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Exploits Of Faith By David Oyedepo [Summary]

Main Summary: Exploits of Faith by Bishop David Oyedepo is a book that uniquely breaks down the intricacies of a faith that works. It illuminates the various aspects of faith for a believer and how you can live out your God-intended life through faith that works.

Book Cover_Exploits of Faith by Bishop David Oyedepo

Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

1. What is Faith
2. The Importance of Faith
3. The Faith fight
4. Source of faith and how to access it
5. Some Errors of faith
6. Proofs of faith
7. Steps to dealing with any situation in faith

Faith is important to you. It is the heartbeat of the believer’s life. For me, I reckon that it’s not in how much you Say you have it, but rather in the proofs you can show that you live it. This is what this book is all about—proving your faith in daily living.

What is Faith

According to the author; Faith is a living force, targeting a goal set by hope to accomplish.

It thus means that you must first have a set hope to require the service of faith. Hope in this context is not just a wish for anything. Rather it is an expectation generated from the bowels of the truth you have found about yourself in God’s word.

Following the first definition of faith. It is also a weapon for war, an armory to fight rather than to talk and write.

It thus means you may possess it and choose not to engage it in its true function. Like using a tool for the wrong job.

War in this sense shows that there is opposition to whom you are either winning or losing.

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The Importance of Faith

Faith is the only way to please God. This is because God is a spirit, until you believe that he is, you will forever be in doubt. You can’t doubt God and receive from him.

Faith as seen earlier through the author is a fighting tool, so if you aren’t in faith, you aren’t fighting and therefore aren’t pleasing God as well.

You need faith to see God’s plan materialized in the physical. It is what empowers you to believe the unseen in man’s realm and partner with God and his instruction to bring the unseen to reality.

Faith can make you a god on earth. How? every word from God to man becomes a rod in his hands. Through which he is to command signs and wonders. The moment you hear a word from God, it turns you into a god on the earth. What this means is that you can only rule or have dominion by Faith.

The Faith Fight

Faith is for fighting and faith pleases God, therefore fighting pleases God.

It shows you what is yours to take, but you must be willing to do the taking. Whatever you can see by faith, automatically becomes your responsibility to put faith to work to get it.

It is this work that is referred to as “the fight of faith”.

For an example;

You can’t have been a tither for 5 years and are not enjoying the benefits of tithing. Such as still having a devourer plunge on your finances. You need to fight off the devil by faith.

If you are indifferent about it, you don’t have faith. You are yet to see or hear what God has to say about your tithes.

If you keep quiet and give in to whatever is considered a work of the devil, it’s either you don’t have faith or you aren’t fighting with the faith you have.

Why does it require a fight? Your adversary is not ready to let go, even though he has been defeated. He wants to still deny you of what’s yours. Faith proves that you know what’s yours and are ready to take it.

The Source of Faith & How to Access it

Faith is sourced from hearing or seeing God’s point of view on any issue and will only work by acting on what you have seen or heard.

Hearing from God is the cheapest source of faith. Faith has its source from the word of God. As a child of God, it’s impossible to hear God’s voice and doubt what he says. Just like it is impossible to see and doubt what you’ve seen.

Behind every written word of God is the voice of God. What man says is information, until you hear or see it for yourself you don’t have a revelation.

It is the revelation of the word of God that births faith.

Testimonies are wonderful faith boosters. However, they are traceable to what men heard from God. You must hear your own word from God to produce testimonies.

Challenges are from the prince of darkness, and only take light to disseminate. Whatever challenge you are confronted with demands that you go for light.

This makes it your responsibility to go consciously for knowledge. To gain access to the voice behind the word you must make the Bible your friend.

Before you read, speak to the book to open to you in the name of Jesus. The seal of the book has been rightly broken by his blood.

After this, you must be at ease. Until you are at ease, God’s word has no access to you. You must deal with the storms in your heart and command them to be still. It’s your responsibility to free yourself from the anxieties of this world.

Quote from_Exploits of Faith by Bishop David Oyedepo

Some Error of Faith

• You disqualify yourself from the answers you claim to be believing God for when your acts are not in line with your belief.

• Faith is your responsibility. Not an attribute or title. It’s your responsibility to build your faith and it places a responsibility on you to act.

• Doing things is great, but if they are born out of faith, they hold for you no blessing from God. Why? whatever is not of faith is sin, and the ultimate wage for sin is death.

• Until you have God’s side of the challenge you can’t arrest the activity of darkness over that challenge. Faith brings the answer.

• Nothing finishes until you finish it with your mouth. Your word is the first act of faith. Every time you say no money, you cancel your account with heaven. You never see wonders in your finances until you start making sounds that produce them.

• You don’t pray to get faith, you get faith before you pray. For let him ask in faith… James 1:6

Proofs of Faith

An active faith disregards contrary evidence. Faith always must rise above facts that are contrary to God’s word.

Fact is not the enemy of faith. Unless it seeks to contradict the word of God in any situation.

The Power of hope anchored on God’s word sets an expectation that rises beyond the limitation of facts. It deadens every consideration of what the world, (experts) call fact.

It sees possibilities in extreme impossible human situations that cry out impossible.

Steps to Dealing With Any Situation By Faith

1. You should find out what God’s position is in that situation. Job 22:21

2. Believe what God has said over the situation and release yourself to the instructions that follow. Like 1:45.

3. Be confident in God knowing that he is committed to whatever he says. Psalm 88:34, Isaiah 43:26

4. It’s time to do what you please with that situation Mark 11:23.

5. Demonstrate your victory, by acting what you believe you have received.

6. Make your victory public, declare it boldly. Romans 1:16

7. Stay steadfast and not chicken out. Don’t give up. 1Peter 5:8

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As I conclude, I have shown you some of the lessons from this book on the subject of Faith. What it stands for, its importance, how that it’s more of a fight. I also pointed you to its source and how to access it, some errors you should beware of, one proof that your faith works, and some practical steps in dealing with life issues.

Finally, here’s my question for you.

Yes, faith is the heartbeat of the believers’ life, however, what victory through faith can you share with me today?

I will love to hear from you, please leave your answer and comments in the comment box below.

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