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Listening To God By David Kaffo [Summary]

Main Summary: Listening To God By David Kaffo is a book that portrays practical and intentional steps to hearing the voice of God or being guided by him. To the end that you maximize the diverse mediums through which God communicates with you. And that you master them for continuous referencing.

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Lessons You’ll Learn from this Post

1. How to get God’s attention
2. Simple ways God communicates with us
3. Other voices peculiar to man’s nature.

Every decision will either take you closer to your God-ordained destination or take you farther from it. We all need to be guided, and God through his Spirit in us is committed to leading his children who will learn to listen to him.

How To Get God’s Attention

According to the author, God will not speak to you any more than you want him to. Neither does he speak to you any time you need him to. You have to entreat God to speak to you.

Anchoring the above statement on Jame 4:8 he said, “You must take the first step in drawing close to God and, God in his integrity will draw close to you.

Hearing God’s voice or his will concerning a situation demands that we minister to the Lord as we see in Acts 13. In doing this, either the Lord speaks to you or he reveals himself and his will in a dream or a vision.

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This, therefore, means that everyone can always access God’s current will for them if they would place ministering to the Lord as a top priority in their lives.

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Simple Ways God Communicates With Us

• Through Dreams

God can communicate to his children through dreams, but so also can the devil. Why? because dreams are communicated through the soulish realm and not the spirit realm.

How then can you distinguish a dream from God and that which is from the devil?

James 3:17 gives us the answer, according to the author. Any wisdom from God is characterized by certain things. Such as peace, purity, faith, and mercy.

If a dream is from the Lord, it will bring hope, it will show what to take advantage of, reject or resist. It is without confusion. It should produce faith and not fear.

However, a dream from the devil will always bring fear (a situation of no hope) its primary aim is to put its receiver in a state of confusion and fear.

When a dream that you may not have given thought to catches your attention or keeps coming to mind, this is an indication that such a dream needs your attention. Either to seek its meaning or take action about it.

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• Inner witness

Every child of God has his born-again spirit alive. And the Holy Spirit is one with your Spirit.

The inner witness refers to the promptings of our spirits through our souls to us by the Holy Spirit. Its major instruments are the conscience and peace. It is more of a sensation than it is a voice.

Just like we lose our peace when we consciously do wrong and don’t regain it until we confess and repent. In the same way, God’s Spirit in us uses the inner witness to guide us.

The inner witness is guidance from the Holy Spirit to your spirit, which is then communicated to your soul in diverse ways. Such as an uncomfortable feeling, a knowing, and so on.

• Voice of the Holy Spirit

Even though the Holy Spirit speaks through our spirits, he can at will speak to us himself, which may not be audible. This can happen anytime. In our study, prayer, leisure, and quiet time.

• Our Thoughts

Sometimes we often find our thoughts wandering away from us. Or are caught in thoughts that may never have originated from us.

However, the author recommends we pay attention to whatever catches our attention. By pausing and thinking about it. Asking yourself if it was your thought.

Now if it is something you reasoned, then it’s not from God. But if the thought did not originate from you, then it may be from the Lord. Which you can go further to check if it aligns with the wisdom of God’s word.

So whether it’s the inner witness or the audible voice of God or his Spirit, or God thinking through your thoughts. The author recommends, that you pause and think on whatever catches your attention and test it for self and the by the wisdom of God’s word.

Other Voices Peculiar To Man’s Nature.

Man exists in 3 states. Which are namely;

Each of these states of man has its distinct voice.

Due to man’s falling nature, yielding to the voice of the Soul or Body usually ends in lust. They

It is therefore important that we learn and master our feelings or reasoning by training our spirits to dominate them.

In conclusion, we have seen that you can get God to speak to you by taking the first step towards him. We also saw through our author, some simple ways God speaks to us. And also the other voices in man and how to dominate them by training our spirits.

Finally, here’s my question for you.

Amongst the simple ways, God speaks to us, which is predominant to you?

I will love to hear from you, please leave your answer and comments on the comment box below.

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