The Name of Jesus by Kenneth Hagin [Summary]

Main Summary: The Name of Jesus by Kenneth Hagin is an insightful guide to understanding and harnessing the transformative power inherent in the Name of Jesus. From spiritual warfare to healing and salvation, the author teaches invaluable wisdom for every believer seeking to unlock the full potential of this sacred Name.

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Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

  1. Using the Name Of Jesus
  2. The Name as an Inheritance
  3. Authority In The Name of Jesus
  4. Salvation In the Name of Jesus
  5. Application of The Name
  6. Conquering Demonic Forces in the Name
  7. Your Identity in Christ
  8. The Name Belongs To You
  9. The Name Has Healing Power
  10. Making Confessions in His Name

Using the Name Of Jesus

Beginning with the profound significance of using Jesus’ Name in prayer and spiritual warfare. The author quotes E. W. Kenyon, whose book delves into the legal right granted to believers to invoke the Name of Jesus. Highlighting its authority in prayer, healing, and combating spiritual forces.

The author emphasizes that prayers should be in Jesus’ Name, not merely for His sake, and explores the effectiveness of this approach.

He challenges believers to recognize the wealth and resources available through the use of Jesus’ Name, encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation for the power it holds.

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The Name as an Inheritance

According to the author, Jesus inherited a more excellent Name through His resurrection. He notes that this inheritance occurred on the day He was raised from the dead.

The author explains that Jesus tasted spiritual death for every person and became the first to be born again. This transformation was necessary, according to the author because, in His sacrifice, Jesus took on the nature of sin and separation from God.

He also underscores that God bestowed upon Jesus a Name above every Name, positioning Him at the highest place in the universe. This Name, according to the author, holds the fullness of the Godhead and is a valuable resource for the Church against its foe—satan.

Quote from the Book - The Name of Jesus by Kenneth Hagin

Authority In The Name of Jesus

Jesus’ conquest over principalities and powers, to rise from the dead greatly highlights how the Name of Jesus encapsulates the authority gained through this victory. The author explores the authority vested in believers by Jesus and the importance of understanding the power behind the Name.

The author delves into Jesus’ authorization, emphasizing that all power was given to Him in heaven and earth, and He has delegated this authority to the Church. According to the author, this is the reason for the many signs that follow believers using the Name of Jesus, and he debunks the notion that such power ceased with the apostles.

He further contends that the Church possesses all the authority and power that Jesus had, emphasizing Peter’s confidence in using the Name of Jesus for healing. He also, critiques the confusion within some Christian circles about the extent of their authority, encouraging you to recognize and use the power inherent in the Name of Jesus.

Quote from the Book - The Name of Jesus by Kenneth Hagin

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Salvation In the Name of Jesus

Salvation according to the author, is exclusively found in the Name of Jesus. He quotes Matthew 1:21,23 and Acts 4:12, stating that approaching God happens solely through Jesus. The author contends that there is no other way to God, salvation, or truth except through Jesus.

This is why the need according to the author arises for baptisms into the Name of Jesus. He emphasized three types of baptism: first into the Body of Christ, second is water baptism, and third, baptism in the Holy Spirit.

The author clarifies the biblical perspective on these baptisms, emphasizing their connection to the Name of Jesus.

Quote from the Book - The Name of Jesus by Kenneth Hagin

Application of The Name

The power in the Name of Jesus is for daily application in believers’ lives. In prayer, the author stresses the importance of genuine faith when using the Name, contrasting mere repetition with heartfelt belief.

The author references John 16:23,24, highlighting that believers should ask the Father in Jesus’ Name. Additionally, he explains the power of demanding rights and privileges in the Name of Jesus, citing John 14:13,14.

The author emphasizes the importance of doing everything in the Name of the Lord Jesus, quoting Colossians 3:17. He encourages believers to carry out every task, whether big or small, in the Name of Jesus, illustrating how the early church operated with this understanding.

The author also stressed the importance of understanding and increasing faith in the Name through studying the Word of God.

