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Born To Win by David Oyedepo [Summary]

Main Summary: Born to Win by David Oyedepo is a spiritual guide to victory and faith, emphasizing the believer’s inherent power to overcome life’s challenges. It explores the spiritual warfare Christians face, the significance of Christ’s sacrifice, and practical steps to accessing and demonstrating victory through faith, persistence, and gratitude.

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Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

1. The War You Already Are Signed Up for

2. The Significant Event At Calvary

3. Who You Became After The Cross

4. Putting Up A Fight With What You’ve Got

5. You Are Born a Winner

6. How to Access Your Victory

7. Your Responsibility To Build Faith 

8. How to Present Your Case to God

9. What to do After Presenting Your Case 

10. Next: Keep Proclaiming Your Victory

11. Demonstrating Your Victory

12. Don’t Quit Until You Have it

The War You Already Are Signed Up for

– Spiritual warfare is real and necessary for victory in life and destiny. 

– Christian life is a constant battle. Living without recognizing the spiritual war leads to defeat.

– The devil is the adversary, not human beings or circumstances.

– Satan was once a heavenly being but turned against God, aiming to steal, kill, and destroy man.

– As a believer, you need to equip yourselves with spiritual armor to withstand the devil’s attacks.

– Despite battles, you are assured of victory through Christ’s finished work on the cross.

– Trials are not meant to destroy you but to strengthen your faith and lead to your spiritual growth, ultimately promoting victory.

– As a believer you possess the divine ability to overcome any battle you face. And nothing can separate you from the love of Christ, ensuring triumph over challenges.

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The Significant Event At Calvary

– The drama at Calvary was a pivotal event in human history.

– Adam was originally intended to rule over the earth, but he handed over this authority to Satan through sin.

– God’s plan to redeem humanity and reclaim authority from Satan was announced in Genesis 3:15.

– Jesus came as a man to legally confront and defeat Satan, fulfilling prophecy and bridging the gap between humanity and God.

– On the cross, Jesus took on the sins, sicknesses, and pains of the world, dying spiritually and physically to redeem humanity.

– Jesus descended into hell, sealing the defeat of Satan, taking the keys of death and hell, and rising triumphantly.

– The victory at Calvary provides you as a believer with a comprehensive victory in spirit, soul, and body, restoring what was lost in the Garden of Eden.

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Who You Became After The Cross

– Jesus obtained an eternal victory for believers by presenting His blood of redemption in the heavenly Holy of Holies.

– This means that as a believer, you are legally identified with Christ in His crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection, enabling them to walk in victory.

– Through identification with Christ, you were crucified, buried, and raised with Him, sharing in His sufferings and triumph.

– You are now part of God’s class of beings as new creations, seated with Christ in heavenly places and possessing His divine nature.

– Angels serve believers, who are higher in status than angels, as members of God’s cosmic family.

– Deep within you now, you have an innate victory mentality and access to constant victory through faith in the finished work of Christ.

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Putting Up A Fight With What You’ve Got

– The fight of faith is spiritual, not physical.

– Faith is indispensable in Christianity, referred to as “The Faith.”

– The enemy targets your faith because it determines your quality of life and victory.

– Jesus prayed for Peter’s faith not to fail, highlighting its crucial role.

– Your faith is the key to personal victory; it’s what puts you over life’s difficulties.

– Personal faith is necessary for receiving from God, as seen in numerous healing accounts.

– You must walk by faith, not by sight, to live according to your new nature as a new creation.

– As God’s creation, your faith is demonstrated by framing your world from the unseen.

– Your faith is essential for standing and staying as an overcomer.

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You Are Born a Winner

– By birthright, you are destined to be a winner and have a covenant with God for victory.

– Victory is certain despite the fierceness of the battle as long as you abide in God.

– Knowing God intimately empowers you for exploits and victories.

– God’s faithfulness to His covenant ensures your victory; He always stands by His word.

– The history of Israel exemplifies God’s commitment to victory for His covenant people.

– Believers are the true Israel, covered by the covenant of victory through Christ.

– Underestimating yourself as a believer negates the understanding of your standing before God.

– God’s covenant guarantees protection and victory for you; anyone who goes against you faces consequences.

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How to Access Your Victory

– Keep To Your Source:

  • Know your source and rely solely on 

  • God cannot tolerate wavering or double-dealing.

  • Your expectation must be from God alone.

– Be Still:

  • Avoid haste and anxiety; be patient and calm.

  • Surrender the matter completely to God.

