Conquering Controlling Powers

Review by Omoshola

Have you felt uncontrollably bound to anything? Whether you have or haven’t friend, there are controlling powers. Powers beyond what your eyes and mind can perceive.

The truth is, everyone is controlled by an external Force. Whether they know it or not. You are reading this now and may never have asked yourself, What influence you are under? Well as you read this you will find out.

Has it ever crossed your mind? Why a man who is aware of the dangerous effects of smoking, can’t do without smoking each day.

Now you may be a Christian, but if your life doesn’t portray that of Christ. Whether in thoughts, in words and in deed. Then it’s important to confirm if you are under the right influence.

Review Conquering Controlling Powers by Bishop Oyedepo

My review today is on a book titled ‘Conquering Controlling Powers‘ by Dr. David Oyedepo.

It is no longer news to say that the spirit realm controls happenings in the physical realm. Things that materialize in the physical are first accomplished in the spirit realm.

This is before they are manifested physically. However, the level of control differs in men. But every man is either controlled by God or the devil. To the level to which you submit. (To whom you yield yourself, servant to obey, you become a servant to. Rom 6:16)

The power you are yielded to in the spirit realm is represented by the fruits you produce. In this book, Dr. David Oyedepo identifies dark spirits.

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That hold man captive, thereby controlling them to do things contrary to the will of the Father. He also presents how one can break their control. As well as the keys to continually live a triumphant life. One void of the hold of these controlling powers.

Some Controlling Powers Identified

Woman bound with chains - controlling powers
  • The Spirit of the World (1 Cor 2:12) which commands the activities of Lust. 1 John 2 :15-17
  • The Spirit of Bondage (Rom 8:15) which is responsible for all manner of afflictions that people suffer. It gets people tied down, locked up and chained down.

You can break the control of these spirits if you;

  • Cast them out!
  • Put off!
  • Lay aside and much more.

Excerpt From the Book

1) Nothing happens on the earth which does not have a spiritual aspect to it. Even if you enjoy breakthroughs or otherwise. It was first settled in the spirit realm whether you are aware or not.

2) Ignorance does not cancel or overrule the operation of these wicked spirits. So a believer who continually suffers as a victim of such spirits does not have an excuse. Hence, it takes knowledge of the right keys from the word of God to walk out on them.

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3) There is no power that overrides the power of Jesus Christ. And the Holy Spirit has been given to us as believers to overcome at every point and at all times.

In conclusion, this book reveals that the operation of wicked spirits is real. Whether in the lives of unbelievers and of believers. It unveils how salvation in Christ provides a platform to be free from them.

And what must be done to effect your liberty from controlling powers. So as to live a life of joy, peace, and prosperity.

You can download a copy of this book for free and read for yourself.

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