Additionally, the author discusses the significance of giving thanks in the Name of Jesus, being washed, sanctified, and justified in His Name, and believing in His Name as a commandment.

Quote from the book - The Name of Jesus by Kenneth Hagin

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Conquering Demonic Forces in the Name

Believers have authority over demons in the Name of Jesus. Citing Mark 16:17 the author shares examples of casting out demons in the Name of Jesus, emphasizing the power and effectiveness of using His Name.

To take deliverance and victory over demons, the author emphasizes three necessary steps. First, you must be a child of God to have the right to use the Name of Jesus against demons. Second, you must ensure there is no unconfessed sin in your heart, as demons will mock your prayers if there is.

Third, you must understand and know how to use the power of the Name of Jesus. By using His Name, demons are rendered useless and brought to nothing.

The author encourages laughing at the devil’s attacks and not giving him any foothold. He asserts that the devil’s power is declining, not increasing, especially in the lives of believers who understand the authority they have in Jesus.

The author stresses that the power to conquer demonic forces lies in the Name of Jesus and that you must be aware of the hostile spiritual forces around you while remembering that Jesus has already defeated them.

Quotes From the Book - The Name of Jesus by Kenneth Hagin

Your Identity in Christ

Until you understand your new identity which is in Christ, you cannot walk in the realities of the new life you have received. The author urges, that as you you study the Bible, you should focus on the Epistles to understand your identity in Christ.

As you read, underline expressions like “in Christ” or “in Him” to grasp your position as a believer. Recognize that the Church collectively and individually represents Christ on earth.

The author notes that you must embrace the truth that “as He is, so are we in this world,” understanding that you have the same authority and standing with the Father as Jesus did.

He reminds you to refrain from trying to earn righteousness; instead, accept that righteousness is a result of being born again. Just as branches bear fruit because of their connection to the vine, you should produce the works of Christ as you abide in Him.

You must also understand, according to the author, that God has unlimited confidence in the Church, evidenced by the authority He has given her through the Name of Jesus. And then choose to accept this challenge to walk in faith and fulfill your role as Christ’s representative on earth.

Quote from the Book - The Name of Jesus by Kenneth Hagin

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The Name Belongs To You

As a believer, you have the right to use the name of Jesus, because it belongs to every child of God by virtue of your place in the family of God.

The author argues that no special faith is needed to use the Name, as it is legally yours. He encourages you to have an unconscious faith like that of children, trusting in God’s provision without worry.

The author calls for believers to mature spiritually and become doers of the Word, rather than remaining in a state of spiritual infancy. Asserting that as a believer, you are meant to reign over circumstances, disease, sin, and everything else that is of the devil.

He emphasizes the importance of understanding your inheritance as a saint in light and how God has delivered you from the power of darkness. The author calls on you to rise and take advantage of what belongs to you, reigning by the Name of Christ Jesus.

The Name Has Healing and Power

The Name of Jesus in itself has the power to heal. He stresses that the Name of Jesus isn’t just for adoration but for benefiting believers, as Jesus Himself promised healing through His Name.

The author extends the concept of salvation beyond forgiveness of sins to include healing and restoration for both body and soul. He highlights the integral role of the Name of Jesus in accessing this healing, urging that you must have faith and confidence in its efficacy.

Through personal anecdotes and biblical references, the author underscores the completeness of salvation, encompassing both spiritual and physical wholeness, and emphasizes the importance of understanding and applying the principles of healing in the Christian faith.

Making Confessions in His Name

There is so much power in connecting your confession with the name of Jesus. The author, reflecting on a personal experience, stresses the power of confessing faith in Jesus’ Name.

He highlights the role of confession in the new birth experience and daily walk of faith. Affirming that your faith is measured by your confession, and you cannot realize beyond what you confess.

The author warns about the danger of conflicting confessions, emphasizing that doubts and fears can undermine the integrity of the Word.

In conclusion, this book illuminates the profound significance of invoking Jesus’ Name in every aspect of your life as a believer. From authority and salvation to healing and identity in Christ, the author teaches to empower you to embrace and wield the transformative power inherent in the Name of Jesus.

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