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Angels On Assignment by Roland Buck [Summary]

Main Summary: Angels on Assignment by Roland Buck talks about the supernatural experiences of the author with Angels. As they brought him messages from God for his children. Shedding light to many word-based truths about God and His Kingdom. The book emphasizes some characteristics that God desires believers to uphold instead of letting go.

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Lessons You’ll Learn from this Post

1. Angels on Assignment
2. God’s record of men
3. 2 things that take us outside the mercies of God
4. God’s interests in Man
5. Warning against spiritual laxity
6. 7 things God holds dear
7. The Mystery of Praise

Unlike some other books on angels, I have read. This book doesn’t major in how to put angels to work. Rather it exposes us to knowing some intricacies about our Father and some operations in his kingdom. Which will help us to know God more and better relate with him.

Angels On Assignment

The author had an opportunity to ask an Angel some questions. And he asked him; “What were angels up to, from Malachi to Matthew?”

“Angels are always on the go,” the angel replied. God has never stopped working. Angels are always busy, receiving instructions from the Holy Spirit. And carrying them out as instructed for the benefit of mankind.

God releases angels to work round the clock as we pray. Working to create opportunities for the salvation of men. The angel revealed to him that when one member of a family is saved, it creates an opening to reach every other member of such a family.

As Intercession is made with thanksgiving to God, they work round the clock to fulfill this need.

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God’s Record Of Men

The author also had an encounter, where he was brought into the throne room; and was given the grace to access the files of men.

He was overwhelmed with how many files he saw, and how uniquely God keeps a record of us all. One important file he gazed into was that of Abraham.

He saw records of Abraham’s Good deeds to men, which were not recorded in scriptures. He also observed that the errors of Abraham weren’t recorded.

When he asked why? God told him He doesn’t record our failures, and He explained to him with scriptural references. Such as; Psalm 103: 8-12

2 Things Take Us Outside The Mercies Of God

God’s mercies are new every morning and are very plentiful. However, the author had an encounter with an angel where he was taught about the two things that displease God in our lives.

They are sins that take us outside God’s mercy and covering as we see in the Israelites days.

They are Rebellion and Idolatry:

• Rebellion

To rebel is to refuse allegiance to God or resist his authority over us consciously. To rebel against him is to turn our backs on that which he offers. The protection, blessings, love, his instructions, and promises.

Choosing to go our own way, to live in lawlessness.

• Idolatry

To walk in Idolatry is to be excessively attached or having reverence for some person or thing above God. Idolatry is not just worshiping a god or image other than God. it is lusting after our own desires and pleasures, instead of doing what God wants us to do.

We GET UNDER the covering by repenting of our sins. We STAY UNDER the covering by wanting to please God, and by obeying him even to the thoughts and intents of our heart. We GET OUT FROM UNDER the covering through rebellion and idolatry.

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God’s Interests In Man

In another encounter with an angel, the author was exposed to the true nature of God’s love for man.

God cares for man, and the only way men can understand this is through you and me. Our show of care brings the heart of God to them in their place of need.

The Lord is more concerned, that we meet the needs of others over just witnessing salvation. Saying “When you are helping people, you become a living word to them which says, ‘I care and God cares for you!'”

God wants us to be interested in the things he is interested in, and that is people! We don’t just preach Salvation, we become the living proof of what salvation means. This can be done by everyone, the act of showing the love of God to others in practical ways.

Warning Against Spiritual Laxity

On another encounter, he was warned against spiritual laxity or cooling off.

The angel said; “beware of a loss of a sense of the importance of spiritual things!”

There are many, many believers on the road of lethargy. Lethargy is a sense of lack of importance; a drowsy dullness to God; a lack of spiritual energy; a sluggish state of inactivity.

Lethargy speaks forth from our inner being when we say, “It’s easier to stay home. Making all sorts of excuses to stay away from God’s presence, whether privately or with your general assembly. It’s hard to generate excitement and zeal for the things of God.

This posture can easily lead to a state of backsliding, and weariness. Opening the door to attacks and vulnerability to the devil. Leading to rebellion and idolatry—a place outside God’s mercy and covering.

Quote from Angela on Assignment by Roland Buck

7 Things God Holds Dear

They Are God’s Priorities as revealed to the author by an angelic visitation

1) The Blood of Jesus.
2) God’s Fellowship and Communion with man.
3) Jesus is Alive.
4) The promise of the Holy Spirit.
5) Go tell the world.
6) The Atonement of Christ.
7) The Return of Jesus.

These priorities are further, explained in the text. But so as not to make this post too long, I have just highlighted them.

The Mystery of Praise

One last insight he received was on praise. One night as he was visited by two angels. He was asked to join them in worshiping God.

After some time, he observed that his feet, along with the angels were no longer on the floor. In his curiosity to understand what was going on, he was told by the angels, that; when we praise and worship God, It brings us to the same level as the angels (from highest to lowest angels).

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In conclusion, we have learned that God is so much in love with man, and cares for you so much so that he doesn’t keep records of your sins. As long as you repent from them and stay under his mercy and covering—away from rebellion and idolatry. He’ll also, continually give his angels charge in the direction of his will towards you. In as much as you don’t get spiritually lukewarm and constantly make praising and worshiping him a way of life.

Finally, here’s my question for you.

Have you ever broken free from any controlling power, through the power of Christ? If so, do mind sharing a testimony with us?

I will love to hear from you, please leave your answer and comments in the comment box below.

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