HELLVEN by David Stanfield [Summary]

Main Summary: HELLVEN by David Stanfield challenges the belief of many Christians that by accepting Jesus, they have secured a one-way ticket to heaven. In the book, he paints the portrait of a place called HELLVEN, where believers can live in sin and still enter heaven. He identified some key issues that plague Christians living in Hellven. And depicted diverse solutions to living away from Hellven, emphasizing that with hard work and commitment to living a life dedicated to God, we can overcome Hellven’s inner struggles.

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Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

  1. HELLVEN” in Perspective
  2. Questioning Your Faith
  3. Controlling Anger & Profanity
  4. Worry! Worry! Worry!
  5. Relationships & Forgiveness
  6. Stress & Depression
  7. Handling Grief & Addiction
  8. Honesty & Integrity
  9. Witnessing
  10. Renouncing “HELLVEN”

“HELLVEN” in Perspective

You may be among many Christians, who have been taught and believe that by accepting Jesus as their savior and asking for forgiveness, they have secured a one-way ticket to heaven. However, that’s not the case.

According to the author, the world today is full of lies and deceit, and it’s easy to get caught up and become comfortable in the ways of the world and forget about your faith.

He believes that some Christians have created a place called “Hellven”, where they think they can live a life of sin and still make it to heaven in the end. He portrays satan, as the ruler of Hellven, who influences your thoughts and actions, making it difficult to live a life that truly reflects your faith.

This is his concept of Hellven and other aspects of the book show us the different characteristics of a believer who is living in Hellven.

In this, the author admits that he too struggles with this every day and acknowledges that it’s a common problem among Christians.

However, the solution is to recognize that you’ve allowed satan to control you and make a conscious effort to separate yourself from the world and live a life that’s truly dedicated to God.

This he says, requires hard work and commitment, but with God’s help, you can overcome the inner struggle of living in Hellven and live a life that honors your faith.

Questioning Your Faith

One of the symptoms of being a resident of Hellven is questioning your faith. This issue of questioning one’s faith, is a common experience among Christians today, the author notes.

He acknowledges that there are several ways in which faith can be questioned, such as doubting the existence of God, questioning personal experiences of salvation, and being influenced by conflicting beliefs and ideas.

He notes that Satan often uses these situations to sow seeds of doubt and confusion in people’s minds. However, the author emphasizes that God does not consider questioning and doubting to be a sin in and of itself. Instead, he suggests that the key to overcoming these struggles is through faith, which he defines as complete trust and confidence in God.

The author encourages that if you must grow in your confidence in God, then you must seek the word of God through reading and studying the Bible. This he says, can help to strengthen your faith and provide the answers needed to overcome doubts and questions.

He added that when one is struggling with their faith, it may indicate that they are spiritually hungry and that feeding their spirit with God’s word is essential.

Controlling Anger & Profanity

You may be all too familiar with the struggle of anger. It can lead to problems and sin, causing fights and arguments in your relationships.

According to the author, anger is like a tornado, getting you worked up and spinning things out of control, destroying everything it touches. When you’re controlled by anger, you may hurt those around you, leaving physical or emotional scars that may never go away.

The author noted that the devil wants you to feel pleasure from anger and to continue to let it control you. Guilt and embarrassment come from the Lord, reminding you to recognize it and control it. If you don’t work on minimizing anger in your life, it may grow into something monstrous and uncontrollable.

He added that you have the power to manage your anger,  by recognizing what triggers it and don’t ignore it. You must find ways to distance yourself from those triggers and pray for God’s help in removing them from your life.

Take the time to listen to what God has to say about your anger and don’t be afraid to seek His forgiveness. Emptying your heart of negative emotions like anger and filling it with love and grace is key to overcoming anger. You must remember to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. This shows strength and leadership and will bring blessings to your life and those around you.

On the other hand, the use of “Profane Language,” according to the author, has become normalized in society, including in non-Christian music, TV shows, and radio.

He emphasizes how Satan has disguised profanity to fool people into thinking they aren’t using it.

The author also shares his own experiences, confessing how he prays each morning for forgiveness for his language and asking God to help him with his struggles. Saying that you can do the same if you have been caught as well on the web using profane language that makes you a candidate of Hellven.

Worry! Worry! Worry!

The author explains the concept of worry, saying, “Worry is like a drop of food coloring in a glass of water. It starts as a small spot but quickly spreads and takes over your thoughts.”

