Training for Reigning by Rick Godwin [Summary]

Main Summary: Training for Reigning by Rick Godwin, emphasizes the importance of a Christian’s transition from need-oriented relationships to covenant relationships and then to reigning together. Through the author’s practical insights and biblical teachings, you will learn how to train for reigning with Jesus Christ. By meeting responsibilities, serving others, and being a witness to the power of God. Also, you’ll learn how to develop a godly character, handle success, and relationships with faithfulness.

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Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

  1. Training before Reigning
  2. Learning to Handle Success
  3. Handling Relationships with Faithfulness
  4. Ruling Together

Training before Reigning

To begin with, In “Training for Reigning” by Rick Godwin, the author explains that ruling and reigning with Jesus Christ involves more than just sitting with him in heaven and defeating the devil. Rather, it also involves meeting responsibilities, serving others, and being a witness to the power of God.

To train for reigning, one must first be discipled by taking in the Word of God daily, submitting to church leadership, and developing godly character. Once this is established, the believer can consider positions of responsibility and authority.

He stressed that the biggest battle in life will be in the soul realm, where the mind, emotions, and will operate. Then to overcome the flesh, a believer needs to rule it by their spirit, which is led and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

This involves focusing on the Word of God and allowing the Holy Spirit to rule through your spirit. Through this process, you can say “Yes” to the Word of God and have the inner fortitude to say “No!” to the flesh.

The author stresses the importance of dependability and faithfulness, saying that these are the greatest abilities one can possess. He uses the example of David, whom God chose to succeed Saul because of his dependability.

The author also talks about Jesus, who was faithful to his parents and did what they instructed Him to do, even in the natural things of life like doing chores.

The author emphasizes that it is important to be faithful in the little things to be faithful in the great things. The author also stresses that being faithful with money is essential to receiving spiritual riches, and being faithful with what belongs to someone else is a prerequisite to receiving your own.

The author warns against being religious rather than faithful and advises against being obnoxious about evangelizing to others while being unfaithful in other areas of life. The author urges that you show honor, faithfulness, diligence, and responsibility in everything you do, and to be subject to those in authority before being ready to oversee others.

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Learning to Handle Success

On this subject, the author focuses on the challenges that come with success and how to handle them. According to the author, when you prove yourself faithful in natural things and begin to achieve some measure of success, you should be ready for some opposition.

Success will bring the jealousy of self-promoting ambitious people, but you must learn to differentiate between vision and selfish ambition.

The author advises that you shouldn’t try to achieve anything for God, just be faithful and He will promote you in due season.

Success will also bring the attack of the devil, who can’t get to God anyway but through you. Therefore, you must have discernment and the only way to achieve it is to know what God’s Word says.

Finally, you must learn to recognize those God is blessing and honor them, as well as those in delegated authority.

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Handling Relationships with Faithfulness

On the subject of relationships and faithfulness, the author emphasizes the concept of covenant relationships, which are steady, mature, and last forever.

The author distinguishes between relationships in Adullam, which are unstable and based on selfish needs, and Hebron, which are based on covenant love and the grace of God. (Note: in the book the author uses the life of David from Bethlehem to Adullam, then to Hebron before Zion to relate his lesson)

The author says you must go beyond the Adullam stage, where your needs are met, to the Hebron stage, where you choose to lay down your life for Jesus and your fellow brothers and sisters.

He emphasizes the importance of relationships based on the realization that God has brought you together for a special reason, not just for what you can do for each other.

The author says that relationships are tested to help people find out what is in them, not for God to find out. The author encourages that you must learn to endure distress because it is necessary for growth.

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Ruling Together

According to the author, it requires faithfulness in ruling and entering covenant relationships to conquer the demons of disunity, disloyalty, and selfish carnality.

He also stressed the significance of being faithful in natural things and keeping your word to the death to earn the right to rule.

The message is that you need others to reign in life, as there are some areas of your life in which you will never reign alone.

The author suggests that to secure a total-victory mentality, which is what Zion represents spiritually, it is necessary to obey God’s word and follow the leading of His spirit.

The author adds that unity is the key to a harmonious beacon of light to your city and that Satan uses all your familiar terms to separate you from your brothers and sisters and cause strife and division.

In conclusion, the book focuses on the transition from Bethlehem to Adullam; then from Adullam to Hebron; and then from Hebron to Zion. Which in its entirety represents a transition in Christian maturity from need-oriented relationships to covenant relationships and then to reigning together.

The author emphasizes that the Hebron crowd are the ones that he is looking for because they will stick with him in good times and bad. The author also stresses the importance of understanding God’s purpose for bringing people together, and the need to develop covenant love by putting others first.

The book highlights that miracles alone are not enough to make you strong in the Lord, and it takes a change of motive and character to become an overcomer in this life. In summary, the author encourages you to commit to covenant relationships, walk in love, and follow Jesus with the right motives to fulfill your destiny.

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Finally, here’s a question for you.

Have you ever had a friendship or relationship that you thought was based on a covenant, but turned out to be a “need-based” relationship? How did you recognize the difference and make the necessary changes to strengthen the relationship?

We would love to hear from you, please leave your answer and comment in the comment box below.

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