverance.)
  • Fruit-bearing (bearing and walking in the fruit of the Spirit.)

Diligence is the way out of slothfulness. It refers to “a steady application of effort in any activity.” 

The moment you’ve set your will to break an addiction, you’ve started a war. Making a quality decision to bring discipline to some area of your life, means you are set to fight.

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If diligence is ever going to replace slothfulness in your life; your spirit and its desires are going to have to be stronger than the cravings of your flesh.

The seed of lasciviousness is a thought. Which will end in an unrestrained life–headed for destruction.

There are basically three areas in which lasciviousness can be present in your life. Which are:

• Lasciviousness of the mind. (Thoughts)
• Lasciviousness of the mouth. (Words)
• Lasciviousness of the body. (Actions)

God reveals in His Word how to overcome these strongholds over our minds. 

•The battleground. (The mind)
•The weapon. (The Word)
•The strategy. (Casting down imaginations and taking thoughts captive.)

The above are few excerpts; I could show you from this book. But I recommend, you read this book: 
1) If you are already in a particular trap of indiscipline.
2) If your life is unrestrained (no boundaries) 
3) If you are struggling through addictions of the flesh. 
4) If you want to maintain a life of discipline. 

You can download this book here.

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God bless you.


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