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The Art of Intercession by Kenneth Hagin [Summary]

Main Summary: The Art of intercession by Kenneth Hagin exposes the different kinds of Prayer available to the believer. With its main focus on teaching how any believer can choose to stand in the gap for those who are challenged. Changing situations, no matter how difficult they are with prayers.

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Lessons You’ll Learn from this Post

1. Different kinds of Prayers
2. What Intercession is
3. The Perfect intercessor
4. Why you should intercede
5. What you need for intercession
6. Ways to Intercede
7. Who to intercede for
8. Who can intercede

Intercessory Prayer is not a ministry that requires a calling by God to do. Instead, it is a responsibility for all believers, if they will only grow up into maturity.

Prayer in the kingdom of God is not what we do when we feel like. Or what we can choose to do. Rather it is what we must do. In this book, the author outlines briefly, different kinds of prayers–available to the believer. To enable him partaking in the fulness of his inheritance in Christ.

They are:
– Prayer of faith
– Prayer of commitment
– Prayer of consecration
– Prayer of worship
– Prayer of agreement
– Prayer in the spirit and
– Prayer of intercession

What is Intercessory Prayer

It is a prayer for another; it means to stand in the gap for someone other than yourself. The one who prays this kind of prayer is called an INTERCESSOR. He takes the place of another in prayer. Interceeding for others is costly, this is the kind of suffering scripture speak when it urges us to suffer for Christ. It is sacrificing yourself for the rescue of others.

Our Perfect Example

All through scriptures from the old down to the new covenant, we had several patriarchs that played the role of intercession. Abraham interceded for the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Daniel interceded over his people in Babylon. Nehemiah interceded to see the wall of Jerusalem back up. In the gospels, we saw Anna intercede day and night after she lost her husband, for the coming of Christ, and we can mention a few more.

However, amongst these great people, there is one who took our place. He paid the ultimate price: he took our place completely, all for man’s redemption and restoration. That man is Jesus. “He is able to save us to the uttermost, seeing He forever makes intercession for us” Heb 7:25.

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Why You Should Intercede

Every believer in Christ has the authority to take what belongs to him in Christ. But so many today instead of using their authority, seek the help of others to pray for them. My authority can’t work over you because of your will, your ability to choose. The prayer of faith can work for you, but when you pray for others you should switch to Intercession.

Intercession is you standing in for someone who doesn’t know their right and so fail to use their authority over the devil. Everyman is controlled by a spirit or some spirits.

What makes the difference with the believer is; he is identified as a Son when he is led by the Holy Spirit. And because of his understanding, he can stand in the gap for another believer with lesser understanding. The main reason to intercede is because of the Love one has for God.

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What You Need to Intercede

Ultimately you must grow in faith and in your understanding of God’s word to intercede for others. The art of intercession is provoked by love. Which is a fruit of the spirit, shed by the Holy Spirit in a believer–subjected to his will.

You have the love of God in you, but it’s your choice to reflect that love. One major ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer is to help him pray.

According to the author, there are many things we may be ignorant of when we intercede. The Holy Spirit is the custodian of all knowledge: yielding ourselves to him helps us win in the place of prayer.

We enter into Intercession when we fellowship frequently with the Holy Spirit. This is where he shares his love for others with us, which enables us to bear the burden of Interceding for them.

The place of fellowship with the Holy Spirit is where he begins to teach you and recommend others you should learn from.

You need boldness and persistence while Interceding, to keep at it until the burden on your heart drops. Sometimes it may take minutes, hours, or days until you get the note of victory. At times when it takes a longer time, work should not excuse you from praying, you can pray in your heart or silently in tongues. Whatever is most convenient.

The note of victory may differ in signs: you may feel light or sing in tongues, burst into laughter, or feel wonderful and blessed. Whichever way you feel, if you are sensitive, you will be able to discern when you have prayed through.

The author compared this with a woman travailing in labor. He said this sort of travailing in prayers is what births disciples in Church. He also explained that when you carry out Intercession sometimes, you may feel whatever the person you are Interceeding for feels. Such as feeling lost, when praying for someone in that state, or even sick, or sense the danger they are in.

Two Ways To Interceed

1. First you can pray with your understanding. This means praying in the natural language you understand.
2. Secondly, you can pray in the spirit. This signifies praying with the utterance given to you by the Holy Spirit.

Now, for the latter; there is the praying in tongues that is not Interceding or praying for others. Praying in tongues in this manner builds you up and help you rest.

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Who Do You Intercede for?

You can Intercede for anyone, except those who have neglected the faith they once had and have been cast away.

Our author used this scripture from 1Tim 2:1-4 to recommend those to Intercede for. The Scripture tells us about praying for kings and then for all men.


Who can Intercede

Naturally, every believer filled with the Holy Spirit is qualified to intercede. From the words of our author, “Intercession is a ministry that doesn’t require a call. All you need is to simply volunteer”.

This is so true, as many regard Intercession as the calling for the old and retired folks. However, it is the duty of every believer, a responsibility that will not leave you the same, but rather advance your growth in God.

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So we have seen that Intercession means to stand in for someone. We also learned that love is what motivates us to give ourselves up for others. We saw the Holy Spirit as the chief intercessor and he provides us with boldness and persistence to bear the burden of Intercession. We identified those we should Intercede for and why Intercession is every believer’s ministry.

I believe this summary has been worth your time. If so which lesson caught your attention most?

I will love to hear from you, please leave your answer and comments in the comment box below.

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