The Laws of Healing by Peter Tan [Summary]

Main Summary: The Laws of Healing by Peter Tan is a very brief and at the same time, an elaborate piece on the provision of Grace for all God’s children to enjoy divine healing and health in God. He discussed the causes of sicknesses, our position in health in the old and new covenant, and how to enjoy this gift of God in the new covenant in Christ.

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Lessons You’ll Learn from this Post

1. How sickness came about
2. Three standpoints of believers in respect to divine healing.
3. Healing in the Old and New Covenant
4. Appropriating Healing by Faith
5. Science and Faith in Healing
6. Avoiding The Shipwreck of faith
7. Two channels of receiving healing
8. The Gospel of Healing

Healing from any kind of sickness is a reality in God. Many are aware of this fact, but because awareness is not understanding, their lives don’t express this reality. That’s because it one thing to know, but it’s another to become what you know, which is really what I know you desire—healthy living.

How Sickness Came About

Sickness did not exist before the fall of man. That’s why God never made a provision for it when he made man. It is only a result of the fall of man.

According to the author behind every case of sickness, there is always a root cause. It is a result of breaking a law; whether spiritual, mental, or physical laws.

Jesus’s ministry shows or presents it as the oppression that originates from the devil. Acts 10:38.

In God’s design, man was never created to be depressed or sorrowful. These acts of the soul of given to can result in dangerous side effects. These are anomalies for the human soul. Which may present themselves with physical symptoms, but fail to respond to any medical treatment because they have roots beyond the physical.

However, the kind of sickness notwithstanding, either spiritual, mental, or physical. Jesus can bring perfect healing and health to you. But for you to maintain your healing according to the author, the root of the sickness must be dealt with. Which may be sin, anxiety, or failure to take care of your body. Just like we see Jesus warn the man he healed of paralysis to ‘go sin no more.’

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Three Stand Points of Believers in Respect to Divine Healing.

Not every believer believes in divine health, and that is why even though healing is a free gift of God, not all believers can attain it.

1. There are those according to the author who believes that divine healing passed away with the Apostles.

2. Then others believe through their experiences, that it is God’s will to heal some and not God’s will to heal others. They believe sickness is a means or tool in God’s hand to chastise his children.

However, that’s not what God’s word says. God does not discipline his children with sickness. He does that by his word.

3. The third group believes that divine health is God’s will for everyone. Which is what the Word agrees with not our experiences or conclusions, but what the Word says.

Healing in The Old And New Covenant

Healing is not only a new covenant reality like many think it is. In the old covenant, Healing was one of the benefits of obedience to the laws of God. Sicknesses on the other hand were a result of disobedience, which were tagged curses of the law.

Even though there was healing in the old covenant, many did not benefit from it. Why? because they failed to appropriate it to their lives. As pointed out by the author, you find in scriptures that many suffered from all forms of afflictions in the old covenant.

Therefore, it is clear that all the promises embedded in the old covenant were not automatic—they also had to be claimed.

Now, looking at the new covenant it is important to note that the establishment of the new covenant is not the cancelation of the old, but rather the fulfillment of all the benefits in it.

The old covenant blessings came as a result of keeping the law, but at Jesus’s last words in death (it is finished). All those benefits now come to us through grace—through the finished work of Christ.

The new covenant did not remove the benefits of the old covenant, but rather the method of receiving them. In the new covenant, we receive the benefits of the old covenant much easier—through grace.

Healing, however, which was received by the law in the old covenant, is not received by grace in the new. It is no longer a future tense, “I will heal” but it is now in the past, “I have healed you.”

The new covenant in the words of the author is all the blessings and benefits of the old covenant, that were unattainable by men, but brought freely to us at the cost of the blood of Jesus. It doesn’t just stop at the benefits alone, but also we receive the life and being of Jesus.

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Appropriating Healing by Faith

Healing in the covenant is no longer a function of applying the law, but by the application of faith in the grace made available by the finished work of Christ.

Faith is the only acceptable way by God to appropriate grace. That is you can receive your healing now because Jesus paid for it, but you can only receive it by faith.

According to the author; this makes faith an all-important subject, as it regulates how much of grace you can lay hold of. All faith comes from hearing the word of God. Hence, the levels of faith vary in individuals as a result of the amount of attention given to the word and the revelation or insight received from the word.