“Excessive worrying can lead to serious problems, like anxiety, stress, and even physical health problems,” the author says. Worry can also ruin your relationships, appetite, and daily life.

“Worrying is a common struggle for many of us, but God does not want us to carry it,” says the author. God promises to give us peace and rest if we give our worries to Him.

He stated that you can do the following to help with worries, exercising, watching what you eat and drink, recognizing when you become stressed, and removing yourself from the situation.

To overcome worry, you must decide to please God more than yourself. Replace your worry with prayer and cast your cares on God, fully trusting in Him. Then God’s peace, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

According to the author, God tells us in His Word not to worry in some form or another at least 365 times. And that is God trying to get His point across.

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Relationships & Forgiveness

Relationships are significant, according to the author. Whether they are with God, family, spouse, friends, coworkers, or people we interact with daily.

They can also be good or bad, and in a world filled with problems, they can be a struggle. The author highlights some key relationship issues such as bullying, criticism, violence, and the increasing divorce rates. He notes that these issues stem from the behavior of people and the influence of Satan.

However, as a Christian, the author believes you have access to the best resource on relationships, the Bible, which shows you how to prioritize your relationships, how to treat others, and how important relationships are to God.

The author affirms that putting God first in your life will strengthen all other relationships. He also shares an illustration of a triangle and explains that to work on a relationship with someone, you have to start by working on your relationship with God.

“When both parties get closer to God, their relationship with each other will also become closer.” If the other person does not seek a relationship with God, you can only pray for them and concentrate on strengthening your relationship with God. The author promises that if it is God’s will for you to have a relationship with that person, He will bring them closer to you.

On the other hand for any relationship to last the test of time, the author reflects on the importance and power of forgiveness. He mentioned that as Christians, forgiveness is a central part of our faith and is a gift given to us by God through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus.

However, it can be difficult for us to forgive others for their wrongs, which can lead to the destruction of relationships and bitterness in our hearts. The author gives examples of how petty arguments and misunderstandings can turn into bigger problems when forgiveness is not sought.

The author also reflects on his struggle with forgiving others and how it can be easy to get caught in the trap of anger and hurt. He encourages you to remember that in a perfect world, God intends for us to forgive and forget, but it can be hard to do in practice. He then adds that forgiving others is not just for their benefit, but is also a way to show love and respect to God.

Stress & Depression

Stress is a powerful weapon that Satan uses to harm us, both mentally and physically, says the author. The author also shares his personal experiences with stress, being a construction project manager and an executive, and acknowledges the challenges that come with holding in stress and not dealing with it properly.

He, however, emphasizes that God has provided us with the most powerful tool to deal with stress, which is Jesus Christ. He writes, “Jesus is always there for us and gives us help and encouragement in all we are going through.”

By trusting in Jesus and believing in His love, grace, and mercy, you can find true peace and relieve yourself from stress. The author encourages you to confide in Jesus, cast your burdens upon Him, and experience His deliverance from stress.

Stress not adequately managed can lead to depression. The author says, “When we live in a world where sin rules and Satan has his way with us, one of the main results is depression.”

He describes depression as a state of deep sadness marked by various symptoms such as feelings of hopelessness and guilt, changes in appetite and sleep patterns and sometimes suicidal tendencies.

The author points out that depression is a powerful tool for Satan to use against people and that he takes advantage of triggers such as loss, financial problems, and abuse. He mentions that millions of people, both Christians, and non-Christians, struggle with depression and that it can hit anyone at any time especially when we are found in Hellven.

However, he believes that depression is the result of a spiritual war initiated by Satan against those who choose to lead others to Christ. And as such must not be taken lightly. It is a serious issue and can be difficult to overcome, but with help from God and men, it is possible to come out of it.

Handling Grief & Addiction

The author defined grief as a difficult, painful experience that can leave you feeling physically and emotionally drained. Most especially when it comes from the loss of a loved one. As he and his family lost their son.

He stated that there is no set way to deal with grief and everyone experiences it differently. Adding that some people may feel numb to the world, and others may feel so full of sorrow that they can’t stop crying.

The author emphasizes, that in dealing with grief, you may even feel guilty or beat yourself up over things you did or didn’t do. Adding that holidays, birthdays, and special times may become things you dread or avoid so as not to remember certain events.

However, as a believer, you can find hope in your faith in God’s word. He recommends finding support from others and focusing on the good memories of the person you lost as ways to help cope with grief. He also suggests finding comfort in the hope that you will see your loved one again in the future.

