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When God Walked The Earth By Rick Joyner [Summary]

Main Summary: When God Walked the Earth by Rick Joyner is the record of his encounter with God. Where God revealed to Him what happened in time past—Bible times. The central theme is the life of Jesus on earth picking specifically the instances of the call of the disciples, the baptism, and the temptation.

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Lessons You’ll Learn from this Post

1. Our right to Supernatural living
2. God’s Love for us
3. Trusting in God
4. Some Bible secrets unveiled

Our Right to Supernatural Living

Supernatural living is the natural lifestyle for believers. So much that we are supposed to live continuously in the supernatural and have occasional physical (natural) experiences and not otherwise. Our reconnection to God through Christ is what makes this a possibility. This correlates with what Paul says in the Bible about not being at home in the body.

God’s Love for us

As believers, God has loved us with a love untold that He did not give up on us, even after the fall. From the author’s encounter, he observed that angels are amazed at how God loves man so much that He even released the Holy Spirit to dwell within us continually. A mystery that is not possible with angels.

Trusting in God

Trust in God and His Word in the face of temptations is cogent to our victory over such temptation. We must know that God will never lie, and will not leave us in the face of these challenges but will appear to shut the mouth of devils by His word.

This is portrayed in Jesus’s encounter with the devil in the wilderness after fasting for 40 days. With the virtues of love, which he had for his Father and his dependence on God; he overcame the devil cheaply in that conquest.

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Some Bible Secrets Unveiled

1. There are angels assigned to us all as believers today. Walking and working with us to fulfill God’s plans for our lives. We must live in that consciousness and learn to engage their ministry in our lives.

2. Love is the only way to Access true power and the only means to exercise it by God’s approval. Christ had the power to turn the stones to bread but chose the humble part of Love and obedience to the Father.

3. God’s love for us is so great. The Word (Jesus) couldn’t watch us suffer. The Holy Spirit seeks to dwell and be with us always, and the Father will do anything for mankind. Comparing the price he paid to have us saved.

4. Jesus came with love to take away the shame that keeps us away from the Father. He could as God forcefully demand worship from us. But pride isn’t in his character. He is the Love God.

5. Jesus became the second Adam through obedience. The devil feasts off our disobedience (flesh = dust). Obedience is key to keeping the devil from feasting on our flesh (Lust).

In conclusion, I have highlighted some lessons from the book, “When God Walked the Earth.” Among which trusting God in times of trials and living the love life which Christ came to show us are top on the list as we walk the earth with the time allocated us.

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Finally, here’s my question for you.

Speaking of temptations, have you ever had a significant breakthrough over a tempting situation in Christ? If you have, do you mind sharing?

I will love to hear from you, please leave your answer and comments in the comment box below.

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