  • In quietness, you can hear God’s guidance and receive your miracle.

– The Act Of Praise:

  • Praise brings God into your situation.

  • God inhabits the praises of His people.

  • Praise gets you into God’s presence, where miracles happen.

Your Responsibility To Build Faith 

– Importance of Knowledge: Lack of knowledge leads to defeat; personal knowledge of God’s word is crucial for victory.

– Two Main Sources of Evil: Sin and ignorance; ignorance is particularly dangerous as it often leads to accepting negative circumstances as God’s will.

– Seeking God’s Word: Instead of accepting worldly views, believers must search the Scriptures to understand God’s perspective on their situation.

– Steps to Personal Knowledge: Acknowledge the need for personal knowledge of the Word, as personal faith is essential for receiving from God. Faith is built through a personal understanding of God’s promises.

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How to Present Your Case to God

– Just as you present a fully signed cheque to withdraw money from a bank, presenting your request to God involves faith and action.

– Your heavenly account is overflowing with the riches of God, accessible upon request through prayer.

– Belief followed by asking establishes the promise for you; it’s not just faith but also the act of asking that brings results.

– Your prayer should remind God of His promises and present tangible reasons for your request, aligning with His Word.

– If you’re troubled by sickness, for example, healing is your entitlement as a child of God; present your case with assurance, knowing that God keeps watch over His word to perform it.

What to do After Presenting Your Case 

– After putting God in remembrance and presenting your case, it’s time to address the situation yourself.

– Jesus’ example at Lazarus’ tomb illustrates the power of speaking directly to the problem.

– There’s immense power in your words; speaking the word of faith activates creative miraculous power.

– Your spoken word, rooted in faith, is as potent as Jesus’ words.

– Even if the situation appears unchanged outwardly, addressing it spiritually initiates its collapse.

– Don’t waver after addressing the situation; maintain faith and visualize the desired outcome.

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Next: Keep Proclaiming Your Victory

– Victory is affirmed not just through actions but also through positive declarations.

– Confidence in victory is reflected in one’s language, expressing certainty and assurance.

– Consistency in adhering to spiritual laws is crucial for success; partial compliance is insufficient.

– Proclaiming victory outwardly illuminates the faith within and repels negative forces.

– Words carry immense power; they can justify or condemn, shaping your reality.

– Negative confessions can hinder progress and even lead to failure; what is spoken determines outcomes.

– The tongue reflects the abundance of the heart, emphasizing the importance of guarding one’s speech.

– Loading yourself with positive, grace-filled words aligns with spiritual success and attracts victories.

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Demonstrating Your Victory

– Believing God’s promises requires translating belief into action, known as faith in action.

– Demonstrating victory involves taking action regardless of contradictory feelings or appearances.

– Genuine faith-backed action causes obstacles to crumble.

– God judges not merely by lip confession but by life expression, weighing actions and intentions.

– Actions must align with words; confession without corresponding action lacks effectiveness.

– Instances like Hannah’s joy after supplication demonstrate the power of her faith in action.

– Anxiety and fear hinder faith, breeding doubt and impeding spiritual progress. Resist anxiety and fear; they entangle and render you unsuitable for spiritual battles.

– Actions reveal the state of the heart and determine the outcome of your faith declarations.

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Don’t Quit Until You Have it

– Refusal to Quit:

  • After completing the preceding steps toward victory, the final step is to refuse to quit.

  • Even amid delays or challenges, maintain unwavering faith and determination.

  • Abraham exemplifies this refusal to quit, remaining steadfast in faith despite circumstances.

– Acknowledging Receipt:

  • Gratitude and acknowledgment to God are vital after claiming victory.

  • The act of thanksgiving impresses faith and enhances confidence in receiving.

  • Gratitude demonstrates humility and acknowledges God’s role in victories.

– Communication of Faith:

  • Acknowledging past victories strengthens faith for future endeavors.

  • Confidence in God’s faithfulness fosters a mindset of continuous victory.

– The Importance of Thanksgiving:

  • Neglecting Thanksgiving can lead to unnecessary difficulties.

  • Giving glory to God attracts blessings and prevents curses.

  • Recognize victories as manifestations of God’s grace and mercy, not personal achievements.

In conclusion, this book serves as a guide through the essential steps to accessing and maintaining victory in life’s battles. From understanding spiritual warfare to refusing to quit until victory is obtained, the book emphasizes the power of faith, action, and gratitude in achieving lasting success.

Finally, here is a question we’d love you to answer.

Have you ever experienced victory through faith over spiritual warfare?

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