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Breaking Financial Hardship by David Oyedepo [Summary]

Main Summary: Breaking Financial Hardship by David Oyedepo emphasizes overcoming financial challenges through adherence to divine principles and covenant practices. It highlights the importance of tithing, integrity, committed service to God, and avoiding “little foxes” that hinder prosperity, aligning with biblical prophecies and God’s end-time agenda for believers’ financial liberty.

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Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

  1. Endtime Prophetic Agenda
  2. What is The Covenant
  3. How to Access Financial Liberty
  4. How Financial Blessing Operates In The Kingdom
  5. Little Foxes and Some Missing Links
  6. The Place Of Tithing
  7. Enter the Ark Now

Endtime Prophetic Agenda

  • Prophecies represent God’s predetermined agenda for humanity.
  • Isaiah’s prophecy (Isaiah 60:2) foresees a season of total darkness on the earth, signifying the absence of solutions and light except for God’s glory shining on His people.
  • Similarly, Malachi’s prophecy (Malachi 4:1) speaks of a burning day for the wicked, indicating unavoidable global hardships and the failure of human solutions.
  • These impending challenges will affect all sectors, including education and the economy, leading to widespread unemployment and money devaluation.
  • These prophecies are already being fulfilled, evident in the visible signs of societal and economic collapse.
  • However, amidst global failures, prophecy acknowledges that God’s people will experience divine providence and sufficiency. Malachi 4:2 promises healing and growth for those who fear God.
  • Just as in the biblical story of Joseph in Egypt (Genesis 47:15-16), where people sold their properties for food, reflecting current economic struggles, God’s agenda remains to provide for His people and demonstrate His power through their prosperity.
  • Believers, like the Israelites in Egypt (Genesis 47:27), will be exempt from the hardships affecting others and will prosper despite economic downturns.
  • A covenant with God guarantees protection and provision, distinguishing believers from the rest.
  • Being born again means becoming a covenant child of God, ensuring entitlement to His blessings and prosperity regardless of worldly conditions.
  • This covenant transcends earthly circumstances, ensuring believers thrive and multiply even in difficult times.
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What is The Covenant

  • A covenant is an agreement between two or more parties with well-defined terms, sealed with an oath. God’s word contains His covenants with man on various aspects of life.
  • Understanding and walking in the covenant for wealth and prosperity is crucial for overcoming financial hardship.
  • Key requirements for success in the Covenant for wealth include being born again and having a working knowledge of the covenant.
  • A thorough understanding of the covenant will set you apart, ensuring prosperity and health according to God’s will, and distinguishing you from others.
  • God made a covenant with Abraham, promising prosperity and blessings for him and his descendants, demonstrating His commitment to abundance.
  • God provides the power to get wealth through the covenant; it doesn’t come through prayers or fasting alone.
  • Obedience to and a working knowledge of covenant principles guarantee prosperity in the covenant.
  • The seedtime and harvest principle, or the law of sowing and reaping, ensures abundance and protects blessings.
  • Vigorous adherence to these spiritual principles is necessary to attain covenant promises and greatness.
  • Financial abundance comes from walking in covenant principles, not chasing after money. Seeking God’s kingdom first leads to divine provision and rest from financial worries.
  • Cease from struggling and enter into the rest prepared for believers through obedience to God’s Word.
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How to Access Financial Liberty

  • Committed service to God is essential for accessing financial liberty. Job’s greatness was achieved through service to God, highlighting that serving Him is profitable, liberating from bondage, and invites heaven’s commitment to you.
  • Satan’s strategy against commitment involves promoting moderate Christianity, akin to Pharaoh’s attempt to allow only partial dedication to God, undermining the full commitment necessary to anchor your destiny and avoid mediocrity.
  • Serving God wholeheartedly means rejecting compromises like Moses did with Pharaoh. Understand that half-hearted service leads to enslavement by men and circumstances, and recognize that sacrificing your treasures for God is the ultimate test of true readiness to serve.
  • Prioritizing God’s kingdom and sacrificing for His house, as David did, leads to prosperity and financial breakthroughs.
  • Obedience to God’s Word brings supernatural results, as exemplified by Peter’s abundant blessings despite contrary circumstances. Responding promptly to God’s Word leads to triumph.
  • Financial freedom arises from a connection to God, the ultimate source, while lacking results from disconnection. Thus, understanding God’s principles is essential for prosperity.
  • Seeking an understanding of God’s principles is crucial because it leads to favor and life, whereas a lack of it results in hardship. Therefore, ask God for an understanding heart to fully tap into your financial inheritance in Christ.
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How Financial Blessing Operates In The Kingdom

