Developing Your Devotional Life By Peter Tan [Summary]

Main Summary: Developing your Devotional Life by Peter Tan is a book that briefly exposes the importance of knowing God amid our daily routines. It teaches how this can be done to the end that you may manifest the grace of God in all your endeavors.


Lessons You’ll Learn from this Post

1. What is devotional living.
2. Living in the old and new covenant.
3. Tools for devotional living.

Your Devotional Life may not seem important to you today but will matter to your growth rate in God 5 – 10 years from now. This is because we grow to become successful rather than work to become a success. Growth in the context is the cumulation of your everyday input towards God, over some time.

What is Devotional Living

Devotional living is an act, it is a practice of consistency and commitment to a particular way of living. Such that, feelings or circumstances cannot easily deter.

According to the author, developing your devotional life will take a whole lot of commitment. Just as it takes time, commitment, and sacrifice to develop a relationship with a man. So also, it will likewise take time, commitment, and sacrifice to develop a relationship with the Lord.

Devotion is not basically about how hard but rather how consistent. From the book, when it comes to relationships, time investment must be regular, and steady to reap a regular and equally steady harvest.

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Living In The Old and New Testament

The old Testament was characterized by the use of works or efforts to please God and get things done. However, in the New Testament, the main character is growth. We now can grow into the character of Christ

Success is by growth rather than by mere efforts. What this means is we grow into success rather than work for it. We grow into mighty things in the spirit rather than work for them. We grow into the character of Christ rather than trying to be like Christ.

Grace in the old covenant means favor, and everyone who had this virtue on them prospered in every situation they found themselves in. Whether it was poverty, slavery, financial barriers, and all forms of disasters.

Grace in the old covenant represented a tangible and powerful force that attracts blessings upon a man’s life.

On the other hand, grace in the new covenant continues to have the same power, but its manifestation increases. Now it isn’t just favor alone, it carries along a spiritual substance that impacts strength, abilities, and giftings.

Grace in the new covenant is the ability of God at work in the life of a man.

The measure of this grace we have all received in Christ continues to increase and even multiply as we grow in the knowledge of Christ.

In the authors’ words, when we permit the grace of God in our lives to “labor more abundantly” we don’t struggle, rather God’s grace—supernatural ability—will work through us.

Quote from developing your Devotional Life by Peter Tan

Tools for Devotional Living

  • The Word

The spoken word (living word, rhema) is brought forth from the written word (logos). The only source of faith is God’s word. Faith rises from our hearts from the spoken words of God. Whether it during our study time, worship time, quiet time, or listening to Anointed ministers.

Therefore the more we hear God through his spoken word, whatever means it comes and can relate with what he says to us through his word, our relationship with him grows. The less we hear God the farther we are from him.

It is not enough to be inspired by the word or hear his voice, we must be cautious to research every word through God’s written more sure word. Because God’s voice will not contradict his written word.

  • The Holy Spirit

According to the author, being filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of praying in tongues is not enough. We must make it a duty to be filled with the Holy Spirit daily.

“The first thing you should do every morning is to be filled with the Holy Spirit and then maintain the filling and flow all through the day.”

If this must be a reality, you must make speaking and edifying yourself part of your spiritual devotion daily.

Describing what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit, the author said: “it’s like a spiritual covering that surrounds us like a clothing Luke 24:49. it is only from this position that we can walk in the Spirit.” this is not about the spirit in us, but rather we in the Spirit.

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  • Living a Life of Perpetual Praise

Congregational worship is great, but we must individually cultivate a life of worship even in the private.

The author pointed out that praise doesn’t just benefit God, rather it creates around us a covering that keeps us from been destroyed by the glory of God.

Buttressing this point, he stressed that many are seeking the manifest presence of God without being aware of what they are asking for. God’s presence only manifests to us to the degree of thanksgiving and praise the atmosphere around us carries.

With this understanding, we can keep God’s presence with us daily, by creating an atmosphere of thanksgiving, praise, and worship around us.

Anyone who must naturally live in the grace of God and be filled with his presence must practice the life of thanksgiving and praise ceaselessly unto God. It is a life of continuous Joy, Prayer, Thanksgiving, Praise, and Worship.

It is when we abound in this grace that we can be empowered to do the good works assigned to us by God. So we must be conscious of including praise to God even in the busyness of our daily routines.

In conclusion, we have seen how important taking our devotional life is to our growth and success. We examined grace and what blessing it carries in the new covenant. And we established some tools for devotional living.

Finally, here’s my question for you.

For how long have you been devoted to your responsibilities to fuel your relationship with God? And if you are just starting in ratios 1-10 what is your level of devotion to God and your relationship with him?

I will love to hear from you, please leave your answer and comments in the comment box below.

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