Satan Get Lost by David Oyedepo [Summary]

Main Summary: Satan Get Lost by David Oyedepo delivers a compelling guide to understanding and defeating the devil’s schemes. Through profound insights and biblical wisdom, the author empowers readers to embrace their identity in Christ, wield spiritual weapons, and triumph over every challenge. It’s a transformative journey to reclaiming spiritual authority and living victoriously.

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Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

  1. Know Your Enemy
  2. Free From His Assault
  3. Know Who You Are
  4. Your Place In the Ranks
  5. Be Watchful
  6. Keep Guard Over Your Mind
  7. Be Watchful
  8. You Can Walk Out Now
  9. Weapons for Defeating The Enemy
  10. You Have Been Put Over

Know Your Enemy

When you don’t know who the enemy is it is possible to keep shadow boxing. According to the author it is important to know who your enemy is, stating, “Your enemy is the devil!” He highlights how the devil wants to keep people from identifying him as their true adversary.

The author explains that Satan, not other individuals or circumstances, is the source of evil and opposition in life. He clarifies that God is not the cause of misfortune; rather, the devil relentlessly opposes God’s good intentions for humanity.

The author stresses that Satan’s hatred and opposition are absolute and continuous, urging that you must recognize Satan as their primary foe. He delves into the origin of Satan, describing his fall from grace and subsequent role as an adversary to God and humanity.

He asserts that every evil in the world is the result of Satan’s influence, emphasizing the devil’s mission to steal, kill, and destroy. The author underscores that Satan is the sole scripturally-acknowledged enemy, and stresses that you must understand this truth.

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Free From His Assault

Yes! Satan is the enemy, however, the author reveals the profound truth that through Jesus, you can live a devil-free life. He emphasized the significance of Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross, stating, “Jesus did not only carry our sins on Himself, He also carried the whole world’s diseases and sicknesses.”

The author explains that Jesus’s descent into hell was a crucial aspect of defeating Satan and securing victory for humanity. He asserts, “Jesus fixed Satan! He took you out of the house of bondage and brought you into life.”

He urges you to walk in the reality of Jesus’s triumph over the devil, stating, “The devil is a toothless bulldog. He has nothing legally with which to hurt you.” The author also emphasizes the importance of knowing and walking in this truth, rejecting fear, and acknowledging the power that resides in you as a believer.

He finally urges you to become power-conscious and to embrace your superiority over the forces of darkness.

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Know Who You Are

It is not negotiable, according to the author, if you must walk in victory over Satan, you must fully understand your identification with Christ in every stage of His redemptive work. He notes that your redemptive rights and positioning give rise to a victory mentality. By virtue of Christ’s work, you’ve become a new creation, accepted in the family of the Father God.

This new status the author explains, makes you righteous, a real son of God with His nature, life, and everything He is available to you. Translated into the kingdom of God, the author reveals that, you are no longer under the devil’s control. As a peculiar treasure, you are bought with a price and belong to royalty, chosen to showcase God’s praises on earth.

This he explains that, you are above all earthly challenges, a born winner destined for victory. The author also notes that embracing the truth that “Ye are gods” reveals your divinity, placing you in charge of Satan and allowing you to operate in the supernatural.

Recognize that you are in the form of a man but carry the greater one within, the author affirms. Capable of confronting the Pharaohs of this world with authority. He admonishes you to be conscious of the knowledge of the Holy God flowing within you, awakening your spiritual consciousness to exhibit the transformed life on earth.

This revelation, he claims will empower you to dominate circumstances, sending away sickness, poverty, and any challenge you face. You shall no longer lose control.

Your Place In the Ranks

In God’s kingdom, there is a system of ranking, that permits each entity to exercise authority. The author emphasizes your authority over Satan, highlighting Romans 16:20: “And the God of peace shall bruise Satan UNDER YOUR FEET shortly.”

He urges you to recognize that Satan is beneath you, under your control, and that you must give him instructions, not the other way around. The author stresses the importance of understanding your identity as a new creation in Christ, belonging to a heavenly lineage where Satan has no power.

He encourages you to stop being devil-conscious and start exercising your authority, just as Jesus did, by commanding rather than pleading with the enemy. By realizing that you are seated in heavenly places, where Satan has no authority, you can confidently declare your victory over him and resist his attacks.

The author notes your superiority over all the forces of darkness, and urges you to submit to God, resist the devil, and watch him flee from you (James 4:7).

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Be Watchful

Only by consistently remaining in the position of watching can we discern the tricks of the devil. The author emphasizes the importance of vigilance against the devil’s tactics, stating, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”

The devil employs tricks and deception rather than raw power, with the author noting, “We are dealing with a being who is an embodiment of tricks.” Despite the devil’s attempts to deceive and accuse, the author urges you to maintain your faith, asserting, “Your faith will translate you from the kingdom of sickness into that of divine health.”

Therefore, the key to overcoming the devil’s schemes lies in unwavering faith, as the author notes, “This is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.”