  • Success in service demands adherence to guidelines and instructions, understanding the specifics of your tasks, and following laws diligently. Commitment to these laws ensures a healthy, stable life.
  • Just as evaporation comes before rain, willingness to give must precede receiving. It is important to connect to God rather than human connections for success.
  • The quality of your seed determines the quality of your harvest; God values the quality, not the quantity, of offerings.
  • Giving is a form of work that should be done willingly and with the right attitude, offered cheerfully to avoid turning blessings into curses, and placed in a fertile ground where the full gospel is preached.
  • It is essential to give glory to God for blessings to avoid curses. Like heathen cultures celebrate harvest, glorify God for your blessings.
  • Money is often equated with power in the world, but Jesus referred to it as “unrighteous mammon,” highlighting its spiritual implications.
  • While the world relentlessly pursues money, God promises a struggle-free plan for meeting our needs, emphasizing trust in divine provision.
  • Serving God and serving money are incompatible, as highlighted in Matthew 6:24; those who serve God will be distinguished and blessed..
  • Money, when obtained through God’s blessings, brings enduring prosperity without sorrow, unlike the temporary riches often associated with worldly pursuits.
  • Understanding that money isn’t inherently evil but rather the love of it is crucial. Money is essential for daily needs and serves as a defense and a means to spread the Gospel.
  • Recognizing the need for money and embracing abundance while giving generously is essential for experiencing God’s blessings.
  • Giving to God’s work isn’t about helping God, but rather positioning yourself to receive divine blessings from Him.
  • Jesus’ death on the cross nullified the curse of poverty, bringing believers into the covenant of blessings established with Abraham, and emphasizing God’s desire for abundance and prosperity.
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Little Foxes and Some Missing Links

  • Since scriptures and divine principles are unbreakable, success and prosperity depend on obedience to God’s covenant, not on God’s failure. Thus, small, unnoticed issues (“little foxes”) can hinder spiritual and financial growth, as our attitude determines our altitude.
  • Moreover, success in turbulent times requires aligning personal attitude with divine expectations and making a serious commitment to the covenant with God.
  • Because integrity is crucial for financial stability and spiritual growth, compromising it for financial gain leads to spiritual and physical downfall, as God values righteousness over wealth.
  • Furthermore, scriptures emphasize that integrity sustains prosperity, and faithfulness in small matters leads to greater responsibilities and blessings, while false dealings result in afflictions and stagnation.
  • Since covetousness is warned against, life is measured by one’s relationship with God, not material wealth. Therefore, contentment and pursuing righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, and meekness are essential.
  • Consequently, living for God ensures financial stability and social peace, as God’s blessings and integrity bring true and lasting prosperity.
  • Additionally, honoring parents brings promises of well-being and longevity, while disrespect leads to divine disfavor and personal struggles.
  • In the same way, husbands should honor their wives and provide for their families to avoid spiritual disconnection and ensure blessings.
  • Forgiveness reflects God’s compassion; hence, holding grudges hinders divine blessings, while letting go of debts invites greater blessings.
  • Employers must pay fair wages to avoid divine judgment and ensure business prosperity. Exploiting workers, therefore, leads to negative consequences.
  • Since positive declarations align with divine creation principles, they manifest prosperity and overcome financial hardships.
  • Diligence in work is essential for success; conversely, idleness leads to poverty, as exemplified by historical and biblical figures who received divine favor and prosperity.
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The Place Of Tithing

  • Since Abraham’s blessings became permanent through obedience and tithing, this is highlighted by his encounter with Melchizedek after defeating kings.
  • Tithing, which involves giving a tenth of one’s increase to God, is a reserved portion essential for establishing blessings, as exemplified by Jacob’s vow at Bethel.
  • Because tithing offers protection against devourers, it ensures financial stability and safeguards your possessions through God’s rebuke, making it a form of divine insurance.
  • Additionally, God promises abundant blessings to tithers, including wisdom, power, and divine direction, manifesting as a “rain of ideas” for prosperity.
  • Moreover, giving unlocks divine wisdom and power, providing direction and the ability to achieve prosperity effectively.
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Enter the Ark Now

  • Even though Noah warned of the impending flood, people mocked him.
  • The ark took 120 years to prepare, yet only those who entered survived.
  • Similarly, an economic collapse is now a reality, prompting the need for a modern-day ark.
  • Since the covenant is likened to the ark for financial rescue, either enter and be preserved or despise it and face destruction.
  • Salvation gives value; hence, those outside it are insignificant to God.
  • Since the flood of financial calamity is rising, the covenant is the way of rescue.
  • Mockers will soon hide their faces, as the covenant proves its wisdom.
  • Following God does not diminish anyone; therefore, commit fully to Him.
  • Jesus’ death exemplified sacrificial giving, rising above death’s flood.
  • Unemployment is rampant globally, but covenant-keepers are secure.
  • Remaining in the covenant ensures safety and establishes a song of praise.
  • Therefore, entering the ark now is essential for your escape, healing, and protection against evil.

In conclusion, this book emphasizes that aligning with God’s covenant, practicing integrity, committed service, tithing, and diligent adherence to divine principles ensure enduring prosperity and protection amidst global economic challenges. And embracing these principles will secure for you financial liberty and divine provision.

Finally, here is a question we’d love you to answer.

Reflecting on “Little Foxes and Some Missing Links,” what small, unnoticed issues (“little foxes”) do you think might be hindering your own spiritual and financial growth?

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