I Proved You Can Be Free From Fear By John Corin [Summary]

Main Summary: “I Proved You Can Be Free From Fear” by John Corin is a book that tells the author’s story of how he overcame fear and anxiety. The book provides insights into the nature of fear, its effects, and how to identify and defeat it. It also highlights the spiritual aspect of fear and provides remedies based on 1 Timothy 1:7 to overcome fear.

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Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

  1. The Authors Story of HopeIdentifying The Enemy
  2. Why Fear
  3. Fear & it Effects
  4. Overcoming Fear By the Word
  5. Overcoming Fear Through
  6. The Warfare Mindset
  7. Overcoming Fear By the Holy Spirit’s Power
  8. Overcoming Fear By Love
  9. Cultivating a Sound Mind

The Authors Story of Hope

Are You a victim of your past? And probably think there’s no way to be free from fear. I believe you will find hope in the author’s story.

He recounts his traumatic experience as a child and how it led to a life plagued with worry, name nervousness, and anxiety. He explains that fear can be a powerful and debilitating emotion that affects the mind, emotions, and body.

The author’s own experience with fear was due to several factors, including his premature birth during the Second World War and his mother’s subsequent nervous breakdown. These early experiences left him feeling insecure, inferior, and lacking in identity, which led to anxiety, psychosomatic disorders, and a speech impediment.

However, the author found relief and freedom from fear after becoming “born again” and diligently applying the solutions he discovered. Some of which we shall share briefly.

The author’s story may resonate with you, as well as those who have experienced similar feelings of fear and anxiety. As the author himself explains, “if traumatized from ‘fear’, then you know it to be a powerful and debilitating emotion, one able to torment the mind, distress the emotions, and exhaust the body.”

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Identify The Enemy

Fear can disguise itself in physical, emotional, and mental conditions and camouflage so well that many fail to recognize it as the source of their dysfunctional behavior.

To recognize fear, the author provides an “identikit” of manifestations, such as stress, nervousness, and phobias. However, it is more important to expose the true character of fear, which is often overlooked because it saves people from danger by activating the flight response.

The author also emphasizes the importance of understanding that fear has a destructive or harmful nature and agenda that most people do not appreciate. He argues that it is critical to identify fear’s true nature to prosecute the war against fear to a successful conclusion.

Why Fear

The reasons behind fear aren’t just emotional, and physical but also spiritual. The author suggests that more than one in ten American women and about half that statistic for men are on anti-anxiety medication due to spiritual powers that have fomented this epidemic of anxiety, worry, and fear by taking advantage of certain societal trends.

The author believes that humanity is under the sway of the wicked one due to the cosmic event of our original fall into sin. The author discusses various societal factors that can exacerbate anxiety and fear, including general corruption and violence within society, natural disasters, and high levels of crime and corruption.

The author argues that sin and moral degradation, including associated fear, is once more approaching the level seen in the time of the flood of Noah. He suggests that to cope with this new level of fear, a viable solution must include mechanisms to manage spiritual factors since the cosmos is not a closed mechanical system

The author warns against involvement in the occult and says that even if the involvement is passive or indirect, it incurs a ‘curse’ of some strength. However, it is possible to annul the consequences of a ‘curse’ through genuine repentance, seeking forgiveness, and specific prayer.

According to the author, if a ‘curse’ is not broken, its outcomes can continue for many years, including chronic sickness, loss of financial prosperity, personal instability, and conflict in relationships. The severity of the above outcomes is determined by the vileness of the sin,

The author also suggests another fear, which is a disunited family. He says that the breakdown of the family unit plays a significant role in fear and anxiety and that the family unit should function as God intended to provide care and protection for every member

Fear & its Effects

For you to muster the courage to face life’s challenges, you must defeat the enemy called fear. The author describes how fear can control your physiology and sentence you to a life of chronic dysfunctional behavior, leaving you with seriously impaired social skills.

Fear can rob you of the courage to stand up for what is right and just, and it stirs up strong emotions, including anger. Fear can steal your feelings of joy, compassion, or excitement and exhaust your emotional reserves, leaving you physically weakened.

Fear also adversely affects physical health, leading to compromised immune systems, loss of appetite, and activities that build resistance to infection. It is the root of many mental and physical breakdowns and can increase your vulnerability to spiritual attacks. Just to mention a few.

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Overcoming Fear By the Word

The Bible does not promise that you will never be afraid, but it provides the possibility to overcome fear through forceful faith. The battle against fear is a never-ending one, but it can be won with the help of the Holy Spirit.

The author advises that the solution to fear should be based on Scripture and should deal with root causes, not just outward symptoms. The right remedy should be godly, safe, and free from the worry that fear will unexpectedly break out later

In the book, the author discusses excessive fear, which can be weakening and can even stem from evil spirits. He explains that these dark forces often leave victims with PTSD, and in extreme cases, require deliverance ministry to become free from them. The author also emphasizes the importance of inner healing for full freedom from fear. And advises that you can seek help from those gifted in deliverance and inner healing ministry if you need to.

He also notes that forgiveness is essential to successful deliverance and healing of the psyche. Additionally, while the strategies provided in the book can help combat fear, what is ultimately required is the “stomach for war,” meaning the motivation and diligence to continue the fight until complete victory is achieved. Which leads to the next subject.

