The Power of Fasting by Peter Tan [Summary]

Main Summary: The Power of Fasting by Peter Tan explores the transformative power of fasting in the spiritual journey of believers. It delves into various aspects such as overcoming unbelief, engaging in spiritual warfare, and experiencing divine intervention. It also contains practical tips to enhance your fasting experience and maximize its benefits in prayer and spiritual growth.

Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

1. Fasting and its Power

2. Overcoming Unbelief through Fasting

3. Fasting as Spiritual Warfare

4. Benefits of Fasting as a Spiritual Practice

5. Practical tips for fasting

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Fasting and its Power

– Fasting promotes divine health.

– Regular fasting (once a week) is recommended.

– Different fasting levels include total fast (no food or water), water fast (only water intake), and partial fast (limited food intake).

– Fasting isn’t just for solving problems; it’s an act of love for God, seeking His face and humbling oneself.

– Fasting can lead to physical and spiritual cleansing, with the potential for experiencing unusual dreams.

– Fasting is a spiritual practice that taps into supernatural power.

– Fasting combined with prayer releases spiritual forces to act on your behalf.

– Fasting accelerates prayers, akin to pressing an accelerator, but understanding God’s principles (Word) is crucial for effective fasting.

– Consistent fasting and prayer yield assurance and confirmation of God’s intervention.

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Overcoming Unbelief through Fasting

– Unbelief is a major hindrance to experiencing God’s promises.

– Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains.

– Fasting and prayer increase faith and overcome unbelief because they release power for the impossible

– The disciples of Christ struggled to cast out a demon despite having the authority.

– Jesus identified unbelief, lack of faith, and the need for fasting and prayer as reasons for their failure.

– Fasting and prayer increase faith and empower believers to overcome obstacles.

– Jesus also emphasized the importance of specificity in faith declarations (e.g., “this mountain,” “this tree”).

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Fasting as Spiritual Warfare

– Christians have authority and power over demons.

– Jesus gave disciples power over all demons, with Ephesians 6 detailing different ranks of demons.

– Four types of demons: principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, wicked spirits.

– Christians, however, cannot be possessed but may experience obsession or oppression; healing and deliverance are possible through faith and authority.

– Fasting disrupts demonic influence and releases angelic assistance.

– Satan fears fasting because it operates on a higher realm of power.

– Fasting empowers believers to overcome spiritual battles and see miraculous outcomes.

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Benefits of Fasting as a Spiritual Practice

There are two types of circumstances: those within our control and those beyond our control, and fasting can impact both.

– Fasting which is a sign of seeking God first in all circumstances brings His control over the uncontrollable.

– Fasting cures unbelief and demonstrates a commitment to seeking God’s will.

– Focuses prayers on specific objectives, leading to breakthroughs and answered prayers.

– Releases a higher realm of supernatural power that affects spiritual and natural realms.

– Allows believers to control what’s in their dominion and entrust the rest to God.

– Fasting and praying have significant power for Christians, offering benefits like divine health.

– Fasting combined with prayer releases spiritual power to influence circumstances beyond human control.

– Fasting leads to breakthroughs in challenging circumstances, including salvation and provision.

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Practical tips for fasting

– Fasting and prayer should be accompanied by specific objectives or goals, focusing the spiritual effort toward a desired outcome.

– Maintain a diary to track fasting objectives and see evidence of answered prayers.

– Maintaining faith and perseverance until breakthroughs are manifested.

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In conclusion, this very short book unveils the transformative potential of fasting as a spiritual discipline. From overcoming unbelief to engaging in spiritual warfare, fasting coupled with prayer empowers you to tap into supernatural realms, manifesting miraculous outcomes and divine interventions in both your personal and communal spheres.

Finally, here is a question we’d love you to answer.

Have you ever experienced the power of fasting in your own life? Share a personal testimony or story where fasting and prayer led to a breakthrough or answered prayer.

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