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Miracle of Seed Faith By Oral Robert [Summary]

Main Summary: Miracle of Seed Faith by Oral Robert teaches three principles for giving and receiving. Using these three principles, the book explains how to depend on God as your source, giving to meet the needs of others, and expecting God’s miraculous interventions daily to meet your needs.

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Lessons You’ll Learn from this Post

1. The three principles of Seed-Faith
2. How to use Seed-Faith to solve problems
3. Questions to ask yourself when the Seed-Faith principle doesn’t seem to work.

Everything begins with a seed and God is no respecter of persons. If it worked for A, it will also work for B. Only if you learn the principles and practice them accordingly.

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The Three Principles of Seed-Faith

1) God Is Your Source.

Your job is not your source, neither are your family members, or even your friends. They are instruments or the means through which God’s meet your needs.

In looking for your needs to be met, according to the author; remember it’s not what is your source but who is your source? Knowing the fact that God is your source, you should note that He won’t meet your needs through an illegitimate instrument or means.

2) Give to Receive.

Every of God’s promises has a condition to meet for its fulfillment. God’s principle for receiving anything is to plant it (give). Whether it’s money, love, friendship, etc there is always what you must plant.

Seed faith is giving that you may receive. In doing this you give before you receive not after.

Money is only a medium of exchange. It is you. It represents your labor; your skill your sweat and your effort. Your whole self. When you give it you give yourself.

It is the giving of Talent, the giving of time, the giving of love, the giving of compassion, the giving of money; really it is the giving of yourself. Whatever the gift, it represents you.

Not only will God give to us but men whether they know it or not will be God inspired to be generous with us.

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3) Expect a miracle.

The same way you look to God for your supply and give to God as seed; so also you expect a miracle from God.

Now imagine a farmer who plants crops and expects no harvest. Even God doesn’t give and expects nothing. So also we must expect to receive when we give.

When you do your part and release your faith through your giving, God will send the miracle. This is why you must expect it so you’ll recognize it when God sends it and reach forth to receive it from his hand. Otherwise, it may pass you by.

How To Use Seed-Faith To Solve Problems

No problem should make you frown and looking dejected. God is up to the task. He still supplies our needs according to his riches in heaven.

Needs exist to be met in full provided you plant your seed first. The moment your need faces you, and you know you are into giving and receiving, God shall supply promise goes into effect.

If Christ is first in your life and you are given to him, you are in connection. You are plugged in. God is answering; you should be expecting

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Questions To Ask Yourself When The Seed-Faith Principle Doesn’t Seem To Work.

1. Am I looking to God as the source for my employment?
2. Am I giving as seed Faith for God to multiply?
3. Am I expecting a miracle?
4. What is the spirit in which I am giving? What is my motivation?
5. What is my attitude towards it. Did I do it with joy?
6. Are I cultivating the soil of my giving which is my personal relationship with Christ.

When you are dealing with God it is always your attitude he considers. If you are going to experience the joy in receiving you must first experience joy in giving.

Everybody has something he or she can give. Think about what you can give and when you do, tell God two things. I’ll do it and I’ll expect a miracle.

The truth is, God is committed to supplying your needs. He desires to bless you beyond what you can imagine. But it is your responsibility to find out how–His will. How He intends to meet your needs without a perpetual cycle of struggling. Remember serving God without proves makes serving frustrating.

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In conclusion, the miracle of Seed-faith has been tested and still works. Following the principle; God is my source, I’ll therefore give to receive and I expect a miracle from God. Every need through this is meetable and all mountains surmountable. And when you fail at it, you can always take a step back to ask some personal assessment questions.

Finally, here’s my question for you.

Are you a giver? If yes, whether in tithes and other kingdom advancement endeavors, have you experienced the blessings of giving?

I will love to hear from you, please leave your answer and comments in the comment box below.

This book is available on various online book stores, and bookshop outlets near you. Please get it and READ it for your growth in the knowledge of God.

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