On the subject of addiction, the author defines it as a “brain disorder that is characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences.”

He argues that addiction can come in many forms and hit anyone, and it is such a massive tool that Satan uses. The author provides alarming statistics on addiction, including that over 200 million people in the United States over the age of 12 have an addiction, and addiction-related deaths are increasing.

He notes that addiction can also lead to depression, major health problems, and even suicide. The author emphasizes that no one is immune to addiction and that identifying it as a sin problem is the first step in conquering it.

Seeking help from Jesus is essential, and confessing one’s sins to Him can give peace and comfort, leading to the courage to open up to others and get help.

Honesty & Integrity

Honesty and integrity, are two essential qualities to grow spiritually and become the person you are meant to be. According to the author, being honest and having integrity allows people to trust you and feel comfortable around you.

Unfortunately, these qualities are becoming rare in society, making it difficult to trust anyone. Lying and deceitfulness have become so common that video cameras are everywhere, and even police officers are required to wear them. A sure proof of living our life’s in Hellven.

Dishonesty is affecting all aspects of society, from large corporation leaders to church leaders, and even ordinary people. In shocking statistics, the author points to the fact that studies show that 60 percent of adults lie in a ten-minute conversation, and 90 percent of children learn to lie by age four. How wonderful!

“The problem is that when young kids are brought up to think lying is okay, they become compulsive liars,” he says. The author suggests that we need to first look at ourselves and take a stand, to be honest with ourselves first, and then work on being honest with others.


On this subject, the author discusses the challenge of witnessing as a Christian in a world that is trying to remove God from everything. He points out that witnessing is the number one task Christians are supposed to have with their time on earth, but many do not do it.

The author acknowledges that many Christians are afraid to witness because they fear being rejected, made fun of, or condemned for pushing their beliefs on others. It is a sign of having residence in Hellven. However, the author argues that witnessing is not just about talking “church talk” but it is about inviting people to see something different in Christians and sharing the gospel with them.

He encourages Christians to pray for peace, comfort, and opportunities to witness, and to be intentional and direct in their prayers and conversations with God for souls.

The author cites statistics from Bible.org that show that 95% of Christians have never won a single soul to Christ, 85% do not consistently witness for Christ, and many church leaders have spent zero time on their list of weekly priorities for going out to evangelize outside the church. Alarming isn’t it? However, the author believes that seeking God should always be the first step in addressing this struggle.

Renouncing “HELLVEN”

It is dangerous to live your Christian life void of conviction and repentance. The author notes that as a saved Christian, you have the Holy Spirit to guide you through life and to convict you of your sins, except you have become a citizen of Hellven.

He stated that the feeling of conviction is different for a Christian compared to a non-Christian, as it is deeper than just a guilty feeling for believers. According to him, It is an overwhelming sense of wrong in your heart and soul, and it’s a sign that the Holy Spirit is moving in you.

The author warns that many Christians have hardened their hearts to the Holy Spirit, and they no longer feel conviction when they sin. A typical lifestyle of a citizen of Hellven. This lack of conviction leads to a bigger sin problem and prevents them from seeking repentance.

However, to break down the walls and allow the Holy Spirit to move in your heart, you need to remember what it feels like to be convicted, and how much your sins dishonor God.

He defined repentance as recognizing your sins, turning away from them, regretting that you ever did them, and asking for forgiveness from God. “True repentance is necessary to have a close relationship with God and to live a life that is pleasing to Him.” says the author, He adds a reminder, that we serve an awesome God who is always willing and ready to forgive us every single time.

In conclusion, having examined your Christian life as you read, have you found yourself in “HELLVEN”? The book closes as the author makes a call to you to denounce your citizenship to Hellven and start putting God first in your life. He says, it is essential to make a true life change in your Christian walk and choose to no longer let the things of this world control you.

This change must begin with you and requires you to block out all negative and sinful thoughts and replace them with positive things. As Philippians 4:8 states, “think about such things.” It may be challenging to put these practices into action, especially when people may accuse you of being fake or a “holy roller.”

However, the author suggests that you commit to working on these struggles or others that you may have and help stop the hypocritical stigma placed on Christians today by acting your true nature like you have been changed and doing what you have been called to do. He said, “By working on these—things, you can make big changes in this world.”

Finally, here are some questions for you.

What are some effective ways you have dealt with anger and profanity in your life?

How do you manage excessive worrying in your daily life? What steps do you take to give your worries to God?

We would love to hear from you, please leave your answers and comment in the comment box below.

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