Defeating The Demon of Poverty by Urbert Angel [Summary]

Main Summary: Defeating The Demon of Poverty by Urbert Angel, is a book that unveils powerful insights on overcoming poverty and unlocking financial prosperity. The author establishes his teaching by understanding the demon’s operation, the power of sowing seeds, and embracing the covenant practices for wealth. Through this book, you’ll learn how to secure your finances and live a life of abundance under God’s divine favor.

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Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

1. Understanding How The Demon of Poverty Operates
2. The Difference between Seed Sowing and Bread Sowing
3. The Covenant of Prosperity
4. Walking In the Prosperity Covenant
5. Securing Your Finances from Devourers

Understanding How The Demon of Poverty Operates

As dreadful and resentful as poverty is, many believers unknowingly manage and nurture it in their lives. The author emphasizes that prosperity is not a subject of prayer or fasting but a covenant with God. He highlights that managing poverty effectively keeps you in a state of lack.

The author explains the operation of the demon of poverty, noting that understanding is crucial in overcoming it. The demon thrives on ignorance and exploits your lack of knowledge about prosperity. It seeks to keep believers in a perpetual state of poverty by controlling their THOUGHTS and WORDS.

According to the author, controlling one’s tongue and speaking positively can lead to financial breakthroughs. Givers, on the other hand, he asserts, have a stronger confession that attracts prosperity. The author stresses the importance of giving, as it enhances faith and secures prosperity.

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The Difference between Seed Sowing and Bread Sowing

According to the author, there is a big difference between sowing your seed rather than sowing your bread. He explains that bread is a processed seed and lacks the qualities of seed to reproduce. God has never instructed believers to sow their bread, only their seed.

The sower and the eater receive different things – the sower receives the ability to secure a greater harvest, while the eater only receives enough bread for sustenance.

Sowing your seed at the right time is crucial, as delaying the process can turn your intended seed into bread, rendering it unfruitful for harvest. Seedtime and harvest are appointed times, and obedience respects the moment of the command.

Also, the author stressed that consistency in sowing is essential, but the ability to locate the right time to sow is equally vital. He notes that when you feel the prompting and conviction of the Spirit to sow, you should act in obedience without delay to ensure a bountiful harvest.

The Covenant of Prosperity

My prosperity plan is a covenant, and until your part is played, I am not under any obligation to prosper you.” This profound truth, according to the author, transformed his life and shed light on why some Godly nations aren’t as wealthy as others.  He notes that understanding this will change everything for you!

He explains that redemption opens the gateway to financial fortune, but true wealth comes through the revelation and application of the covenant. According to the author, only God can empower you for financial dominion, and until He does, the demon of poverty will continue to defeat you.

In his explanation, the author notes that you can only engage God on His terms, not your own. This implies that you must understand and fulfill the terms of the covenant before you can expect God’s abundance. It’s the revelation of these covenant secrets that catapults you into unimaginable prosperity.

He defines a covenant as a contractual agreement established by God with well-defined terms and sealed with an oath. The Bible itself is a book of covenants, including the covenant of prosperity. God guarantees to watch over your seed and protect it from any harm, but only after you fulfill your part of the covenant.

Many believers overlook the fact that prosperity is a covenant and, due to their ignorance, fail to appropriate the blessings meant for them. By committing to covenant practice, the author reveals that you become exempt from the clutches of the demon of poverty and economic hardships.

God has a plan to bless His people, and throughout history, those who walked in the covenant triumphed over economic challenges. He cites an example as seen of Abraham, whoever blessed him received blessings in return. He admonishes that you align yourself with covenant principles, and God’s ability to defeat poverty, he says will be with you when you embrace the covenant.

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Walking In the Prosperity Covenant

The author emphasizes the importance of tapping into the covenant of prosperity through the law of seedtime and harvest. He reveals that seed already carries the inherent ability to reproduce but to maximize its potential, one must create a conducive atmosphere for it to yield a maximum harvest. Your seed should be proportional to the harvest you desire, ensuring it has enough energy and food to germinate successfully.

The author cautions against doubt, which can rob your seed of the light it needs for growth. He says, doubt clouds the Word’s revelation and denies your seed the necessary nourishment. Each seed is unique, and not all seeds germinate the same way, so understanding the conditions for each type of seed is crucial for a bountiful harvest.

He advises against seeking material possessions from others’ seeds, such as desiring what a man of God has instead of focusing on the anointing and grace that can bring personal growth.

Ultimately, the author also reveals how to force your seed into production on your terms. “Understand that you have the power to dictate your own harvest time; you were never meant to be subject to the elements,” the author emphasizes.

To ensure the prosperity of every seed you sow, the author notes that you should create an atmosphere conducive to maximizing your harvest. When sowing a particular kind of seed, consider whether the anointing you sow into can reproduce the desired result.

You can also Initiate the germination process through dependency on the Lord, faith in the seed’s potential, and consistent reliance on God’s Word. Sacrificial seeds soaked with sweat and tears the author says, have the power to change God’s mind in your favor.

Also, the author demands that you understand that your seed is not a mere financial donation; it is a spiritual transaction that releases financial fortune and activates the covenant. Engage the covenant to commit God’s integrity to perform in your life, for the covenant has never failed and will bring abundance to those who play their part.

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Securing Your Finances from Devourers

God doesn’t just leave us without a clue as to how to insure or secure our finances on earth. According to the author financial security in the kingdom is achieved through tithing and giving.

Tithing is the covenant foundation for financial fortune; it makes you immune to financial struggles and the demon of poverty. Consistent tithing secures financial testimonies in the body of Christ and keeps you unshaken during difficult times. The author demands that you recognize that your tithe is not a donation, but a spiritual responsibility that invokes God’s blessings and rebukes the devourer.

He notes that the Lord cannot stop Satan from ransacking certain areas of your life unless you commit your finances to Him. Just like Joseph had authority over the fields and businesses under his charge, the anointing to bring prosperity and harmony cannot work in areas not put under that anointing.

By becoming a faithful tither and giver, you give the Lord jurisdiction over your finances, and He can then rebuke the demon of poverty on your behalf. The author notes that without committing your finances to God, you may go to heaven, but you’ll live at the mercy of the demon of poverty.

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In conclusion, this book provides powerful insights into understanding and overcoming financial struggles. The author emphasizes the importance of covenant principles, proportional seed sowing, and consistent tithing to secure financial prosperity. He believes that by tapping into the covenant and committing finances towards God’s kingdom, you (a believer) can escape the grip of poverty and experience God’s abundance in your life.

Finally, here are some questions we’ll love you to answer.

How familiar are you with the concept of the covenant of prosperity? Do you believe that engaging in covenant practices can exempt you from economic hardships and the clutches of the demon of poverty?

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