With the above understanding, higher levels of faith will appropriate higher levels of grace. And these two can be significantly developed and multiplied by the living word of God.

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Science and Faith in Healing

In the authors’ words; ‘God does not oppose the use of medicine or doctors.’ In the same regard, Jesus neither recommended nor scorned the use of medical aids.

He stated, that the use of doctors and medicine must be available to believers who need them. And also that this believing God for healing should not throw away or reject medicine when their healing hasn’t manifested.

He used Mark 11:24 to reference the above point. Stating that there are three tenses present in the verse as regards the application of faith, namely;

• when you pray — present
• believe that you receive – past
• and you shall have — future

Pointing out that there is no hindrance to faith when believing for the manifestation to receive the best natural or medical care.

Avoiding The Shipwreck of Faith

Shipwreck of faith is using mental assent to believe God for anything, which ends up unsuccessful.

Faith and the conscience work hand in hand to prevent the shipwreck of faith. Many mostly use mental assent to go beyond their faith level and experience shipwreck.

According to the author, you must flow in the level of your faith in your life per time, and work to keep increasing your faith level by choosing to meditate on God’s Word.

The conscience in man indicates to every man their faith levels. It warns you when you are trying to move beyond your faith level, by bearing witness with your spirit.

Two Channels of Receiving Healing

There are two channels for receiving healing in the new covenant, namely:

1. By Personal faith
2. By the Anointing

1. By Personal faith:

With personal faith, you must spend time in the word and act it out in faith. God, at new birth, permits you to be healed by the faith of others, but as you mature spiritually, he expects you to exercise your faith for healing.

In using personal faith, sometimes the symptoms may persist, but you must learn to place the word of God above any whatever symptoms you may see.

Below are some faith principles and methods as outlined by the author.

• Meditating and digesting the word into your life. Pro 4: 20-23.
• Praising and thanking God before the manifestation of your healing is seen. Rom 4:20
• Fasting and Spending time in God’s presence. Isa 58: 6-8
• Praying in the Spirit to build your faith. Jude 1:20
• Act on the word of God. Acts 3:7

Note: The author recommends that to avoid the shipwreck of your faith, you must have built faith in your heart using the above outline methods, before acting, following what faith demands.

2. By the Anointing

This channel of Healing is usually instantaneous and spectacular. Jesus primarily ministered by this medium. Whereas healing by personal faith is made possible by the faith within, healing by the Anointing is made possible by the Anointing upon.

Below are some principles and methods to receive healing by the Anointing as outlined by the author.

• By contact with the Anointing, when in manifestation. Either by being present in the place or in contact with the Anointed vessel or objects that carry the Anointing.
• Being in an atmosphere of faith, rather than that of doubt or unbelief. Mark 5:40
• You must receive the Anointed man of God as a representative of God Mark 6:3
• Receive the words of the Anointed vessel as the word of God in as much as they are in line with the written word of God.
• Act on the instructions the come from them, to receive the Anointing. Mark 2:11

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The Gospel of Healing

Christianity is a supernatural faith, remove the supernatural, then it’s as good as a dead religion. The good news of healing is a means to an end in itself. Healing doesn’t bring salvation. But is a sign that is powerful enough to point men to God’s saving power.

God bears witness to the gospel of Christ with signs and wonders, with the various gifts of the Spirit. However, one has to come before the other. According to the author, the gospel Christ gave his followers should be to preach first and then heal.

Healing is to confirm the word that is preached, it doesn’t stand on its own. God only confirms his word, not traditions or unbelief. The healing ministry is a confirmation of the ministry of the word.

The word remains the source of all that God ever has to offer mankind. It remains the most important factor in healing as it was to Jesus in his earthly ministry.

In conclusion, if you were ill you should have taken your health now. We looked at the cause of sickness, which is as a result of breaking either spiritual, mental, or physical laws. How that Jesus through his finished work of salvation has made healing available to you by grace and its only accessible to you through faith. We saw the channels to receive this gift and boundaries you must keep to avoid a faith-shipwreck and to maintain your healing.

Finally, here’s my question for you.

Have you been healed either by personal faith or by the Anointing through an Anointed vessel before?

I will love to hear from you, please leave your answer and comments in the comment box below.

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