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Overcoming Fear Through The Warfare Mindset

Life in itself is a battlefield and according to the author “The Name of the Game is War.”  He argues that “Deception is the most commonly used tactic in war and quotes Sun Tzu’s famous words, “All warfare is based on deception.”

The author warns that if you are not aware of these “dirty tricks” used by “fear,” You will fight “blindfolded” and face possible defeat. He explained that “fear” makes people believe that it is stronger and unbeatable, causing many believers to give up without a fight.

However, the author urges that you must not believe this lie and challenge it with the truth found in the Word of God. He also shared a personal story about how “fear” had intimidated him, using the example of a telephone ringing as a trigger, and how he had felt defeated until he realized that the power of “fear” is only based on deception and intimidation.

So first, you must make a serious decision to refuse to be intimidated, and then follow through on this decision. The author warns that if this decision is not genuine, it will be difficult to break free from fear in the future.

Next, the author advises confronting fear by using verbal rebukes. These rebukes must be forceful, aggressive, and spoken with conviction. The author assures that spiritual entities are waiting to hear if their schemes are being opposed, and speaking a rebuke with conviction will help to fend off fear. However, you cannot rebuke fear without deep conviction in God’s Word in you.

It may take time for these rebukes to be effective, but it is important to continue with them. The author also emphasizes the importance of perseverance and not giving up, even when fear breaks through and overwhelms your emotions.

Overcoming Fear By the Holy Spirit & Power

The author believes that to battle the supra-natural forces of “fear,” you need the Holy Spirit’s help, who is the agent of heaven supplying the “armaments.” (heavenly entourage or weapons).

The Holy Spirit shares His supernatural abilities with people and develops a strong working relationship with them through certain spiritual disciplines. He argues that everyone can experience grace through the Holy Spirit, not just special leaders or those in cloistered devotion.

To achieve this relationship, the human spirit needs to be regenerated, transformed by the new birth, and water baptized. Baptism in the Holy Spirit is also crucial, whereby the Holy Spirit comes upon us and is received by believing Christ’s promise of this “gift” to every disciple.

To maintain this relationship, you need to faithfully set aside devotional time with the Spirit of God, including spiritual disciplines like prayer, Bible study, worship, and meditation. “Any further instruction is of little value if these spiritual disciplines are not in place,” the author notes

It is walking “in step” with the Holy Spirit that leads to his empowerment to overcome fear. The author uses the Greek word “dunamis” to describe power, which essentially indicates inherent power that enables the ability to work miracles.

The Holy Spirit empowers you to perform the supernatural, and this empowerment provides you with the courage needed to withstand intimidation by fear. The author also explains how the Holy Spirit gives you the stamina needed to persist in pursuing an enemy until they are defeated.

Adding that the Holy Spirit also confers the authority to use this power, which is essential to prosecute a military campaign.

Overcoming Fear By Love

Perfect love is one sure weapon fear cannot withstand. According to the author, it is greater that the love of a parent or a spouse. He says, only God’s love is perfect enough to protect and never fail. And to overcome fear, you must both receive and give out this kind of love.

The author defines “agape” love as the love that gives to others for their highest good while expecting nothing in return. Rejection on the other hand, particularly during the formative years, he says, can lead to fear and damage courage and inner fortitude. However, to remedy this, he notes that the love of God can help to repair the psyche.

The author notes that parents who only show love for what their children can do instead of who they are can guarantee rejection in them. Also, inappropriate chastisement can contribute to rejection. But to overcome fear, you must receive and give out perfect love.

The author believes that fear and rejection can create barriers that stop you from receiving the love you need. He suggests that if you struggle with this, you should reach out to others and let them help.

He also acknowledges that it can be difficult to remove these barriers, but that it is worth it. However, if you are deeply wounded, he suggests that you may need to seek professional help or ministry to address issues of trauma and unforgiveness.

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Cultivating a Sound Mind

If you must overcome fear, you must have a sound mind. According to the author, the battle against fear is fought primarily in the mind and can result in mental disorders if ignored.

The author suggests that to have a sound mind, you must discipline your thoughts and regularly meditate on the Bible. Your mind must also be girded to manage concerns and prevent paranoia.

The author defines a sound mind as one that is under self-control and balanced. He warns that if you must cultivate a sound mind, you must not believe those who say a sound or calm mind is impossible.

Therefore you must cultivate the habit of thinking rationally and not irrationally. Irrational thinking according to the author can be harmful and lead to fear. 

The author cautions against giving too much weight to non-rational inputs, such as daydreaming and intuition, as they can be colored with bias, preconceptions, and misinterpretation.

He also warns of the dangers of drawing inspiration from the occult realm, which can allow demonic forces to harass your mind with fearful thoughts. Adding that you must rely on rational assessment when assessing spiritual dreams, visions, and the voice of the Holy Spirit. And not take radical steps based on unproven leadings, which can result in needless fear and suffering.

In conclusion, the author shares his experiences with fear and anxiety, which stemmed from childhood trauma. He emphasizes the importance of identifying fear as the enemy and recognizing its true nature to overcome it. He also discusses the rise of fear around the world due to societal trends, moral degradation, and involvement in the occult. The author advocates for breaking curses through repentance, forgiveness, and prayer, and emphasizes the importance of the family unit. Overall, the book offers solutions to overcome fear based on Scripture and faith in God

Finally, here’s a question for you.

Have you ever experienced fear that has affected your physical or mental health? How did you overcome it?

We would love to hear from you, please leave your answer and comment in the comment box below.

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