He also warns against falling into Satan’s “Night-Traps” through dreams. He emphasizes the dangers of putting too much faith in dreams, stating, “Beware of the devil’s night traps.” The author discourages interpreting every dream as a divine revelation, cautioning that many have been deceived by the enemy’s tricks.

Instead, the focus is on dreaming Bible dreams rooted in God’s promises, asserting, “Your dream must have its roots in the Bible, or it has no future.” The author passionately encourages embracing dreams of a great future aligned with God’s plans, emphasizing the power of Bible-backed dreams that guarantee success and fulfillment.

Keep Guard Over Your Mind

Guard your mind! The author emphasizes the importance of protecting your mind, stating, “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” Your mind is a battleground, and the enemy seeks to capture it, as the author warns, “The enemy cannot reach you except through your mind.”

Recognize the spiritual significance, as the author says, “To be spiritually minded is life and peace,” contrasting it with the dangers of being “carnally minded.” He warns you to be cautious of depressive thoughts, as they can block your access to God’s presence and lead to destructive consequences.

The prescription for depression is joy, and the author urges, “Rejoice in the Lord always,” emphasizing the transformative power of joy in the Christian journey. Keep your mind aligned with God’s Word, for as the author states, “What you think makes your tomorrow.”

The secret is to guard your mind diligently, casting down negative thoughts forcefully and bringing every thought into obedience to Christ.

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You Can Walk Out Now

Various afflictions, such as disease, poverty, and sin, are forms of imprisonment orchestrated by the devil. Drawing from Luke 13:16, the author asserts that, like Jesus who triumphed over the devil’s imprisonment, you have the power to walk out on the devil’s schemes NOW! The key lies in understanding that your weapons are not physical but spiritual, mighty through God for tearing down strongholds.

The author underscores the significance of faith, declaring that your faith is your fortress against the devil’s attacks. Quoting 1 John 5:4, the author emphasizes that faith is the victory that overcomes the world. Your life’s quality, according to him is intricately linked to the strength of your faith, and the enemy constantly seeks to weaken it.

However, to navigate the spiritual battle effectively, the author advises knowing the Word of God deeply. Hosea 4:6 is quoted to highlight the destructive power of ignorance, and the author encourages believers to surpass their enemy’s cunning by delving into the mysteries of the kingdom through profound Bible study and meditation.

The author emphasizes that your victory in life is tied to the words you speak and encourages you to invoke supernatural forces by speaking right words. Angels take instructions from what you say, and your victory depends on your ability to resist the devil. You’re urged to resist the devil by using the Word of God as your weapon, just as Jesus did when faced with temptation.

The author finally urges that as you embrace investing in the Word of God, you must recognize its power to illuminate and bring forth divine manifestations. He contends that understanding the power within, received through salvation and the Holy Ghost baptism, positions you to overcome any challenge. By exercising divine authority, prophesying, and declaring God’s promises, you can actively shape your destiny and manifest the creative power deposited within you.

Weapons for Defeating The Enemy

We’ve got mighty weapons that will put down and humiliate the enemy any day and anytime.

The author emphasizes firstly the significance of wisdom, particularly the manifold wisdom of God, as the Church’s tool to reveal God’s secrets and defeat the devil.

Secondly he unveils the mantle, symbolizing the anointing of God, in the life of his anointed vessel, which carries divine virtue capable of miracles.

Thirdly, prophetic utterances the author highlights as Godly commands expressed through the prophet’s voice, paving the way for the miraculous.

The author delves into the mystery of the anointing oil, portraying it as a tangible form of God’s power to humiliate Satan.

He also, presents the blood of Jesus as the ultimate weapon against the enemy, a stronghold for believers.

Lastly, communion is depicted as a transformative act, renewing eternal life and bringing the believer into alignment with the life of Jesus, providing a solution to various challenges.

Throughout, the author underscores the authority and effectiveness of these instruments, drawing on biblical references and personal experiences.

You Have Been Put Over

Quit being a slave to the devil when you have been put over in Christ. Now, according to the author you have an elevated position in Christ, stating, “You are now sitting in heaven, and the devil fought in heaven and prevailed not.”

The author encourages you to recognize the superiority granted by your position in Christ, asserting, “The devil is a weakling! Friend, I live my life as if the devil is dead!” By understanding your elevated status, the author urges you to confidently declare, “Satan, I am superior to you! My new status is far above you,” and to recognize that Satan has no room in your life.

He finally warns about the devil’s wrath for those not saved and emphasizes the importance of choosing salvation for both spiritual and earthly security.

In conclusion, this book illuminates the believer’s authority over the devil through knowledge, faith, and spiritual weapons. It empowers you to embrace your identity in Christ, confidently resist the enemy, and walk in victory, ensuring a life free from the devil’s influence and oppression.

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Reflecting on the author’s emphasis on knowing your identity in Christ, how do you see yourself in relation to the authority and victory available to believers?

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