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SOS! Help My Flesh Needs Discipline by Dr. Creflo Dollar [Summary]

Main Summary: SOS! Help my flesh needs Discipline by Dr. Creflo Dollar teaches on the deadly effect of indiscipline on our spiritual lives. Using words like slothfulness, laziness, discipline, diligence, disciple, lasciviousness, and more he explained the signs to look out for and how to escape the dangers of indiscipline.

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Lessons You’ll Learn from this Post

1. What is discipline
2. Slothfulness & Diligence
3. Lasciviousness
4. Overcoming the strongholds of indiscipline
5. The life of a disciple
6. The reward of slothfulness

Are you struggling with an addiction? Is your flesh been crowned King in your life; instead of your spirit? Are you under the control of your appetites? Have you mastered how to possess your vessel (body) in sanctification? Have you become slothful about the things of God? If any of these questions trip you, then you need this Book.

What is discipline

As defined by the author, it is a state of order based upon submission to rules and authority. In other words, it means to train or drill by instruction.

Discipline’s worst enemy is slothfulness. Which is a product of idleness, laziness, and lack of commitment. No one after having being disciplined just turns to become slothful. It is a gradual process of lack of discipline.

It takes discipline to receive God’s best. It takes discipline to get the result of faith. When you start quitting in natural things, you’ll eventually start quitting in spiritual things as well. If you’ll quit your marriage relationship, you’ll quit on your God relationship.

Desire; Discipline; Delight. It is discipline before delight. This is the sequence to enjoys God’s best.

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Slothfulness & Diligence

• Slothfulness

It is an excuse for freedom from instruction, to be under no rule. It is the work of the flesh. A place where the flesh calls all the shots in a man’s life.

When you’re slothful, the field of your life is a mess. God’s word gets choked up by worldly cares.

• Diligence

According to the author, it is the steady application of effort in any activity. It describes a constant, consistent, steady effort to accomplish a certain thing.

Diligence is the way out of slothfulness. However, If it is ever going to replace slothfulness in your life; your spirit and its desires are going to have to be stronger than the cravings of your flesh.

Diligence is how we apply consistency to our Devotion to God. Spending time with him, studying the Word, praying, and standing in faith and patience for his promises.


Lasciviousness is “a tendency to be unrestrained.” It’s talking about a way of living in which there is little or no control over the appetites of the flesh.

Here are some proofs;

• If you eat whatever you feel like eating and eat as much of it as you want, you’re lascivious in that area.

• If you don’t climb out of bed until you’re good and ready, you’re lascivious where sleep is concerned.

• If you gratify your sexual cravings any way you please, that too is lasciviousness.

In the authors’ words, “it’s possible to be lascivious in almost any area in which your flesh has an appetite or a need.”

The seed of lasciviousness is a thought. Its end result is an unrestrained life headed for destruction.

Three areas in which lasciviousness can be present in your life.

They are:
• Lasciviousness of the mind. (Thoughts)
• Lasciviousness of the mouth. (Words)
• Lasciviousness of the body. (Actions)

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Overcoming The Strongholds Of Indiscipline

A stronghold is nothing more than a demonic inspired and instigated pattern of thinking or thought. In other words, your thinking is strongly held by demonic powers.

You must be aware that the moment you’ve set your will to break an addiction, you’ve started a war. The moment you make a quality decision to bring discipline to some area of your life, you’ve started a war.

However, this war has already been won in Christ. God reveals in His Word how to overcome these strongholds over our minds.

• The battleground. (The mind)
• The weapon. (The Word)
• The strategy. (Casting down imaginations and taking thoughts captive.)

Imaginations and thoughts that are contrary to the Word and will of God are the seeds that, if left to grow, will ultimately become strongholds of behavior and action.

Before we can effectively war against these demonic strongholds we must know their source. Ungodly patterns of thinking and unholy attitudes are what give room to these demonic strongholds.

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Sources of Strongholds

• The World – the cosmos system
• Your personal experience and conclusions
• Religion and wrong doctrine

The Life of a Disciple

A disciple is literally “a disciplined one.”
The test for true discipleship is bearing spiritual fruits, and it takes discipline to bear spiritual fruits.

From the author; there are five requirements for being a disciple.

They are:

• Cross Bearing (Self-denial or crucify the flesh.)
• Renunciation (Disowning all things that hinder you including loved ones.)
• Leaving All (Willingness to give anything, anytime.)
• Steadfastness (Consistency and perseverance.)
• Fruit-bearing (bearing and walking in the fruit of the Spirit.)

Being disciplined or a disciple isn’t a prison sentence. It’s freedom in disguise. Freedom from slavery to your appetites. Freedom from bondage to sin. Freedom from guilt, shame, and self-hatred.

The Reward of Slothfulness

Decay is the inevitable result of being a sluggish or slothful believer. The author puts it this way: “When you start being lazy about praying, reading the Word, and sitting under anointed teaching, consistent decay will result.”

What does decay mean in this sense?

Slowly but surely, when a believer gets slothful in the things of God. His regular quiet time falls by the wayside. He finds more and more reasons to miss church.

The fundamental principles of faith such as confession of the Word, guarding the words of his mouth, tithing, and giving, and maintaining a positive expectation, all slip into neglect.

Soon you become ineffective in the matters of faith. You become a dumping ground for Satan’s baggage. You should have grown to become a stepping stone to others new in the faith, become a liability to the faith.

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In conclusion, we have seen that discipline is submitting yourself to live under instructions. That requires the virtue of diligence to sustain, to avoid being slothful or lascivious.

Bearing in mind that we are disciples of Christ, who have been equipped with the necessary instruments of war. Which we must engage to overcome satanic strongholds that war against our minds. To escape the destructive consequences of Slothfulness.

Finally, here’s my question for you.

Have you experienced slothfulness, at any time in your Christian journey? If so how did you get back on track?

I will love to hear from you, please leave your answer and comments in the comment box below.

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